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Oberwerk 25×100 Deluxe

I’m interested in the 25×100 Deluxe model but I read there is a special adapter needed to put it on Manfrotto tripods. Isn’t the binocular provided with a standard 3/8″ connector?

The binocular mount uses standard 3/8-16 threading and also comes with a 1/4-20 reducer sleeve- so it is compatible with any tripod head. There can be an issue with larger heads, such as the Manfrotto 502, interfering with the IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjustment. The objective tubes can touch the tripod head before the minimum IPD is reached. To solve this, we have a 1″ riser available for $19.95. It extends the height of the vertical section of the mount by 1″ to provide enough clearance on larger tripod heads to allow use of the full IPD range.
Kevin Busarow

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