Oberwerk 2000 Tall Monopod with Grip-Action Ball Head


Oberwerk 2000 Tall Monopod with Grip-Action Ball Head

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Monopod fans know that monopods offer the ultimate in portability and simplicity for binocular support. Ideal for sweeping the Milky Way, only the Oberwerk PM2 parallelogram mount offers a similar freedom of motion- but you wouldn’t want to take a PM2 on a hike. The Oberwerk monopod is the tallest monopod you’ve ever seen- it extends to 78″, yet collapses to just 26″ (34″ including the head). The tubing is large in diameter, with flip locks for each of the 3 sections, so the entire monopod is exceptionally solid and wobble-free- yet the weight is only 4.5 lbs. When viewing straight up to zenith, even someone well over 6′ tall can stand under the binocular’s eyepieces. With the grip-action ball head, you can tilt the binocular to any altitude from horizon to zenith, simply by squeezing the lever, then releasing the lever to lock in place. Can easily handle up to 80mm binoculars, with maximum weight limit of 8.8 lbs. One quick-release plate is included, but extras available for quick swapping of other devices (cameras, spotting scopes, etc.) for $8. Includes carrying case. Note: Most binoculars will also require an “L” adapter.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 5 × 5 in
Product Weight

4.5 lbs.

Product Dimensions

Length including head- Min. 34", Max. 78"

16 reviews for Oberwerk 2000 Tall Monopod with Grip-Action Ball Head

  1. Dave Fish

    I use this monopod primarily with a pair of 15×70 astro binoculars, which weigh a bit over 3lbs, for lunar observing, stargazing, and some backyard birding — and it is well suited for these applications. The grip-action ball head has been rock solid with no slippage and makes for easy altitude adjustment for astro use and quick positioning for birding.

    The uniquely tall max height of this monopod makes it truly useful for astro when standing, but shortened-up it also works well when seated. For quick height adjustment when standing, I leave the bottom sections fully extended. This then enables me to easily adjust total height by flipping the uppermost clamp which is within easy reach while holding the ball head in the other hand.

    It’s easy to carry the monopod around the backyard with the binoculars mounted, by holding the rig at the upper grip.. The quick-release also enables fast setup if carrying binoculars separately — just snap them in, tighten the clamp, and go.

    Note that this unit is very solidly built, so you may want to consider the weight if hiking long distances. The base has a rubber foot which can be retracted to expose a spike, depending on surface.

    Overall I’ve found this to be a well-built, highly functional solution for higher powered binoculars — and would recommend it highly.

  2. Brian J. Erickson (verified owner)

    I totally agree with Dave’s review. This monopod is tall and beefy. It is ideal with my Oberwerk 15×70 lw’s. This combo is great for quick backyard astronomy sessions. Highly recommended….BE

  3. James Hornell (verified owner)

    This is a very impressive monopod. While not light weight, it seems well made, durable and sturdy. The quick release plates are very handy and not something I would have considered useful until I tried it. I think this product serves as an excellent ambassador for the brand which now has me giving serious consideration to upgrading my current camera tripod with the 5000 series.

  4. Jimmy Craig

    I recently bought the monopod from Oberwerk. It is built like a tank, works perfectly, and is better than I expected. It adds a whole new dimension to using binoculars, and with the quick release feature it takes just seconds to switch from on bin to another, assuming you have an L adapter and quick release plate for each bin. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  5. Darren Hennig (verified owner)

    I got this for when I am tutoring our astronomy club’s newer members on binocular observing. These are VERY well made, are carried easily and are a superb option for those needing a stable mount that is highly transportable.

    Head movement is sure and smooth, and the tension is nearly ideal for almost every pair used so far. Smooth release and grab when aiming. They also accommodate a wide variety of observers with different heights even to the zenith!

    Highly recommended. Nice job Kevin! These are awesome to use.

  6. James D Colby (verified owner)

    My son gave me his Celestron 15 by 70 binoculars which had a bad case of double vision. After a lot of finicky adjustment I fixed ’em but they were too heavy for me to use on Stars. I’m a 75 year old Canadian eh. So I got this monopod. It’s wonderful! I can now use the binocs along with my 8 inch Newtonian. If this product is a result of free market capitalism maybe I should reconsider being a socialist. Thankew eh.

  7. William LaVoie (verified owner)

    The monopod is well made, rugged and stands about 6ft. 8in., when fully extended. I use this with my 11×70 XL binocular which weigh 3lbs. The grip action ball head supports the binocular well with no slippage. Also, the monopod stabilizes your view very, very well.

  8. Raji

    Love this monopod! It was much better quality with more features than I expected. It’s big and beefy with lots of adjustment built in. You can use it standing, in a chair, or anything in between. It’s easy to adjust and everything works smoothly. There are even three little bubble levels on it, which I didn’t expect. I had intended on buying a tripod, but the one I wanted was out of stock, so I went for this lower cost option instead, thinking I could use it until the tripods came in….. but this monopod gives such a surprising amount of stability to the 20×65 ED Deluxe bino that I purchased with it and is so easy to carry around, that it may be my go-to bino companion from here on out. Impressive piece of equipment, and a good value for the money.

  9. Ed L. (verified owner)

    2000 Monopod arrived today and all I can say is WOW!

    I’ve never owned a monopod, and based on the quality and
    functionality of this Oberwerk 2000 I can’t imagine ever having to buy another one.

    Thanks again Oberwerk for another quality product and
    excellent customer service.

  10. Steven Mclachlan (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted this for a couple of years now and owned it for a couple of months.

    I read a lot of positive reviews on forums etc but it’s even better than I hoped.

    I mainly use it with Canon 15×50 is. Even though they have image stabilisation, the monopod carries all the weight for me and makes things even smoother.

    The monopod is very solid and very easy to adjust and tune if needed, using the included Allen key.

    Lastly, the service from Oberwerk is absolutely world class, there is no one better. I’ll be buying more.


  11. Ed Pogue

    Use this primarily with my 10×50 Deluxe and soon will be utilizing a second one with the 15×70 Deluxe.
    Rugged construction, easy to use, nice case included, just a tremendous value-hard to imagine being without this now that I have used it a while.
    Anyone near 6′ tall who is used to hand holding a binocular would Love this with the capability to easily adjust to zenith viewing.
    And of course the always consistently exceptional service and communication from Oberwerk.

  12. Drew Marticorena (verified owner)

    This thing is great. Once you get everything adjusted it locks down very stable. I added a quick detach binocular adapter and find the combination very versatile. I definitely recommend this monopod.

  13. Mark Yanofsky (verified owner)

    Stellar way to mount a medium weight binocular and have access to a wide variety of views.I have mine coupled with the superb Oberwerk 15×70 Deluxe and am able to get a surprisingly stable image of objects in the night sky.
    Moving around my small property is a snap with this little gem of a mounting system and the ball head pistol grip works like a charm……High,low,whatever angle you want is pretty much available…..For about the same price as filling up your gas tank,you get a sensational system for binocular observing.

    Five huge stars!

  14. Kenneth Klauss (verified owner)

    I bought the Oberwerk 15×70 Deluxe Binoculars and wanted something more portable and easily transported when I take the elevator up to the roof of our apartment building for my viewing sessions. I could see that this is a very high quality monopod when I removed it from the shipping box. The case and shoulder strap make it very easy to sling over my shoulder and carry to the roof. Although I can hand-hold the 15×70 binoculars for a short time the monopod makes a world of difference for extended viewing and my binoculars mount onto the monopod so easily. If you’re looking for an alternative to a tripod you can not go wrong with this monopod.

  15. Matthew Marakovitz (verified owner)

    Just get it, you can’t hold those big binoculars stable.

  16. Mike Kearns (verified owner)

    Having purchased from Oberwerk in the past, I was not disappointed this time either. Received my Monopod in two days. That is some of the fastest shipping i’ve ever seen. The quality of this product is just like the bino’s I purchased from Kevin several years earlier. Top notch!! I can’t believe I’ve gone all these years using bino’s without this product. No more trying to lean against something for a steady image. This Monopod holds my bino’s steady as can be, from sitting down in a chair to standing and looking straight up. This is one fine piece of equipment that I have added to my astronomy arsenal.

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