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Lifetime Exchange Program

  • Customers may exchange an Oberwerk binocular, regardless of age or condition, for a new binocular of the same model, at 25% off the regular price.
  • When a binocular is seriously damaged or needs extensive repair, exchanging it for a new unit is often less expensive than repairing the binocular.
  • If the original binocular is a discontinued model, exchange will be honored for the most-similar model (see table below).

Exchange Program F.A.Q.

  1. How does this work?
    Order your new replacement binocular on this website and enter EXCHANGE25 in the “Gift Certificate” field.  Send your old binocular to Oberwerk (address below).  Note that we will hold shipment until we receive your old binocular.  Alternatively, you may send it to us first and we can then do the exchange purchase by phone. Contact us by email or phone for any questions you may have.
  2. My old Oberwerk 9x60mm binocular was dropped from my second-floor porch to the driveway, and is completely destroyed. Can I get the discounted price on a new 9x60mm?
  3. I can’t find my receipt. What if I’m not the original purchaser? Am I still eligible for a discount on a new binocular?
  4. Can I exchange my binocular for a different model and pay the difference?
    No. You can only exchange for the same model.
  5. My binocular is a discontinued model. Can I exchange this for a new binocular?
    Yes, see the table below for exchange options.
  6. My binocular was stolen. Can I obtain a discounted replacement under the exchange program?
    No. You must send in your old Oberwerk binocular to exchange for a new one.
Discontinued Binocular Model  Current Replacement Model
 15×60 LW, 20×60 LW, 10-30×60 zoom   12×60 LW
 12-36×70 zoom 15×70 LW
 8×40 Mariner 8×42 Deluxe
 10×60 Mariner 10×50 Deluxe
 20×80 Standard  20×80 LW
 8×32 Sport RP  8×32 Sport HD
 8×42 Sport RP  8×42 Sport HD
 12×50 Sport RP  10×50 Sport HD
 10×50 WA WP  7×50 Mariner
 20×80 Deluxe, Deluxe II  20×80 Deluxe III
 20×90, 22×100  25×100 CF Deluxe
 20×110, 28×110 Ultra  BT-70XL-ED
 BT-70-45  BT-70XL-ED
 BT-80-45  BT-70XL-ED
 BT-100 25/40×100
 BT-100-45 BT-100XL-ED

Shipping Address for Exchange Program:

Oberwerk Corporation
ATTN: Exchange Program
1861 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410
(937) 640-1040