Oberwerk Weatherproof Cover


Oberwerk Weatherproof Cover

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These weatherproof covers are custom-made for our products in the USA by TeleGizmos, makers of the finest weatherproof telescope covers available. The Small cover fits the BT-70XL-ED binocular telescope, the Medium cover fits the BT-82XL-ED and BT-100XL-ED, and the Large cover fits the 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation binoculars as well as the BT-127XL-SD. These binoculars are not weatherproof, so if your binocular is ever left outdoors where there is a chance of inclement weather, or heavy morning dew after a night of star-gazing, we highly recommend these covers to prevent water intrusion. They also help prevent the aging effects of direct sunlight exposure.

The cover is a multi-layered dual-material design. The outer polyester layer is the highest-quality acrylic-coated weave. This American-made material offers exceptional resistance to mildew and UV, as well as superior strength and abrasion resistance. The water resistant capabilities of this material are outstanding. The inner liner provides thermal protection, as well as additional protection from water penetration. Elastic straps and spring clips are included to insure the cover won’t blow off in high winds. One year warranty.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

1 review for Oberwerk Weatherproof Cover

  1. Edward Skorupski (verified owner)

    I ordered this for a BT-100XL SD and the fit and quality is top of the line . Wanted something to use as a dew, rain , dust and UV protection. Extremely fast shipping and as always a pleasure to do business with .

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