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Binoculars for astronomy

I am interested in purchasing entry-level binoculars for astronomy.  I have read a little about this pursuit and am hoping to use a Slik universal U-112 tripod with my new purchase.  It is currently equipped for camera use.  I have looked at the binocular adapters and am unsure of how they work and if I should stick with the smaller binoculars to have a more successful result.  Do you have a recommendation for a simple setup?  My husband is an amateur but I think would love something easy to use.  Thank you.

The Slik tripod is limited in how much weight it can carry, I estimate the head can handle 4 lbs. maximum.  It also does not go high enough to get a binocular overhead so you can stand under it and look up.  Therefore you’ll probably need to use it with a stool or chair.  Any of our LW Series binoculars, or any of the Mariner Series, could be used on this tripod, but you will need an L adapter.  I recommend the Oberwerk Heavy-Duty L adapter ($14.95), it will work with any binocular.  If you’d like to consider a more capable tripod, we have the Oberwerk 3000 Series ($149.95).  It has plenty of height and can handle up to about 8 lbs.  Let me know if you still have questions.
Kevin Busarow

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  1. Kathleen Ross says:

    Which binoculars can be the most reliable under 100$ especially for astronomy?

    1. Kevin Busarow says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      At that price point, there are only a few choices. But the Oberwerk 8×56 LW or 11×56 LW ($99.95) are excellent beginner-level astronomy binoculars. The 6.5×32 LW ($79.95) could also be a good choice, especially if it will be used by a child. This model has an IPD (interpupillary distance) range that is widest on the market, so the eyepieces can adjust closely enough so that young children can view through both eyepieces, yet it adjusts wide enough to work for any adult. It’s also the only LW Series model that is waterproof and nitrogen-filled.

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