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The World's Most Powerful Binocular


Uncompromised Portability

Sport ED Series

Featuring lightweight, high-performance optics with flawless color rendition. Perfect for advanced-level bird-watching and wildlife viewing.

Mid-size Perfection

20x65 ED Deluxe

Optical perfection at a moderate price.  ED objectives and an extra-long focal length eliminate chromatic aberration.

Unmatched Power

XL Series

Oberwerk XL Series Binocular Telescopes are simply the most-powerful, versatile and highest-quality binoculars on the market, bar none.

Why choose Oberwerk?

All Oberwerk binoculars are thoroughly hand-inspected and collimated before being shipped, following a strict quality assurance checklist.

We provide a Lifetime Exchange Program for all Oberwerk binoculars no matter the condition, age, where or how you came to own it.


Company Developments, Special Offers, and Ownership Tips

So You Read the 8×40 Mariner Review on space.com…

Back in 2014, space.com requested that we send two binoculars to them for an upcoming binocular review. They requested the 8×40 Mariner and 15×70 Ultra. We were very pleased when they proclaimed the 8×40 Mariner “Editor’s Choice” in the “Best Small Binocular for Astronomy” category, and the 15×70 Ultra a runner-up in the “Best Astronomy […]

DailyMom.com Recommends Oberwerk for Father’s Day

DailyMom.com is a popular online women-oriented magazine. They just published “Fun Outdoor Gifts for Men this Father’s Day” and the Oberwerk 8×42 Sport ED is Item #4 (out of 20).

Star Trek’s Lieutenant Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ) is an Avid Amateur Astronomer

Tim Russ, perhaps better known as Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, the Vulcan Head of Security on Star Trek: Voyager, was recently interviewed by Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes about his passion for amateur astronomy. He owns several telescopes, as well as an Oberwerk Binocular Telescope, which he mentions at the 5:50 mark.