Oberwerk Sport ED reviewed by Badgerland Birding

Badgerland Birding reviewing the Oberwerk Sport ED

Badgerland Birding, a popular website and YouTube channel dedicated to all things birding, has given the Oberwerk Sport ED a stellar review. With birding season beginning in earnest, we at Oberwerk have made a concerted effort to get our binoculars into the hands of more birders.

As our existing Sport ED customers already know, our flagship roof prism binocular is ideal for birding and wildlife observation. You get fantastic optics coupled with a rugged design that feels great in your hands. The aluminum focus wheel and diopter provide the cherry on top, gliding smoothly without feeling too loose.

As usual, the Badgerland review found the Oberwerk optics impressive:

The view through the binoculars was exceptionally clear and colors really popped, specifically the bright green on the head of an American Wigeon I was observing.

Badgerland Birding

Badgerland Birding is a great resource for anyone looking for birding content online. They currently have 462 videos on their YouTube channel where they discuss everything birding. The crew has traveled all around the U.S. looking for birds and you’ll find great tips and interesting facts in their videos.

Check out the web review here and see the video below:

While our Sport ED binocular makes for a great birding binocular, we also make some fantastic compact porro prism binoculars that are ideal for birding. Our SE lineup has a 8×32 model and a 10×42 model. You won’t find a better value for birding—enjoy fantastic optics without breaking the bank!