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Oberwerk Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Oberwerk 25th Anniversary

April of 2024 will be a very busy month at Oberwerk. Events include the April 8th Eclipse (Dayton is in the path of totality), a move to a much larger building, exhibiting at the NEAF (NorthEast Astronomy Forum) Convention (Apr. 20, 21), and a week-long visit with our business partners from Kunming, China, including a celebration dinner for friends and family at the new building. Somehow all this will happen within the month of April! We will effectively be closed after our return from NEAF for one week as we transition from the current location to the new location at 3880 Kettering Blvd., Dayton, OH 45439. Our 937-640-1040 phone number will not change, and our website will remain up and accepting orders- but those won’t ship until late-April. Our new location will feature a large showroom area, with all Oberwerk products on display. Visitors are welcome, but by appointment only please, simply due to personnel constraints.

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