Why Buy from Us?

Welcome to Oberwerk! Our binoculars are increasingly becoming known worldwide as the best value on the market. We’re also the world’s leading supplier of high-power binoculars (capable of 40x or higher magnification). Why buy from us? Here are 5 things that we do better than all other binocular stores-

check1b   Every binocular expertly tested and tuned
check1b   Knowledgeable staff, ready to help
check1b   15-day satisfaction guarantee
check1b   Exceptional service and support
check1b   No dealer mark-up on Oberwerk products

 Every binocular expertly tested and tuned

Every Oberwerk binocular is tested and tuned to perfection in Dayton, Ohio by Oberwerk founder Kevin Busarow, and comes with a hand-written check-out list. An Oberwerk serial number is assigned and laser-engraved only after a binocular completes this quality assurance process. Over the last two decades, Kevin has tested over 34,000 binoculars (including around 7500 Long-Range Observation binoculars and Binocular Telescopes), and is one of the most-experienced (and fanatical) optical techs in the business. Kevin’s testing involves numerous optical and mechanical checks, with a special emphasis on “collimation” (alignment).
After training on the Navy Mark V collimator, Kevin built a collimator from a surplus spy plane camera lens. Since then, Oberwerk has obtained the real deal- an ultra-rare genuine Navy Mark V.
As the world’s leading supplier of high-power binoculars, we understand how important it is that our binoculars are as perfectly-aligned as mechanically possible, in order to provide well-merged images with no eyestrain, at any IPD setting. Kevin applies the same level of precise alignment required by our high-magnification binocular telescopes across the entire product line, down to the least-expensive low-magnification models, making Oberwerk binoculars the most perfectly-collimated binoculars on the market.

 Knowledgeable staff, ready to help
While many astronomy shops and camera stores may sell binoculars, binoculars are not their specialty. Since 1999, our entire business has been focused on binoculars for astronomical and terrestrial usage. Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about the binocular market, and our customers. We realize that the majority of people thinking about purchasing a binocular need some help in determining which model will be best for their needs. There are a bewildering number of choices available, with a wide range of sizes and prices. We understand buying a binocular can be intimidating to those that don’t have the time to do a great deal of research on the subject. Even if you’re not ready to make a purchase, we promise to give you our expert advice and recommendation, with as much (or as little) technical detail and explanation as you like- and without a sales pitch. Our approach is to teach and educate, without sales pressure, to help you make the best choice. We believe that the more you learn about Oberwerk binoculars, the more you’ll realize our products offer the best overall value available. Kevin spends much of day answering questions over the phone or by email- so feel free to ask for him when you call. He can also Zoom or Facetime (use 937-900-7901) if you’d like to speak face-to-face or see something demonstrated.
 15-day satisfaction guarantee
We want our customers to be thrilled with their binocular purchase. If you realize you ordered the wrong model, we’ll exchange at no charge (except for shipping). If you are not satisfied with our product, we’ll accept a return and issue a full refund (minus shipping), up to 15 days after purchase.
 Exceptional service and support
If you receive a binocular that was damaged in shipping, or does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, we’ll immediately replace it at our expense, and include a pre-paid return shipping label for the original binocular (contiguous USA only). If your binocular requires service beyond the warranty period, our service department stocks all Oberwerk parts, and does repairs at a reasonable 30-minute interval rate. Oberwerk also offers the Lifetime Exchange Program, where any Oberwerk binocular, no matter how old or damaged, can be exchanged for a new one at a substantially-reduced price.

In 2013, our business partners, located in the optics valley of Kunming, China, built a small assembly plant that manufactures binoculars exclusively for Oberwerk.  Since then, we’ve been intimately-involved with the entire process- from design to production to quality assurance.  While other mass-producing brands emphasize increasing profits by cutting manufacturing costs, our partners understand that we demand the highest possible quality regardless of cost.  Some of our binoculars may look similar to other brands, but you won’t find an Oberwerk binocular model wearing another brand’s name. People sometimes incorrectly assume our XL Series binocular telescopes are the same as binocular telescopes from other brands, but Oberwerk XL’s were co-designed by us from the ground up, and don’t share a single component with competitors (most of which are rebranded from one manufacturer). 

Final inspection and collimation (alignment), for each and every binocular, takes place in our facility in Dayton, OH.  Only after passing our inspection/testing process does the binocular have a serial number assigned and laser-engraved to it.  A hand-written Quality Assurance checklist is included with every binocular.  

We are enthusiasts, providing products for other enthusiasts- so profits are secondary to the pleasure of bringing joy to our customers.   That may not the smartest strategy from a business standpoint, but just read our reviews.  We’ve survived and even thrived, with lower-than-typical margins, for the past 25 years.   Due to those thin margins, our products will never go “on sale” (unless we’re clearing out a discontinued model)- so you can be assured you’re getting the lowest price whenever you’re ready to buy.

If you have any questions, we’re standing by ready to help. Call us at 937-640-1040, or email to [email protected], and we’ll promptly reply.