Explore Scientific 82° 6.7mm Eyepieces


Explore Scientific 82° 6.7mm Eyepieces




Explore Scientific offers premium-quality wide-angle eyepieces at comparatively-low prices.  These eyepieces are waterproof and are argon-purged.  While we normally recommend the Oberwerk 7mm set for highest magnification on the XL Series binocular telescopes, some customers find them too wide to get close enough to see the entire field of view. For those customers, we carry the Explore Scientific 82° 6.7mm eyepieces, which are much smaller than the Oberwerk 7mm’s. The ES 6.7mm’s operate at 58x in the BT-70XL-ED, 68x in the BT-82XL, and 84x in the BT-100XL-ED.  These eyepiece are also closely par-focal with the Oberwerk 70° 14mm eyepieces, so only a slight focus adjustment is needed when changing eyepieces.  The barrels are threaded to accept 1.25″ filters.  Sold in pairs.

 Focal length  AFOV  BT-82XL  BT-100XL
24mm 68° 19x 23x
6.7mm 82° 68x 84x

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in


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