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Getting Started – Product Instructions

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Product Demonstration Videos
Which XL is Right for You?
XL Series Tripod Mounts Explained
XL Series Eyepieces Explained
XL Series Optical Glass Types Explained
Oberwerk XL Series Basic Operation (BT-82XL-ED on the TR3 Tripod for the XL Series)
Oberwerk XL Series on Basic Operation (BT-100XL-ED on the XL-240 Fork Mount)
Using the Oberwerk 5000 Head (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the Manfrotto Nitrotech Head (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the Oberwerk XL Fork Mount (TR3 tripod with carbon-fiber elevator)
Using the iOptron AZ Pro Alt/Az “Go-To” mount with the Oberwerk BT-100XL-ED
Using the Oberwerk MRF (Multi-Reticle Finder)
Using the Oberwerk Smartphone Adapter

Binoculars and Spotting Scopes
Getting Started with your new binocular (for all models except the 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation Binocular and XL Series Binocular Telescopes)
Spotting Scope Operation Guide (all models)
Long-Range Observation Binocular Manual
Long-Range Observation Binocular with TR3 Tripod Quick Setup
Long-Range “Classic Edition”, Using the Range-Finding Reticle
BT-XL Series on 5000 Head Quick Setup
BT-XL Series on SmallRig DH10 Head Quick Setup
BT-XL Series on Manfrotto NitroTech Head Quick Setup

Tripods & Mounts
2000 Series Instructions
3000 Series Instructions
4000 Series Instructions
5000 Series Instructions
Oberwerk-USA TR3 Wood Tripod Instructions
Oberwerk PM2 Parallelogram Mount Instructions
iOptron AZ Pro Setup Instructions
iOptron AZ Pro Quick Start Guide
iOptron AZ Pro Manual
iOptron HAZ31 Quick Start Guide
iOptron HAZ31 Manual

Installing the Carbon-Fiber Elevator
Installing the Adjustable Tripod Mount for 20x80LW
Using Seymour Solar Filters
Installing Seymour Solar Filters on the BT-100XL-ED

Discontinued models
Long-Range Observation Binocular Quick Setup (imported tripod)
BT-70-45 Quick Setup
BT-100-45 Quick Setup
BT-100-45 Basic Operation (with video)
Farvision 20x50S User Guide