Long range binocular recommendation

I was some 30 years ago invited to visit a US Navy destroyer and had the opportunity to view one of its high power stationary binoculars from off shore and was very much impressed on its quality.  I can view through the bino some miles away like it was just like in front of you.  My question is do you carry something similar?  Thanks.

The Navy binocular you saw was a 20×120, probably manufactured by Litton.  I’ve had a few of those in our shop. The Oberwerk 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation binocular is the closest thing on the market to that 20×120.  The Oberwerk comes with both 25x and 40x magnification built-in, so this binocular has even more power.  Available in two styles, “Classic” and “Contemporary“.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Kevin Busarow

Hi Kevin,
I actually bought a used Swarovski 30×75 binoculars with a Manfrotto Bogen Italian tripod but find it difficult to focus and therefore will be trying to sell it.  Instead I might buy the Oberwerk BT-100-45, yet I have following questions:
1) The 25/40×100 can easily turn the eye piece from 25x to 40x and vice verse. How about the BT-100-45
The 25/40×100 Long-Range has two pairs of eyepieces permanently attached to turrets, they simply rotate to switch in 25x or 40x.  The binocular telescopes hold just one pair of eyepieces.  To change magnification, you must remove the eyepieces and insert a different pair.

2) Is the BT-100-45 comes with the 45x?
No, the “45” means the eyepieces are mounted to the body at a 45-degree angle.  The binocular comes with 25x eyepieces.

3) The 75X eyepieces too powerful or should I go for lesser magnification?
75x is the maximum usable magnification, the image quality at 75x will not be as good as 25x.  If you are concerned about that, the 38x or 50x might be a better choice.

4) What is your honest recommendation for someone that knows very little about binoculars?
If you are not using this for astronomy, you might be better off with the 25/40×100 Long-Range (Classic or Contemporary).   For most customers, 25x and 40x is enough, and these are easier to use because everything is built-in, you are not dealing with loose eyepieces as you would on the BT’s.

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