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Seymour Solar Filter Pair for XL Series


Seymour Solar Filter Pair for XL Series


Safely view and photograph the sun with our Helios Thin Film and Premium Helios Glass solar filters.  Seymour Solar as been providing high quality solar filters to astronomers and photographers for over 10 years!  All solar filters meet ISO 123112-2 requirements. Sold in pairs.

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Seymour Solar makes the finest, yet most-affordable solar filters we’ve ever tested- starting at just $95/pair.  Their Helios thin-film has a consistent yellow-orange solar image, with higher contrast than competitor’s filters.  We also offer Seymour Premium Glass filters, for highest-possible resolution.  The glass filters are recommended when doing photography using a Novagrade Smartphone or Tablet Adapter.  Our Seymour filters come with custom felt tape added to the inside of the aluminum cells, for a snug slip-on fit with our binocular telescopes.  Sold in pairs. No returns accepted for solar filters.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 in


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