Oberwerk Product Features

Since 1999, Oberwerk has been continually pushing quality from their overseas assembly plant to progressively higher levels. While other mass-producing brands emphasize increasing profits by cutting manufacturing costs, Oberwerk has always demanded the highest-possible quality, regardless of cost. In 2007, our business partners, located in the optics valley of Kunming, China, built a small assembly plant that manufactures binoculars exclusively for Oberwerk, so we now have full control over the entire process- from design to production to quality assurance. This is why you won’t find an Oberwerk binocular model with another brand’s name on it. People sometimes incorrectly assume our XL Series binocular telescopes are the same as binocular telescopes from other brands, but Oberwerk BT’s were designed from the ground up, and don’t share a single component with competitors (most of which come from the same manufacturer). Final inspection and collimation (alignment), for each and every binocular, takes place in our facility in Dayton, OH. Because we refuse to cut any corners in the manufacturing process, our products cost considerably more to build than many of our competitors’ products. In order to offer competitive pricing, Oberwerk does not sell through distributors and resellers (with the exception of some models on Amazon). We sell directly to our customers, eliminating typical levels of distribution and retail markup. Our products are priced fairly (we don’t have a fake “retail price”), and they never go “on sale”- so you can be assured you’re getting the lowest price whenever you’re ready to buy.

Some OBERWERK® binoculars may look very similar to other brands, but there are important differences:

  • obobjmc4All OBERWERK® binoculars feature highest-quality BAK4 prisms, which give the best performance across the entire field of view. Competitors often use less-expensive BK-7 prisms, which darkens the image near the edges of the field of view.
  • Quality multi-coatings maximize the amount of light that passes through a lens. An uncoated lens surface passes only 95% of the light that hits it- 5% is lost due to reflection and scattering. A single-coated lens surface is more efficient, passing 98-99% of the light. A multi-coated lens surface is the most efficient, passing about 99.5% of the light. Binoculars have many air-to-glass surfaces (between 14 and 22 for each side), so the number of uncoated, single-coated, and multi-coated surfaces can make a huge difference in overall efficiency. All OBERWERK® binoculars utilize the highest-quality broadband multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces. Note the reflections of a circular fluorescent bulb in the binocular shown at the right. Most competitors multi-coat only the interior surface of the objective lenses, single-coat the other lenses, and usually have uncoated prisms. Their binoculars will typically show one green reflection, with multiple light blue (single-coated) and white (uncoated) reflections.
  • obepmc4OBERWERK® center-focus binoculars feature “slow” focusers that require more than one turn of the focus wheel to move from one end of the focus range to the other. Other brands utilize “fast” focusers that move from one end to the other in less than 1/2 turn of the focus wheel. Unlike competitor’s “fast” focusers, OBERWERK® “slow” focusers have a more precise adjustment, and will not drift from pressure on the oculars.
  • A binocular is basically two side-by-side telescopes. “Collimation” is the alignment of each of those telescopes to each other, so that the images from each side are correctly merged. When collimation is out of adjustment, you’ll see double. There are a few things that can happen to a binocular to cause this (dropping the binocular, rough handling during shipping), but OBERWERK® binoculars feature easily-accessible collimation set-screws that allow easy adjustment of image alignment.
  • checklist2OBERWERK® binoculars are covered by a 2-year limited warranty (from date of purchase) for problems due to manufacturing defects. OBERWERK® Long-Range Observation Binoculars and OBERWERK® Binocular Telescopes are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Only OBERWERK offers a Lifetime Binocular Exchange Program. Customers may exchange an OBERWERK® binocular, regardless of age or condition, for a new binocular of the same model, at 25% off the regular price.