Seymour Solar Filters


Seymour Solar Filters

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Sorry- filters are not available in time for the eclipse. All orders placed after March 22nd will be delivered in late-April.

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Sold in pairs. Filters are film unless it says “Glass”. Choose your binocular from the list below (sorted by objective size).


Seymour Solar makes the finest, yet most-affordable solar filters we’ve ever tested- starting at just $99.95 a pair.  Their Helios thin-film has a consistent yellow-orange solar image, with higher contrast than competitor’s filters.  For binoculars capable of magnifications greater than 25x (our XL Series), we also offer Seymour Premium Glass filters, for highest-possible resolution.  The glass filters are recommended when doing photography using an Oberwerk Smartphone Adapter or Novagrade Smartphone Adapter.  For 25x or less the Helios film filters are all you need.  Our Seymour filters come with felt tape added to the inside of the aluminum cells, custom-fit for each model, for a snug slip-on fit.  For the 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation binocular, the felt is on the outside of the cell in order to snugly fit the inside of the glare-shield area.  Choose your binocular model from the pull-down list. All filters meet ISO 123112-2 requirements. No returns accepted for solar filters.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in

6 reviews for Seymour Solar Filters

  1. Andrew Corkill (verified owner)

    These filters are great. I have them for my Oberwerk 11×80 LW. I’m using them for solar observations of sunspots. There are not many sunspots right now (early 2021), but the filters work great and help to clearly resolve the dark Umbra and lighter Penumbra.
    Also the “snug” fit is perfect on the binoculars. I can easily slip them on and off, and have no fear as they are so snug, they cannot accidentally slip off.
    This is a good product and I recommend it.

  2. Jack Wallner (verified owner)

    Nice addition to my Oberwerk binoculars . Ready for the next eclipse. To bad we are at a solar min.

  3. Stuart Riley

    The Seymore glass solar filters for the BT-82XL-ED binoculars are spectacular! I have viewed using one-eye but it surprised me how well details popped out with two eyes viewing. The solar filters fit snuggly, but fit well on to each aperture and were matched. I have great praise for night-time use, but now have a new daytime use at looking at our local star.

  4. M Griffin (verified owner)

    These work great enjoy looking at the sun ,great views with my Oberwerk 20×80 Lightweight binoculars..

  5. Rick Evans

    The glass Seymour solar filters for my Oberwerk BT-82 arrived this afternoon and I made my first solar observation about half an hour before sunset. At 70x with 6.5mm eyepieces the disk took up 75% or so of the FOV. The disk edge was sharp but roiling a bit and the disk was orange. I could see two groups of sunspots but they were too small at 70x for any real detail. I’ll have to buy a 2.3mm or 3mm eyepiece to see any real structure in a sunspot group but that would bring me to roughly 195x for the former or 150x for the latter.

    The filters look to be high quality and fit over the objectives very well. The disk image has great illumination and contrast. As it was half an hour before sunset, I was looking through a lot of atmosphere and there wasn’t much chance of seeing fine surface detail and I’d probably need higher power for that anyway.

  6. Jeff Bonn

    The SF275 filters work perfectly on my 7×50 binoculars. I used them successfully for the 2017 total eclipse, a recent partial eclipse, and the April 8th 2024 total eclipse.

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