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The BT-100XL-ED is the third largest and most powerful in the XL Series, yet weighs a mere 12.5 lbs! With 100mm FK-61 ED objectives, 24mm of clear prism aperture, and a lightweight magnesium alloy body (waterproof and nitrogen-filled), this binocular telescope sets a new standard for image quality AND portability. A binocular of this quality deserves great eyepieces, so we include our finest 70° AFOV 14mm (40x) eyepieces. The ED objectives greatly minimize chromatic aberration up to 80x magnification (7mm eyepieces). With the widest IPD range of any binocular on the market (50-80mm), even small children can view through both eyepieces.
Other features include a Picatinny rail handle (for mounting a wide variety of finders or laser pointers) and extendable glare shields. Not only is the BT-100XL-ED the highest-quality binocular telescope on the market, it’s also quite attractive! Finished in lustrous “Luna Pearl” White, featuring red-anodized trim. Our exclusive heavy-duty aluminum-frame case is included, but can be upgraded to our extra-rugged and weatherproof 100XL Travel Case. Every BT-100XL-ED is tested and tuned to perfection prior to shipping, with collimation certified to 140x. 3-year Limited Warranty.

Mounting Options:
Recommended tripods are the Oberwerk TR3 hardwood tripod with carbon-fiber elevator or the Manfrotto 475B with crank-up elevator.
The tripods can be equipped with either the Smallrig DH10 head, Manfrotto 608 Nitrotech head, or the Oberwerk XL-240 Fork Mount.
Fully-automated “go-to” operation is available using the iOptron HAZ31.

May 2019 Astronomy Magazine review of BT-100XL-ED.

XL Series Options and Accessories

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 13 in
Focal Length



1.75° (40x)

Exit Pupil

2.5mm (40x)

Eye Relief

15.0mm usable (40x)

Minimum Focus

25 meters

IPD Range


Product Weight

12.5 lbs.

19 reviews for BT-100XL-ED

  1. Graham (verified owner)

    Oberwerk BT100XL Review

    These beautiful big binoculars are a game changer in using two eyes for astronomy. The ability to use wide field standard 1.25 inch eyepieces with these large bright objectives makes them incredibly versatile. From sweeping the nebulous wonders of the summer Milky Way at 23x up to amazing views of the Ring Nebula at 86x, these binoculars literally shine.

    They are amazingly light for their size which allows me to move them around my backyard with ease to find the perfect viewing position. I have them mounted on the Oberwerk wooden tripod (also beautiful) using the Manfrotto Nitrotech head that I cannot praise enough. During the day I can easily track airplanes, so smooth is this combination, and it provides a rock solid platform at night.

    I have also been able to simultaneously mount both a standard reflex finder and a green laser thanks to the inclusion of a standard Picatinny rail.

    These are great binoculars from a great company.

  2. Brian Goodman (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my BT 100XL-ED. It’s a beautiful instrument. Takes magnification very well for detailed lunar views that are pretty much color free. Really shines for open clusters and nebula. Very sharp with excellent contrast that makes objects “pop”. It’s a joy to use. I have several excellent large binoculars in my arsonal, but this is my favorite.

    So from low power milky way scanning on light and dark nebula to more detailed medium and higher power views on star clusters, this binocular has been very pleasing.

    Have to mention Kevin’s customer service also. If you have any issues, Kevin will handle it professionally and promptly.

  3. Joseph F. (verified owner)

    These are exactly what I was looking for. I can see details through these comparable to a 5-6″ telescope. And…I can completely unpack and set them up on a tripod, observe, and repack them — all in five minutes. I can take them anywhere with no fuss. The are the ultimate in lazy-man tech. Last night, I easily saw four moons of Jupiter and banding on the surface. The view is comfortable and as color-free as my best optics. I am a regular Swaro purchaser, and own stabilized 15x Canon and 20x Zeiss binoculars, and these are the best views that binoculars on planet Earth have to offer. A robust tripod and strong ballhead or other mount is a must. A $50 picatinny-mounted green laser is a nice addition.

  4. Keith D. (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how much I am pleased with my BT-100XL-ED Binocular Telescope with the TR-3 Walnut Tripod with the carbon fiber elevator and of course the Manfrotto N8 Head . Everything here and with all the eyepiece pairs are made of extraordinary quality. Not to mention the great Oberwerk customer service I received and delivery of my order was superb. The clarity of the optic lenses and the eyepieces is literally out of this world. The expense of everything is no match for the enjoyment I get from using it. And what’s even greater is they stand behind their product with their warranty. Thank you so much to the Oberwerk family for your hospitality for a product I will enjoy to use in the years to come and very proud to own. I applaud you!

  5. Steven Van Vleet

    I’m enjoying the binoculars. We live on an island with a water view and they’re great for watching the marine traffic, crabbers and wildlife from the deck. I also got a chance to see the moon on a really clear night and it was awesome. I’m still looking forward to a really dark sky and I’m sure it will be equally good, if I can stay up that late.
    Thanks for the great product!

  6. Andrew Matthew (verified owner)

    I received my binocular telescope and took it out for a spin. Wow! It is even more than I had hoped for! Unless you look through them, it is hard to explain to others the experience that great binoculars this size brings. It is a whole other level of observing. The extra attention given these in set up is evident. They are perfect. I have no real need for a telescope under 7 or 8 inches aperture. I picked up the complete set of EP’s to get maximum benefit from this incredible instrument. This is a scope for a lifetime of enjoyment, and customer service is second to none! What a great tool, what a great company!

  7. John in LB

    These are amazing binoculars. We use them to look at Ocean Views in the range of 1/2 mile to 30 miles.

    We upgraded to this model from the 25X100 Deluxe and the added magnification of the 14 mm eyepieces (40X) coupled with clarity improvement of what you see is quite substantial.

    We also bought the optional 7 mm eyepieces (80X). They work great – however, at that magnification, air turbulence becomes more pronounced.

    Like other reviews, this unit is built rock solid. It is heavy, and needs to be on a stable tripod to be of any use.

    Kevin was extremely helpful in navigating and selecting this unit.

  8. Zak

    2 thumbs up!! These binoculars are everything they claim to be. Kevin was extremely helpful in guiding us through the right options. Rock solid, clear optics and quality second to none. Great buy.

  9. Matthew Wheeler (verified owner)

    I never find time to leave reviews but my experience with this product compelled me to.

    I purchased the BT100XL after LOTS of research as a grab and go alternative to my Celestron CPC 925 telescope. After 2 weeks of very good viewing conditions and a trip to accredited dark sky location with both scopes I sold the CPC 925. I LOVED my CPC 925 however the Oberwerk product quality and crisp views of planets, clusters, and nebula were superb. Did I mention clusters!!

    There is no better way to observe the cosmos and resolve details than through both eyes and through such a high quality optic medium.

    My pre teen boys who were never really interested in computerized telescopes love scanning the stars with the BT100XL!

    Great company, great employees, great product. I am a big Oberwerk fan!!

  10. David Rees

    Tack sharp stars, no visible C.A., and wonderful views. Get these wonderful things underneath some dark skies! The included eyepieces are wonderful as well. Cannot recommend it enough!

  11. Mario Lucchesi (verified owner)

    I just received my BT 100xl ed from Oberwerk and I am very anxious to try it out. As for now, I can say that I am very impressed with the service provided by Oberwerk. I’m living in Quebec, Canada and it took only 3 days from the order date to my home,
    So far so good!

  12. Yan Besidski (verified owner)

    Excellent service, good product and I can now see the Universe the way it was meant to be seen!
    Sky is full of stars and is magical.

  13. Mark Bosses

    Just purchased the BT-100 XL-ED. It arrived well packed and set up was very intuitive. The binoculars are amazing! The tripod is really nice as well, and looks great in my living room. If you are looking for quality workmanship and optical performance, Oberwerk is your ticket!

  14. Mike Daniel

    I purchased the BT-100XL- ED. This is my 3 rd purchase of an Oberwerk product and as always I wasn’t disappointed. The fit and finish of the Luna Pearl White is amazing.
    The views of Jupiter and Saturn are amazing with the 14mm eyepieces that come with these binoculars. Can’t wait to get my 2nd Explorer Scientific 6.7 eyepiece and give them a try. Kevin says they a great pairing with these BT’s.
    What else can I say Kevin and Linda went out of there way to get these shipped right out to me so that I could have them for a family function that was coming up last weekend. As always excellent customer service.
    If your looking for a great BT Oberwerk is the place to go!

  15. Olivier Chaffanjon

    I just received this masterpiece to watch humpback whales in Moorea as well as observe the stars ⭐️.
    Let me highlight that the team was very helpful to select the pieces I needed for a beginner. It would have been useless tonselect another product for my needs.
    I never saw such a beautiful object. It’s a kind of ‘iphonescope’ to underline the quality of their product.
    Everything is smooth. It works, that’s all.
    I only bought the x40 and x80 eye piece because the electro dot finder is very performant to target accurately what we want to observe. I walked through Internet over one month to find out competitors. Oberwerk was the winner. Thanks kevin

  16. Don Pasqualini (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my BT–100ED binocular-telescope. As soon as you open the package and get these in your hands you realize how high quality they are. They feel solid and there are no imperfections in the finish nor the glass. They simply feel like a well made product, and once you pop an eyepiece the excitement begins. There is no noticeable chromatic aberration and the light gathering capabilities of the 100mm lens makes stars appear where there is just dark sky to the naked eye.

    I purchased these as a replacement for my Non ED BT-82s from another company. I wanted a companion for my 100mm ED telescope. I was looking for something quick and easy to set up and these fit the bill. You’re ready to go within minutes of finding a dark sky.

    The only advantage my telescope has is a longer focal length allowing slightly more magnification but the difference is insignificant. In fact I love these so much I’ll probably sell the telescope. These satisfy me far more than expected and surpass the BT-82 by a long shot.

    Every aspect of this purchase is high class including the service Kevin and Linda provided. This is a first rate operation and they even come with a three year warranty which is better than most other companies.

    Thank you Kevin and Linda everything, I highly recommend this binocular-telescopes and everything Oberwerk has to offer.

  17. Joe Savage (verified owner)

    Over the years I’ve been viewing the sky on occasions through 10X50’s attached to a cheapo camera tripod.
    (Recently retired) I thought it was time to step up my night sky game.
    Using both eyes to view the sky, Is more rewarding to the visual senses, That’s my conviction!
    After wading through the Big Binocular sites out there, I found myself being drawn back to the Oberwerk web site. (They were specific! & personalized) They do Binoculars! and very good ones!
    My Purchase of the BT-XL100-ED in conjunction with the Manfrotto 608 head sitting on the TR3 Wood Tripod with Carbon elevator. It’s just an Awesome user-friendly setup!
    As for eye candy? Well, it looks pretty amazing too!) Added the multi reticle finder as well, works great!
    To say it short, these bino’s simply pull the heavens down to earth. (Planets, Nebula, Star clusters, the moon has brilliant texture! The Pleiades has a wow factor! 😀 They opened the door to the stars, and they’re just really nice Badass Bino’s.
    I’m extremely pleased with my purchase! But if there were any shortcomings on my part, I should have set my conservative budget to the side and opted for the BT-127XL-SD along with the Manfrotto 612 head and called it a day.
    Everything was extremely well packaged for shipping. And my total order was out the door in just a couple days.
    Mr. Busarow, and his team made it personal. Answering my questions & concerns personally. When I had a question… I got Kevins personal response!
    I appreciate that! working one on one with the CEO/Owner

    Thank you! Kevin, and kudos to your team!
    Appreciate doing business with you!

    Ottawa, Kansas

  18. Dave Smalley

    We anticipated a quality set of binoculars and we got that. What we did not anticipate was the quality craftsmanship, and professionalism that we received. Everything, every component, every detail is simply first class and well thought out. our optics through the lenses are magnificent. We use them at our home in Maui for whale watching amoungst other wonderful things. I can tell you without question, that our every expectation was exceeded. our neighbors are jealous to say the least. I anticipate they will be ordering soon.

  19. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    BT-100XL-ED – absolutely love these binoculars Have wanted bino scope since they first came out years ago but were not so affordable. Very beautiful also along with the customisable wooden tripod Very bright images, time saver from my 6” refractor which has to be polar aligned, etc. Looking forward to the eclipse here i n Texas with the solar filters for these!

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