6.5×32 LW Binocular


6.5×32 LW Binocular

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One Unique Binocular

This binocular is unique in 10 different ways! The 6.5×32 LW is the smallest, lightest, and least-expensive Oberwerk binocular. It has the widest IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range (51-74mm) in the Oberwerk product line, and the lowest magnification- which makes it the steadiest when hand-held, and also gives it a huge 8° field of view. Image quality is impressive, especially so considering the low cost. It’s the only binocular in the LW Series that is waterproof and nitrogen-filled, has Deluxe-style twist-up eyecups and Sport ED-style captive objective covers- and it’s the only Oberwerk binocular that’s brown!

Perfect Binocular for Children…and Adults

All of these qualities, especially the extra-narrow minimum IPD, make it the perfect binocular for children—but adults love it too! It’s ideal for any and all outdoor activities including bird-watching, hunting, sporting events, boating, and astronomy. Get the little ones started with quality optics that will be useful to everyone in the family.

Premium Binocular Hardware at a Great Price

Just like our more-expensive models, it has fully broadband multi-coated all-glass lenses and BAK4 prisms, and a rubber-armored aluminum body. It includes a right ocular diopter, soft rubber ocular cover, captive soft rubber objective covers, rugged nylon case, and neck strap. Check out the reviews below to see what customers think. You’ll find a general consensus that this binocular is a steal, with reviews saying things like “They seem to be advertised for children and are Oberwerk’s cheapest product, so I wasn’t expecting much, but they’ve blown my mind by just how good they are.” You won’t find anything on the market comparable at this price point.

Great Binocular Reviews

Astronomy Technology Today gave these binoculars an outstanding review: Top 10 Reasons to Consider the Littlest “Obies.”

Despite the little Obies’ low price, the full broadband antireflection multi-coatings are excellent – on axis, the front objective surfaces simply disappear (Image 4) – yielding maximum light throughput. And bargain binos tend to be collimation challenged. Indeed, many I’ve tried arrived laughably bad in that regard. But because these are Oberwerk’s, you are assured of a premium level of quality control, despite the 6.5x32LWs’ bargain-level price.

Video review of the 6.5x32LW on YouTube.

…excellent price/performance ratio…

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in


Minimum Focus


Eye Relief

19.3mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Product Weight

1.07 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=5", W=6", H=2"

11 reviews for 6.5×32 LW Binocular

  1. Mark Mitchell

    I have a grandson who is sort of a science nut, and I think he is ready for his first binocular. So I’ve been looking around for awhile to see what looked appropriate for a youngster, but still was a good serious binocular that he could learn something with. I was seriously considering the Leupold 6×30 Yosemite when I saw this one while perusing the Oberwerk website. The specs looked great and the price was about $15 less than the Leupold. So I ordered it. After giving it a star test and comparing it to one of my better 7x35s, I am really impressed…

    I wanted something a bit rugged that could take a bit of abuse from a boy, and this Oberwerk 6.5×32 certainly looks the part and it’s very solid for being so lightweight. I liked the IPD range that gets down to 51mm. Made for the face of a boy! You can read the rest of the specs on the Oberwerk website, but this one is made with all the quality features of the more expensive binoculars. And the star test shows me that it’s all done right. I compared it directly to my mint condition Bushnell (Fuji) Custom 7×35, and the Oberwerk 6.5×32 easily matched each star field. Stars focused to tiny points of light with just a bit of flare. I found it comfortable to use and pretty easy to hold steady as well. I think this one will be a hit with the Grandson.

  2. Thomas Schmidt (verified owner)

    This is my second though different binocular from
    Oberwerk. Like the previous review states; this is a more reasonable size for my grandchildren to use easily. The quality is tremendous and the clarity is unsurpassed. Whether viewing wildlife, sporting events or dark sky stars; Oberwerk products ares a great value for quality!

  3. Jimmy Craig (verified owner)

    I had a telescope as a kid and ever since have been fascinated by gazing at the sky and wondering what’s out there, and of course just looking at the moon. A few weeks ago I got the bug to buy a telescope and get back into astronomy. I did a lot of research and kept seeing advice saying “your best choice for a first telescope is binoculars”, and “the best telescope or binocular is the one you use the most, not the biggest you can afford”, so then I started doing research on binoculars and found Oberwerk. I saw a great review of the 6.5×32, talking about how easy and convenient they were, and that they were waterproof, so you can even use them in rainy weather if needed, for terrestrial viewing like camping, etc. I bought them online at the Oberwerk site, they arrived on time, well packed, and working perfectly. I have had them 3 weeks now and and use them every chance I get for moon watching, birding, and a recent trip to a beautiful canyon that offered incredible views, Cloudland Caynon in Georgia. I also bought, and recommend the monopod. It’s built like a tank and adds a whole new dimension to using the “bins”. I am planning on getting another, larger pair of bins as soon as I decide what aperture/magnification is best for my use. Without a doubt I will get them from Oberwerk. (a big plus had been how easy it is to get Kevin, the main man at Oberwerk, on the phone for an actual live chat helping me learn how to use and care for their products. Thanks to Linda as well. Oberwerk customer service is beyond just being great). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OBERWERK AND THEIR 6.5×32 BINOCULARS.

  4. K Smith

    You can give these Obverwerk 6×32 binos as gifts with certainty that they will be well received! We purchased these for our 30+ year old daughter for her planned trip to the Tetons after my wife found the Leopold Yosemite 6×30 glasses we purchased a couple years ago to be the easiest to use binoculars she has every tried, but they are significantly more expense than the Oberwerks. Comments from siblings that tried them Fathers Day weekend were’ “wow, these are really bright” or ‘It’s like 3D, everything is so sharp”! I have a hard time seeing much difference between the Oberwerk 6×32 and my Vortex Diamondback 8×40. These are an exceptional value!

  5. Ed Pogue

    Usual excellent customer service, communication, and next day shipping from Oberwerk.
    These may be small but for the price I think it’s an outstanding value for a multi purpose binocular. Optics are great-hard to imagine any other sub 100.00 binocular being better. Weatherproof, rugged housing feels very comfortable to hold and everyone I showed them to was very impressed.
    Third pair of binoculars I have purchased from Oberwerk and extremely satisfied with my 10×50 and 15×70 Deluxe and now this LW model.

  6. S. M. (verified owner)

    These little binoculars are an excellent value. I use them for casual handheld stargazing and occasional birdwatching. I wanted a pair that’s lightweight, well-made, and with good optics. These definitely fit the bill. They’re comfortable to hold, and the built-in eyecups work perfectly for maintaining the correct eye position. The edge performance isn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected unless you’re paying 10x more for binoculars. Overall, they provide a sharp, bright, pleasant image and are a joy to use. I own several items from Oberwerk (this pair, BT100XLED binocular telescope, TR tripod), and it’s clear that this company is committed to quality products and customer satisfaction. I’m glad that Oberwerk is out there.

  7. Kenneth J Hubal (verified owner)

    Sharp, pinpoint stars and excellent contrasty views!!
    These are perfect for grab and go observing, especially in cold weather!! Excellent eye relief!!!
    Highly recommended and I’ll soon be purchasing a second pair for my wife in the near future!!

  8. Matthew Harris (verified owner)

    This has become one of my favorite pieces of astro gear!! I bought the LWs to keep with my star charts and use as an aid while star hopping with an 8″ Dob and 100mm binos, which is a role it fills amazingly well. I’ve also been using them a lot lately in sub optimal weather with just a star chart jumping through sucker holes. And lately they’ve become a fun way to challenge myself spotting DSOs & splitting doubles with the small aperture and low magnification. It’s also dramatically increased my observing time.

    They seem to be advertised for children and are Oberwerk’s cheapest product, so I wasn’t expecting much, but they’ve blown my mind by just how good they are. Of course they’re not perfect, but are extremely good for the price. The field is sharp out around 65-70%, and then shows mostly field curvature that can be focused out up to the extreme edge. The AFOV is fairly narrow, about the same as a Plössl, but you still get an 8° TFOV so it’s not too bad IMO (these replaced a 8×40 PCF WPII in my role as star chart finder aid, so AFOV is actually an improvement). Chromatic abbreviations are very minimal due to the low magnification. The coatings are beautiful throughout the binos and they show very good color correction and contrast. Since I don’t wear glasses I use the eyecups all the way up, which gives me just enough spacing to prevent blackouts. They’ve almost got too much eye relief for me, and that would be one of my few “complaints”. Although they’re lightweight, they feel very robust and quality built and are very comfortable in the hands. Thanks to their size, shape, and low magnification they can be handheld for long periods with minimal effort and little shake. The fact they’re waterproof & nitrogen purged is a big plus for me as I’ve got a 20×60 PCF V that the previous owner let get ruined by dew & optical fungus. Oberwerk sent the OEM neck strap plus a nice Oberwerk branded one, which I keep on them while in use. They’re small enough to hang around my neck and zip into my jacket, and light enough that I soon forget they’re there until time to use them. The captive objective caps and eyepiece guard comes in soooo handy when using in this manner.

    So I love these little guys!! They’re very good for their price, and that price means I don’t worry in the least when carrying them with my star charts out in the field and using the crap outta ’em. They’ve definitely gotten more use then I imagined they would ever get. This was my first item purchased from Oberwerk. I’ve since ordered several other products from this amazing company, including their 15×70 Deluxe which I’m really enjoying. I’ll write a review for that too once I’ve spent more time with it, but they easily blew the SkyMasters I replaced them with out of the water during firstlight on the Paragon-Plus.

  9. Russell (verified owner)

    OMG, these are awesome. I bought these as an inexpensive pair to keep in the car. I discovered, however, that the 6.5x32mm binoculars have become a favorite for nature and wildlife. I have no super-expensive binos with which to compare, but the views are sharp, bright, colorful, and 3D.

  10. Walt S. (verified owner)

    Just like the description says, “Premium Binocular Hardware at a Great Price”! Could not be happier with these little binos. Have several larger sets but the size, weight, and image quality make this the most handy pair to have around.

  11. Anthony Fritz (verified owner)

    Oberwerk 6.5×32 LW Binocular. Great everyday bino! Light with crisp images. I’m thoroughly satisfied. As versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

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