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How to focus properly?

I just bought a second-hand Oberwerk 10.5 X 70 Ultra and I’m a rookie when it comes to individual-focus binoculars.  When I try to focus the binos I feel like my eye is compensating for improper focus and when I look with both eyes the image takes some effort to focus on.  I think my eyes are compensating because the image can be in focus over quite a broad range of the eye piece’s movement and when I check after focusing each eye individually the right and left sides are often quite different.  It’s a bit hard to describe what’s happening but I thought this might be common trap for young players.  What’s the correct procedure for focusing IF binoculars?  Thanks.

With an individual-focus binocular, if you try to focus with both eyes open, you’ll have lots of trouble as your brain compensates for out-of-focus images.  I always close one eye, while I focus for the other eye.  Then I do the same for the other side.  When you close each eye, do so gently, otherwise you may temporarily change your eye focus from excess pressure.  After you do this a few times, it will become quite natural, and fast.  Let me know if that helps, or not.
Kevin Busarow

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your help, it just took some experimenting to get worked out. The binoculars are fantastic,  particularly at night.

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