11×70, 15×70 LW Binoculars


11×70, 15×70 LW Binoculars

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Giant 70mm objectives gather a serious amount of light (twice as much as 50mm objectives)- so these are ideal for astronomy. Available in your choice of either 11x or 15x magnification. We consider the 11×70 to be the largest and most-powerful binocular that can be hand-held for astronomical viewing- anything beyond the 11x70LW will need a tripod. They are also excellent for low-light-level hunting and surveillance.

Includes our signature low-reflection broadband multi-coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces, for highest-possible light transmission. Light loss due to reflection and scattering is minimized, providing the highest level of efficiency possible.

Both offer long eye relief (especially the 11x model), so they work well with eyeglasses (the rubber eyecups fold down).

All Oberwerk binoculars have rugged rubber-armored aluminum bodies, all-glass lenses, right ocular diopter adjustment, brass 1/4-20 tripod adapter threading, case, caps, and neck strap.

Recommended mounts-
Oberwerk 2000 Monopod
Oberwerk 3000 Tripod

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in

11x- 4.5°, 15x- 4.3°

Eye Relief

11x- 21.4mm, 15x- 16.5mm (usable)

Exit Pupil

11x- 6.3mm, 15x- 4.6mm

IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

3.0 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=11, W=8, H=3.5 in.


11×70, 15×70

41 reviews for 11×70, 15×70 LW Binoculars

  1. John Martindale

    I have been an amateur astronomer for many years and I aways kind of avoided Oberwerk because I felt that their products were simply the same as the other less-expensive Chinese imports and therefore, over-priced. That said, Oberwek has always had a excellent reputation within the astronomy community and so I decided to take the plunge on their 15×70 after recently purchasing and returning several pairs of the Celestron Skymaster 15x70s due to poor optics and questionable quality control. I spent several hours last night with my 15×70 Obies under dark skies and was very pleasantly surprised. First, the optics are extremely bright – much more so than the Celestron Skymasters. And, image sharpness is superb with pinpoint star images across as flat a field as can reasonably be expected for bins under $1,000. The collimation is dead perfect and the central focus is butter smooth. In short, these are a bargain and I can highly recommend them as a high-quality introduction to binocular astronomy – honestly, you may never need another pair.

  2. Michael Garrett

    The 11×70’s are fantastic! I ordered these as I am strictly a hand-held bino viewer and was afraid the 15x model would be too shaky. I have an old, old pair of Celestron 8×56 Ultima’s that have always impressed me with their ability to separate doubles and pull in the faint wisps of invisible nebulas but these Oberwerks are unbelievable! Delivery was 2 days from my order and packaging more than adequate.
    Sure you can buy binos with more robust bodies but I doubt you can get better optics in this size for under $700. and the light weight is a great trade off if you are holding these things with your arms.
    Highly recommended!

  3. Heidi Berg

    As soon as I got these I set the focus /diopter and took them outside for some terrestrial viewing and wow! Crystal clear and bright optics. They were even better then my Nikon EX. They are also light weight for their size and very nice looking. I even liked the strap. You wont find anything better then this for the money.

  4. Daniel Hawkins

    I purchased a set of your Oberwerk 15×70 binos quite a while ago, it must have been 15 years ago. Since then the binos have accompanied my boating, birding and general viewing. These binos have given me endless fun and practical use. They even provided my astounded family’s first look at the Galilean Moons and the Andromeda Galaxy (quite an eye-opener for them).

    Then about a year ago I noticed that I was beginning to see what I thought were double images on stars. I attributed this to my 63 year-old eyes (I wear only reading glasses at this point). A few weeks ago I was stargazing again and noticed that the problem was much worse. I found your instructions for DIY collimation of the 15×70 at the customer support section of the website. Early in September I decided to take the Oberwerks on a vacation to a coastal house where dark, clear skies and long vistas would be present. I brought along a copy of your collimation instructions and jeweler’s screwdrivers.

    I’ll admit, I didn’t think I could actually do this collimation job but decided it was worth a try before sending the binos in for adjustment.

    One afternoon I spent about 20 minutes stacking books on top of a second story deck rail and underneath the Oberwerks. I wanted a solid look at a vacant house about 130 yards away. This view gave me good vertical and horizontal reference points to work with. The top of a fence line was way off (vertical miscollimation) and there seemed to be too much divergence between left and right monoculars. After another 20 minutes of doing minute adjustments of the screws I had corrected the problem as much as I thought was possible. I used the suggested viewpoints 3” away from the eyepieces in addition to normal viewing and eye blinking. Both screws needed to be turned clockwise slightly (but different amounts) to bring the images down and closer together. I packed binos away to test them after dark.

    At 10:00 p.m. I did the star test. Sure enough, the 15x70s were perfectly collimated. There isn’t the slightest bit of double image to be seen on any stars. It’s like having new binoculars again! 15 years of minor bumps and temperature cycles must have had an effect on the setscrews.

    So, thanks for the excellent instructions on collimating the 15×70’s. You people are the greatest.

  5. Jeff Stark

    I wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment of the Oberwerk 15X70 LW binoculars that I ordered Sunday evening. I received them yesterday and I got my first look through them last evening observing NGC 869 and 884. Both open clusters were pinpoint sharp and the color rendition was excellent. I purchased these as a backup to my Oberwerk 25X100 IF binoculars that I purchased earlier this year.
    The 25X100 IF’s are spectacular in their own way. I’m using my binoculars more and my refractors/SCT less due to the ease of setting up the binoculars. Also, the binoculars travel easier. At star parties and astronomy outreach programs the binoculars seem to be the “hit” of the evening.
    Thanks again for the excellent product and the best customer service.

  6. Bill Gross

    Why doesn’t Oberwerk make their lw series binoculars water proof ? I live in Florida and my Oberwerk lw 20×80 grew mold in the center of the inside left objective lens. The binoculars became useless. I now only buy binoculars that are water proof. The lw series with a metal body and water proof would be unstoppable.

    • Kevin Busarow

      Hi Bill. The LW Series are our entry-level products and are water-resistant (not waterproof). This keeps the cost low, as well as the weight. All the other models in the Oberwerk line are waterproof.

  7. Dave Arbon

    I have had the 15x70LW for about 10yrs, other than a collimation touch up and a replacement eyecup due to fair wear and tear they look and perform like new, I have often thought about an upgrade but they have become a favourite , brighter than the lower cost Skymaster they are a good compromise in price and quality.

  8. Ken Hubal (verified owner)

    I got a pair of the 11×70 LW and they are fantastic! The field is flat from edge to edge and the images produced are bright. These are definitely far better than my old Tasco and Celestron binoculars and compare very well to a pair of Fuji’s that I once owned!

  9. Ben H (verified owner)

    These are perfect for star clusters and Messier objects. To get an idea of what you see, the Pleiades fill the entire view and are very bright and beautiful. On a very clear night I was able to see the Orion Nebula no problem; I could see the Trapezium and a surprising amount of nebulosity (but no color). Open star clusters are very vivid, and globular clusters are visible. The double cluster doesn’t quite fill the view, but it’s still pretty awesome to look at. These are very light and easy to hold still (don’t let the magnification scare you). Stars will not be pinpoints, but bright objects look gorgeous. The only major problem I’ve had with these is that they fogged up on a really humid night (99% humidity) almost right away. The condensation was on the inside, so I couldn’t wipe it off. The included case is not that great, but the included strap and lens guards are good. Overall I’m very pleased and impressed with the quality of the view for the price. I may consider the nitrogen-purged ones though (the Deluxe is $130 more).

  10. Dennis H. (verified owner)

    Great for Astronomy. I’m very happy with these and would highly recommend them.

  11. Edward Handrich (verified owner)

    Fantastic binoculars for astronomy. They arrived well packed with all the documentation and a cleaning pen/brush. The collimation is spot on, even when adjusting the inter-pupilary distance. I wear reading glasses, but I was able to focus without needing my glasses. The field of view is huge, a nice big circle full of stars. They do get heavy if you hold them for more than 30 seconds but the shake is minimal. I suggest a tripod/mono-pod/parallel mount for extended viewing. These are lightweight (3 pounds) so most any tripod will work. I would recommend these binoculars to any astronomer, beginner or advanced.

  12. Brad Lorenzen (verified owner)

    Great binoculars for astronomy..They are a pleasure to use. Glad I bought them.Great service and good documentation included.

  13. John Heslin (verified owner)

    I’ll get to the point. I purchased the 15/70 ‘s and they’re great. Bright image, good color and nice price. I used the 25 % off exchange program (turned in my old damaged Obies) and although shipping ate into the discount it was still a great deal. You can handhold these for casual viewing if your arms or shoulders are braced on something but really a tripod works best. Weather has been cloudy but one early morning got to see Orion in its glory and I was impressed. The stars were mostly pin points and the trapezium while no real detail at 15x was still spectacular. Quality: You can buy very inexpensive large binocs on line but not with the collimation reports Oberwerk provides. My previous pair had double star images and were virtually unusable. To my eyes the new pair are perfect. One problem- the IPD adjustment (set for the distance between your eyes) is a bear. You need two hands and a bit of strength to move the pivot. For me though its a feature. I own binocs that flop closed and it seems that you need three hands to use them.
    Bottom line – they work –get a lawn chair, some dark skies and a tripod and have some fun,

  14. Hayseed (verified owner)

    Am just getting into astronomy & optics, bought these based on recommendations on the Cloudy Nights forum. Received these & noted that I was seeing double images, figured that they may have been jarred out of alignment in shipment. Using Ken’s collimation instructions on the web, I quickly got them aligned. Bright images, easy focus & balanced feel are the norm, these are big glasses (3#) . Love the monopod, especially for terrestrial viewing, quick transport & setup. Had one small shipping issue, Oberwerk staff is very understanding & easy to work with.

  15. Marty West (verified owner)

    I’ve had my 11×70 LWs for 18 months. I bought them for mainly for astronomy, the big objectives really suck in a lot of light and make many objects visible in light polluted skies. I have I even see the Great Orion Nebula from the beach in Los Angeles (just barely). They arrived perfectly collimated and solidly built, much better build quality than I expected for the bottom-of-the-line. The central focus knob moves smoothly and easily.

    They are 11″ long and weigh 3 lbs so I have tried them with a monopod on a ball head as many recommend. I had limited success with this set-up because as you scan higher in the sky you have to extend the monopod to keep the EPs at eye level. I now have an observing stool with adjustable height ($45 – Costco). Perhaps I should try adjusting my height instead of adjusting the monopod. I have also read that observing from a lawn chair is very effective.

    Recently I moved very close to a wetland preserve and bay so I’ve become a birdwatcher, mostly of shore birds. The 11×70 are excellent for this as the shore birds are often some distance away on a channel bank or tidal plain where I have a clear sightline. At first I used an 8×20 monocular but observing and identification was difficult at longer distances with smaller birds. The 11x70s really bring most shore birds close enough for identification and enjoyment. The only drawbacks are the length and weight but I found that pressing the extended eyecups against my eyeglasses and holding the binoculars at the center of gravity about in the middle of the tubes I can get an acceptably steady view. Bracing my body against a bench or fence helps too. To achieve steadier views of stars and birds, however, I am considering getting another 10x or 11x Oberwerks pair with 50mm or 56mm objectives. I’ll loose some light gathering and brightness but I’m sure I’ll be able to handhold the lighter and shorter binoculars much steadier for both astronomy and birding.

    I chose a porro prism model because the collimation can be adjusted at home, unlike the roof prism models. My eyes are misaligned vertically so I see double images in properly collimated binoculars. I intentionally uncollimated my LW 11x70s to match my eyes. Now I can use them easily without eyestrain and nobody wants to borrow them!

  16. David Gobert

    15×70’s arrived in excellent time. Spotted Comet Swan low in northwest easily. Tail was also visible. Comet Pan Starrs was somewhat harder at 9th magnitude. Excellent contrast is what makes this instrument an excellent deep sky and comet finder.

  17. Tucker Chason (verified owner)

    It was a new moon night when these binoculars were first unpackaged and mounted to a tripod, and the crisp skies above us held all of the deep treasures that you could wish for. These were pulling in more stars than we could have imagined and when Jupiter rose over the horizon we were able to lock on to it and see not only it but it’s four moons.

    I am blown away by the first impression of these and based on the reviews, I have years of great lens time in front of me. Wonderful product and I would definitely buy them again!

  18. TJ (verified owner)

    Impressed with great costumer service. Went with the 15×70. The 70mm objective is super. Just a beginner and the stars are great in Tucson

  19. Doug Rennie (verified owner)

    My LW 15×70——if perhaps not a perfect binocular, well , close enough: sharp, tight stars, excellent color rendition, dark background and superb contrast. And the brightness. Wow. Moving from this 15×70 to, say, a 7×50, even a 10×50 has me instantly thinking “Who turned the lights out?” And with a 4.4-degree FOV to boot. I have 9 binoculars and if I had to select only one, it would be the 15×70, by far the most versatile.

    Moreover, somehow Oberwerk has managed to create here a “big” binocular, a true astronomy instrument that is lightweight yet somehow still feels solid and substantial in the hands. Materials, fit and finish are nonpareil in this price range, and even substantially higher. Not just a great binocular “for the price”, no: a great binocular, period. Its lightness is the X factor that elevates the LW above its rivals. And I have to disagree with the majority “You definitely need a mount with a 15×70” majority opinion.
    I am old and I’m 155 pounds and I have no trouble——as in Zero, None——handholding these. I lean back in an Adirondack chair or chaise, anchor my elbows on the arms, the LIGHTLY rest the objective ends in my fingers and observe. What I get is probably 98% stability (i.e. no “object hopping”) vis a viz one of my refractors with the brighter 3D image bonus that only two-eyes can deliver. And with the total freedom of movement that handheld bins alone offer.
    And yet one more shout out here to Oberwerk’s exemplary customer service and individual testing and check list for each binocular they ship; and Kevin taking time to personally answer questions over the phone. My experience with this company is this: Buy an Obie and be confident that you can start observing directly out of the box. No more of the return, then return again dance until you finally get a sample that works.
    I also own the Oberwerk LW 20×80 and everything I say above applies equally to the 20×80, even the handholding part, albeit with some limits.

  20. Ricky Element (verified owner)

    I contemplated with myself for quite sometime to find the perfect Pair of binoculars. And it call came down to these 15x70LW. Packaging was great and the binos look and feel amazing. I had a clear patch in the night sky above my house to look to on my first night, so I grabbed the binos pointed it upwards toward the star and was surprised to see more than the single star, but my eyes filled with them. It was beautiful. Cannot wait for clearer nights. If your someone who has done research and looked into many pairs and still trying to wrap your head around what to purchase, these are the ones. Most binos over 10x require a tripod, but these LW are wonderful to hold but would also recommend if you want something extra sturdy. Anyways I love these. Thank Oberwerk.

  21. Jonathan Gross (verified owner)

    Never had a pair of bino’s for astronomy and I’m so glad I found Oberwerk! I purchased the 15x70LW with a tripod mount. I was blown away that I could see at least 3 of the moons of Jupiter! I don’t know if these are considered handheld, I found them a little heavy for that but I could see that someone else would say it is. The customer service was outstanding as I changed shipping methods after purchase. Oberwerk was very quick to respond and very quick to ship. I’m a very very happy camper!

  22. Scott Freeman (verified owner)

    The are super nice for star gazing. The case and straps are high quality also. The reviews and ratings I read in these are right on- they have clear optics and are built with quality.

  23. Al Ernst (verified owner)

    I just purchased the 11×70’s. I was looking for a set I could hand hold in dark sky environments. The first set I received was damaged in shipment but Oberwerk replaced them immediately. The new set is solidly made, performs properly, focuses well, and shows only a tiny bit of color on the brightest objects. Compared to my 10×60’s, they are noticeably brighter, showing more nebula and stars. Considering the price this is a solid purchase.

  24. THOMAS H FALLER (verified owner)

    Long ago (1980’s) I had a pair of 11×80 binoculars to watch Halley’s Comet and they were stolen from me in a break-in shortly after. I managed with 10×50’s for years, but a few years ago I bought a pair of name-brand 15×70’s and used them for a while, but wasn’t really satisfied with the optics and they got badly out of collimation and sat in the closet.
    I managed to get through NEOWISE with 10×50’s and a small refractor but yearned for something better. I checked the Oberwerk site and looked long and hard at their more expensive models, but thought I would give the 11×70’s a try.
    They came, and after a day or two of rain I got to try them out on Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in GA (about 4500 ft. in the parking lot) under extremely clear and dark skies. They were extremely good at pulling in faint objects clearly and giving a flat sharp field of view. The summer Milky Way was full of tiny knots of stars and gas with faint clusters and nebulae showing up easily. The field of view was large enough to show extended objects well, like the Andromeda Galaxy, but I could also pick up the nucleus of the faint Triangulum Galaxy across from it. These binoculars could easily provide a long viewing session under the night sky. I hold them out along the barrels towards the objectives and they are steady enough without a tripod.
    Their only drawback, and this is a limitation of the optics price point, is that they don’t quite resolve Jupiter or Mars as a clean round disk. There is a little flare on each. This is to be expected with any optics at this price – I have $400 refractors that can’t perform as well at low powers. I just didn’t want to spend $500 – $700 on pricier, heavier binocs.
    I also compared my 11×70’s with the name-brand 15×70’s I had been using. They both look very much alike superficially but the Oberwerk pair appear to have better coatings on the objectives – the glass almost vanishes next to the 15×70’s. Based on resolution, I think that the eyepieces are also better quality.
    As I was evaluating the 11×70’s, I looked around the website and found the directions to collimate a pair of binocs and I tried the instructions out on my name-brand 15×70’s. They worked – the screws were in the same places and functioned the same. So my 15×70’s are back in business, although I will probably use the Oberwerks as my main pair, because of the performance I noted above.
    I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase.

  25. William LaVoie (verified owner)

    Because I am new to stargazing, much research was done. The 11×70 XL binocular weighs 3lbs. It can be hand held for a short time but works great with the monopod with the grip action ball head. Back to the binocular. The magnification, clarity and field of view is great. This binocular, opens up a whole new world.
    With Oberwerk, you have the benefit knowledge for your questions.

  26. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    I purchased the 15×70 and could not be happier. When stabilized on a tripod, the views are simply unequaled by a telescope IMO. The quality of the binoculars is superb. It is well constructed, very ergonomic, light weight for its aperature size, stars are pinpoint, and the cost is extremely approachable. I was impressed by the pre-ship test card that was included in the package to verify the product was in good shape and properly collimated prior to sending it out. To me, that summarized the dedication to the customer that this company embodies.

  27. Gary Rosas

    I purchased your 15×70 LW binoculars on 2/25/21 and received them in perfect condition. I wanted to let you know that I have have been using them quite often. And after a month of use I find your binoculars to be a great product and couldn’t be more pleased with them. I was especially surprised and pleased to see that you personally did the quality check, collimated and tested my binoculars before shipping them to me. Your personal touch added confidence in my decision to purchase them. And I look forward to many years of stargazing with your binoculars. Thanks again for your attention and great product. You have a customer for life.

  28. Christian DeLaTour (verified owner)

    Got the 11 x 70 with the 3000 Tripod and head …. took it to a Star Party and had a line of people wanting to look at the moon in the middle of Manhattan NYC …. views where bright and clear and the Tripod was EZ to adjust to accommodate Tall and Small … had many repeat viewers saying they like the Binos better than Tele cuz u use both eyes. One Club Member was so delighted with the 11 x 70 ,she went ahead and got her Own pair !!!

  29. Don Eckel (verified owner)

    Back in March, as I waited for my back-ordered first scope, I felt that binoculars would be a good step to start to learn the night sky. After doing some research on Cloudy Nights, I found that Oberwerk was well regarded for its quality and service. Looking at the options, and not wanting to go too crazy on cost while buying the scope, I settled on the 11×70 LW’s. They arrived well packed and in perfect condition in a couple of days. At first light, I was immediately impressed. The view was crisp to the edge and immersive. The stars of the Pleiades jumped out at me and the nebulosity of M42 was exciting to see for a first-timer. As mentioned, they are at the far end of handheld use, so I ultimately fabricated my own parallelogram. The views are even better now and I can’t wait to get them to darker skies. I would not hesitate to purchase from Oberwerk again in the future.

  30. Ovidiu Poparad (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this purchase (15×70 LW + Heavy duty Tripod Adapter)
    1.Shipping: Fast delivery (UPS), ordered on Monday morning and I received it on Wednesday. Well packed with bubble wrap and a big label on the box “Handle with care, FRAGILE, Thank you”
    2.No double view. Image crystal clear, no chromatic aberration (Saturn with its 4 moons, Pleiades, Andromeda, Moon, etc)
    3.Higher quality in comparison with Celestron Skymaster 15×70 ! These binoculars are not the same!
    4.Fully broadband Multi-coated (greenish color on the lenses – all 4 lenses)
    5.QC – handwritten check list is included in the package.

    I highly recommend these binoculars! Thank you!

  31. Michael Hofbauer (verified owner)

    These 11x70s are perfect for my applications. They work as advertised and are easy to hand-hold. My skies are moderately light-polluted, the milky way being barely visible and most of ursa minor’s stars at the limit of naked eye visibility. But, these take all the work out of observing. Go out, point and look. Think about it, no tripod needed, no set-up, extremely portable. I have observed more Messier objects in a single night then I’ve ever done with a telescope. In dark skies, I can just make out M81 and M82, so magnitude 10 objects are about the limit of their light grasp, but magnitude 8 objects are easy to see even at home. I’ve never had a more enjoyable observing experience. These have renewed my interest in astronomy big time!

  32. Sandy Chang

    I recently purchased a LW 11 x 70 and tripod adapter. This is my first foray into bio observing and these binoculars are an incredible value. Optics are very sharp nearly to the edge. M13 looks granular, Jupiter’s moons easy and Saturn is was elongated. I will take them under dark skies in Peru soon. While they might weight only 3 pounds or so, to use them properly you really need a tripod. Highly recommend.

  33. Sandy Chang

    Just came back from Peru with the LW11x70. This bino did a great job on Omega Centauri, resolving the outer stars into a mass of faint points. I enjoyed cruising the southern Milky Way with them . During the day they were incredible at resolving fine details in the Andean condors. Great optics for both. Stars and wildlife.

  34. Steven Calovich (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a lot of binos. The Oberwerk 11×70 is the perfect compromise of size and power.

  35. Luka B

    I bought the 15×70 LW 12 years ago, and they were my first good binocular. My collection has grown to many, and much more expensive ones, but these are still great and I treasure them. Their light weight, long eye relief and great view are unmatched anywhere near this price point. The only things close are Oberwerk’s own Deluxe series. Don’t be fooled by very similar looking ones from other brands for less money. You’re sacrificing optical and build quality with the cheaper prices, and possibly collimation. The 15x power is a wonderful sweet spot for astronomy. The view is wide enough to easily find things, yet with enough magnification to show a much different sky than 8x and 10x binoculars. They work well from a lounge chair or on a light tripod or monopod.

  36. André Jolicoeur (verified owner)

    I’ve been an amateur astronomer for 35 years. I enjoy my 8” SCT, but often I like just a quick & casual astro session. On top of that, bino view is so much more immersive. For many years my old pair of 7x50s were my go-to binos, but I wanted something that brings more visual punch. I’ve tried 25×100 Celestrons but image quality wasn’t a blast and I didn’t enjoy them that much. Now these 11x70s are a big WOW! The image is incredibly bright, so much brighter than my 7x50s. The only reason I can imagine is that the optics and coatings must be of much better quality. There are so many stars in the field, pin-point stars! Jupiter’s moons come in plain view, even hand-holding the binos. Orion nebula is beautiful, even early at night when the sky is still not dark. The Pleiades… never seen a more beautiful view of them. And these binos aren’t heavy, I don’t mind holding them. It feels good to just hop around from an object to another without bothering with a tripod. For sheer viewing pleasure on a casual night of observation, nothing beats these binos IMO. They’re so bright I even have fun looking through the window searching for animals in the woods under a cloudy moonlit sky. Switching back to my 7x50s, I practically can’t see anything… it’s amazing how much difference comes from just 2cms extra aperture and good coatings!

  37. Reiner Campillo (verified owner)

    I have been using my Oberwerk 11×70 LW binoculars for nearly three months now, primarily for astronomical purposes, including solar observation with a certified solar filter. My experience with these binoculars has been nothing short of exceptional, and I continue to be captivated by their optics.

    During a recent visit to my local astronomy club, I had the opportunity to compare the Oberwerk 11×70 LW to other binoculars, such as the Celestron Skymaster 15×70 and Orion Minigiant 9×63. The difference in optical performance was remarkable. The Oberwerk binoculars provided a level of visual clarity akin to watching the sky in Ultra high-definition. The “WOW” effect was unanimously experienced by all club members who had the chance to test the Oberwerk binoculars.

    Here are some noteworthy details:

    1. Collimation: The Oberwerk binoculars were perfectly collimated, and the inclusion of a collimation certificate is a thoughtful touch.

    2. Optics: The optics of these binoculars are crystal clear, offering excellent contrast and producing remarkably sharp images. It is worth noting that there is a slight distortion near the edge of the field. Additionally, when observing very bright objects like the moon or Venus, some chromatic aberration may be observed. However, such aberrations are expected in this class of binoculars.

    3. Weight: The Oberwerk 11×70 LW binoculars push the limits of handheld use due to their weight. Those with larger hands may find it easier to manage the weight and minimize shakiness. Nevertheless, employing a tripod significantly enhances the viewing experience, elevating the quality of the images by a significant margin.

    4. Astronomical Objects: Among the various celestial objects I have observed using the Oberwerk binoculars, two particularly stand out. Firstly, M45, the Pleiades, presents a captivating display reminiscent of an astrophotograph, highlighting the exceptional capability of these binoculars. Additionally, the moon showcases a remarkable three-dimensional effect and the image quality rivals that of observing the moon through a 127mm telescope at 20x magnification.

    My experience with the Oberwerk 11×70 LW binoculars has been nothing short of extraordinary. The collimation precision, along with the inclusion of a collimation certificate, underscores the attention to detail provided by Oberwerk.

    I highly recommend the Oberwerk 11×70 LW binoculars to astronomy enthusiasts and anyone seeking a truly remarkable viewing experience.

  38. Pam Kloepfer (verified owner)

    I ordered a new pair of 15×70 LW binoculars through the Lifetime Exchange Program after having mine for 10 years. One of the oculars had come loose and the rubber housing had turned sticky, so this was worth a 25% off investment. After they received my old ones back, they promptly shipped my new ones. They were well packed with bubble wrap all around. They came in a box with a rather thin carrying case, but it does include a nice Oberwerk neck strap. They had been collimated by Kevin, as evidenced by an included Quality Checklist. Due to their size, they are best mounted on a tripod. The views are excellent; stars are sharp and clear. All three Belt Stars of Orion fit in the field of view, as does the entirety of Orion’s Sword. M7 is beautiful! The glittering stars look like diamonds thrown against black felt. This view is noticeably larger and closer than my 10x42s. Another beautiful large binocular target is the bend in the hook of Scorpius, which includes NGC 6231. These binoculars are great for panning around the sky! I have used these at astronomy club star parties and people are very impressed with the views. I definitely recommend them!

  39. Jon Shoemaker (verified owner)

    I spent a lot of time examining the different types, reviews and finally made the decision on these binoculars. As for the price, finding better optics requires making a sizeable investment in binoculars, and then only the purist would find their choice justifies the extra cost. Astronomical images are clear, but for me to keep the images steady, I purchased a heavy duty tripod to observe without the moving images. Daytime use doesn’t require the tripod, and my next purchase will be for a cell phone adapter. I’m completely satisfied, and would recommend these binoculars to anyone.

  40. Tomas Adolfo Antonio Gori

    Soy de la República Dominicana ,principiante,me recomendó una persona que conoce de esta marca de binocular, estoy muy agradecido en elegir Oberwerk 15×70, calidad precio muy asequible. Es una excelente oportunidad de tener este equipo. Gracias a usted. En hora buena.

  41. Porkshop Express (verified owner)

    I am a police patrol officer and was looking for a quality set of binoculars which would allow me to read license plates from a distance in the dark/low light. I got the 11x70s. They just fit into my squad bag (Galls original streetpro) standing up. I’ve been using them for about a month and a half now and they have held up very well without damage. I take care of them but they still bounce around and ride without the caps during the shift. Surprisingly light–feeling for their weight. While handholding, resting elbows and wearing glasses, I have been able to read plates from about a block and a half away with surprising accuracy (night). Very fine/smooth focal adjustment. For everything larger than text, as far as terrestrial observation, very clear picture. Haven’t had to do a thing to them as far as collimation. Good bins at good price. Highly suggest.

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