7x50C Ultra with Compass and Reticle


7x50C Ultra with Compass and Reticle


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The Ultra Series are Oberwerk’s highest-quality mid-size binoculars, with very rugged mil-spec construction (completely waterproof and nitrogen filled).
The 7x50C has a built-in compass, which reads out your heading in degrees at the bottom of the left-side image. Because the compass is illuminated by ambient light (no batteries), it’s never too dim or too bright. It also has horizontal and vertical reticle markings in mils, for calculating distance to objects or for artillery spotting, making it ideal for boating, hunting, and military usage. While the 7x50C could be used with a tripod, the relatively-low 7x magnification makes it very stable when hand-held, or when viewing from a moving boat or vehicle. Like all Ultras, the 7x50C has precise individual focus. Some might be put off by individual focus for daylight usage, but this model has a huge ‘depth of field’- meaning when focused for 50 yards or further, everything- even objects many miles away, will be in sharp focus across the entire field of view. Unlike gimmicky “auto focus” binoculars (meaning “no focus”, just pre-set to a certain focus range), this one comes close to that claim- yet with full control over focus. Like all Oberwerk binoculars, it’s FBBMC (fully broadband multi-coated), for maximum light transmission and image contrast. The gray and black rubber armor is not only attractive, it’s also “grippy”. Includes a heavy-duty padded case and and neck strap.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in


Eye Relief

18.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

3.25 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=7, W=8, H=3 in.


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