Seymour Solar Filter Pair for XL Series


Seymour Solar Filter Pair for XL Series


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Seymour Solar makes the finest, yet most-affordable solar filters we’ve ever tested- starting at just $95/pair.  Their Helios thin-film has a consistent yellow-orange solar image, with higher contrast than competitor’s filters.  We also offer Seymour Premium Glass filters, for highest-possible resolution.  The glass filters are recommended when doing photography using a Novagrade Smartphone or Tablet Adapter.  Our Seymour filters come with custom felt tape added to the inside of the aluminum cells, for a snug slip-on fit with our binocular telescopes.  Sold in pairs. All filters meet ISO 123112-2 requirements. No returns accepted for solar filters.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 in


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