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Getting Started – Product Instructions

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Product Demonstration Videos
Oberwerk XL Series Basic Operation (BT-82XL-ED on the TR3 Tripod for the XL Series)
Oberwerk XL Series on Basic Operation (BT-100XL-ED on the XL-240 Fork Mount)
Using the Oberwerk 5000 Head (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the Manfrotto Nitrotech Head (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the Oberwerk XL Fork Mount (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the iOptron AZ Pro Alt/Az “Go-To” mount with the Oberwerk BT-100XL-ED
Using the Oberwerk MRF (Multi-Reticle Finder)
Using the Oberwerk Smartphone Adapter

Binoculars and Spotting Scopes
Getting Started with your new binocular (for all models except the 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation Binocular and XL Series Binocular Telescopes)
Spotting Scope Operation Guide (all models)
Long-Range Observation Binocular Manual
Long-Range Observation Binocular with TR3 Tripod Quick Setup
Long-Range “Classic Edition”, Using the Range-Finding Reticle
BT-XL Series on 5000 Head Quick Setup
BT-XL Series on Manfrotto NitroTech Head Quick Setup

Tripods & Mounts
2000 Series Instructions
3000 Series Instructions
4000 Series Instructions
5000 Series Instructions
Oberwerk-USA TR3 Wood Tripod Instructions
iOptron AZ Pro Setup Instructions
Oberwerk PM2 Parallelogram Mount Instructions

Installing the Carbon-Fiber Elevator
Installing the Adjustable Tripod Mount for 20x80LW
Using Seymour Solar Filters
Installing Seymour Solar Filters on the BT-100XL-ED

Discontinued models
Long-Range Observation Binocular Quick Setup (imported tripod)
BT-70-45 Quick Setup
BT-100-45 Quick Setup
BT-100-45 Basic Operation (with video)
Farvision 20x50S User Guide