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While we generally prefer using both eyes for all types of viewing, spotting scopes do a few things uniquely well-
1) They deliver a very high-quality, high-magnification image in a relatively-small and lightweight package. Easy to mount, very portable.
2) They utilize a powerful zoom eyepiece. While zoom is to be avoided in a binocular, the spotting scope’s single zoom eyepiece works very well, and covers the entire useful magnification range without having to swap out eyepieces.
3) Digiscoping. If you’d like to capture high-quality photos and/or video from a distance, or share a live view on an iPad with a group of people, the spotting scope is the most economical way to do this.
Compare to competitors and you’ll quickly see that our spotting scopes offer the same (or better) quality at a substantially-lower price. All-magnesium/aluminum construction with attractive dark green rubber armor. Perfect for hunting, advanced-level bird-watching and wildlife viewing.

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