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Astronomy Magazine Reviews the BT-XL100-ED

Some time ago, we sent an Oberwerk BT-100XL-ED binocular telescope and an Oberwerk TR3 hardwood tripod (walnut) to Astronomy Magazine to be photographed for their “New Products” section. They ended up doing a full review in the May 2019 issue. “…viewing with Oberwerk’s BT-100XL-ED gives a fantastic feeling of swimming through space. Indeed, viewing through these giants is a dream.” Click here to read the entire review.

4 Replies to “Astronomy Magazine Reviews the BT-XL100-ED”

  1. William R. Endsley says:

    Excellent article in Astronomy magazine
    I will order the same equipment once I sell my large
    Celestron binos.
    Any suggestions on how to sell them?

    1. Kevin Busarow says:

      I recommend either eBay or Cloudynights.com Classifieds.

  2. Pony trekker says:

    Can you make out details in planets Jupiter and Saturn?

    1. Kevin Busarow says:

      Yes, but you’ll need the optional 7mm eyepieces, which will take the binocular to 80x magnification.

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