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StarScope Monocular Scam

Here’s yet another product scam that apparently lots of people are falling for. This one isn’t quite as egregious as the “10-300x40mm Super Telephoto Telescope” we warned you about previously, but it’s still full of deception. Despite the false claims of military-grade magnification, better than $3000 Telescopes! and …will give you the power of a $4000 DSLR in your pocket, it’s just an ordinary low-end Chinese-made monocular. Note that it’s claimed to be 12x50mm, but the exterior diameter is 53mm, and with the thickness of the objective cell, body, and rubber covering, the objective lens itself could be no more than 42mm. The exit pupil diameter is listed at 3mm, which if correct means it’s actually 12x36mm.
They’ve even created a number of fake review websites, such as “Best Honest Reviews“, which asks the question StarScope: The REAL DEAL Or Just Another SCAM?, but sadly, concludes with the wrong answer.
Here’s another website called “Top Reviews Daily“, with a fake reviewer named Douglas Jones. Douglas is a gadget lover. He has two sons aged 7 and 16. Douglas loves good wine and stand-up comedy.

While Douglas doesn’t appear to be a real person, the claims for the StarScope could be a stand-up comedy routine. Here’s a sample (I’ll be the heckler)-
Douglas: The team behind this amazing product was tired of carrying around heavy, expensive monoculars and binoculars with their huge bulk. And because they have the skills, they created a brand new monocular that is both easy to carry around and affordable.
Me: Ah, they have the skills! “Girls like guys who have skills” (Napoleon Dynamite voice).
Douglas: Because technology was advancing so fast, the team behind StarScope Monocular used modern CNC equipment, optical programs on the fastest computers, and high-tech designs to create a reasonably-priced telescope that was as good as those from the most expensive brands.
Me: Fast technology, fast computers- and the skills!
Douglas: StarScope Monocular is a success beyond its creators wildest dreams. It is now being offered to perfectionists who appreciate quality…
Me: I’m a perfectionist that appreciates quality. I don’t appreciate this.
Douglas: Perhaps the finest monocular ever built, it can be handheld or mounted to a tripod for more stability. It comes with a built-in tripod socket, perfect for mounting to a camera or for long term observation!
Me: The finest ever built- yet it doesn’t even use expensive ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass. It’s a miracle!
Douglas: The StarScope Monocular team wants to get its awesome telescope out to people who will tell others about it, and that’s why they are offering such an AMAZING DEAL!
Me: When buyers tell others about it, this scam will be over.
Douglas: The magnified viewing of StarScope Monocular has been tested, and found to equal or exceed the zoom and photo quality produced by some of the most expensive brands on the market.
Me: But StarScope doesn’t zoom or take photos- your phone does that!

Gotta admit, Douglas is pretty funny! I bet you’re LOL right now too- unless you already ordered one of these?

Conclusion: The price for the StarScope “special offer if you buy now” is around $57. While this is pretty high for the low-end Chinese 12×36 monocular that it is, it’s not a complete rip-off. While the claims for the StarScope are ridiculous, it should function as well as, but no better than, other sub-$50 monoculars.

58 Replies to “StarScope Monocular Scam”

  1. Jon says:

    Thank you

    1. Michael Guernsey says:

      Any of the comments that are positive in nature on the Starscope web page or anywhere else are false and probably created by the company. This one will probably be taken down. The reason I say that is because this is a monumental example of false advertising. The thing I really was hoping for was the great magnification they show. Odd thing is…there is NO, NONE, NADA, ZILCH such function. 10x magnification is all there is. Total, complete scam. Don’t buy it.

      1. Crystal says:

        I did just buy this :/ is there any way to stop the purchase?

    2. Trig says:

      I nearly fell for it. Ad said 60% off for a certain price which is what i can get it for at Amazon without a reduction. I thought it might be a different company making a fake ad but, no, its the same company thats selling the monocular everywhere. They rekon its not a scam to use stolen zoom video from a Nikon camera with five times the zoom lololol. No legit company will say that is acceptable practice

    3. Shelly A Roman says:

      I was scammed, too.

  2. Michael says:

    the people who have been conned into buying this will not post any reviews as they will be too ashamed to admit they bought one.

    1. Liam Bauress says:

      Wrong! I’ve just received the Starscope. I’ve been scammed. At least it magnifies ten times.

    2. RUAULT says:

      Bonjour – Moi je l’ai fait : sur le site “Arnaques ” et sur Trustpilot “. J’ai même envoyé des oièces jointes à ” Futur en Seine ” qui en avait fait la publicité !

    3. Kevin says:

      I genuinely bought a similar product.
      Thing is some allegedly received one, I sadly did not!
      They say your always wiser after the event!
      However, moving I did purchase an identical one from amazon and this worked fine.
      It didn’t claim that you could see the craters on the moon, but it was and is good to boost the focal length of some older smartphones.
      As we know smartphone technology is getting better and better, so eventually the camera on an android or iPhone could no doubt be able to see the craters on the moon, one day.

      1. Kay says:

        I’ve looked everywhere I know to look&I can’t find a phone number to contact them!! Do you maybe know how I can contact them? I want my money back!! Thank you!

  3. Steve says:

    The photo of Douglas is actually from an online image bank:-


    Upload the image to Google Image Search and see what you find.

    Don’t be conned!!!

    1. Dan says:

      ROFL!!! “Confident mature man smiling” !!

  4. Brian says:

    Bought 3, what a line of crap. See miles away. Barely saw my a car down the street. No attachment for iPhone. Do not buy. Just got conned. Now will try and get refund.

    1. Gary Storm says:

      Scam I ordered mine on van Feb 6/2021 they keep changing phone numbers. Old numbers are disconnected.

  5. Dennis Feick says:

    One interesting thing about the “zoom” was that the objects were crystal clear with no
    enlarged pixels, which would have resulted from a camera at full optical and digital
    magnification. That is not misrepresentation, it is pure fraud.

  6. Chaz says:

    I agree this thing is a piece of junk and they tell you when you try to cancel it has already been shipped and then arrives 2 months later. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    1. Perry Grant says:


  7. Reg Bowie says:

    Purchased this thing in January still have not received it.

    1. Bruno says:

      I bought the monocular too and I still haven’t received it..!

  8. Ed Bancroft says:

    This telescope was a piece of junk. I wish I had never ordered it.

  9. sean lester says:

    bought 2 of these, advertising 50% of on YouTube that was the last i saw of my money or 2 starscopes

    1. CP says:

      My husband ordered from an ad on YouTube too, he received it approximately two weeks later, maybe less. I guess it didn’t take long since they sent it from CA where we live. You will receive yours but it’s a piece a junk.

  10. I saw this advert too and really wanted to buy it. I am aware that if something sounds too good to be true it usually isn’t true so I thought I was being careful and read reviews. I read reviews on 3 different, apparently unrelated sites and it sounded great so I went ahead and ordered 3 as it was such a good deal I thought my sister and niece would love it too. The site said it will be delivered within 3 -7 days. It said I would get an e mail confirmation when the order was processed and another with tracking details when it was shipped. 3 weeks later and I had not received anything but they had had my money for 3 weeks. I hadn’t even received the confirmation and started to worry it was a scam l. I phoned them and was told that the 3-7 days was not correct and that it was actually 10 – 15 days, but as I pointed out it had already been longer than that. She then added there was a maximum of 30 days. The most annoying thing was that she could not tell me when it would be shipped. I received the confirmation that day but after a total of 33 days I had still not received the dispatch e mail so I phoned to cancel my order. They offered me a 30% reduction to continue with the purchase but when she still couldn’t say when it would be dispatched I said no. She then said she had just opened an e mail saying most of their backlog of orders were now being dispatched. I still said no as by then I didn’t trust them. My money is supposed to be refunded within 10 days so they have 4 days left to do it. After I saw other adverts for it even cheaper I started to doubt whether it was any good anyway. I revisited the review sites. The first one, I noticed part way through the review, on more than one occasion said “we” instead of “they”. Also they sounded more like an advert than a review. Then I saw this video explaining why it’s a scam. They must have at least 3 fake review sites. I don’t understand why they haven’t been stopped.

  11. P Wynne says:

    Similar to the last comment, I had to wait 3 months for the thing to arrive,. with all the discounts and promises as per the above. During the wait I saw a guy on Youtube doing a review and rubbishing hell out of it, I thought “UH OH” maybe I should have looked into it a bit more! But it looked so good, and I was so stupid! The Starscope is a total joke – I could by the same thing (maybe better) in any market in Asia for $4.00. I hope the guys a Starscope are well pleased with their little enterprise – buying a container load from China and with clever marketing, unselling at 10,000 % profit. Well done!!

    1. Starjet says:

      I concur with everyone’s comments above. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!!!!!
      This Monocular is nothing more than a money maker con that many around the world are falling for – me included. The Magnification is no where near that advertised, and further more, if you do manage to take a photograph the end result is no way near as good as my SLR.
      Many of their footage in various adverts has the holder of the Monocular showing a square picture on their phone. This is a false representation – you can only get a circular photo at best and even then not as good as my SLR, and the attachment for your mobile phone is so basic it’s not worth it for £19.75.
      In conclusion this product is a MICKEY MOUSE affair – sorry, I’m insulting MICKEY MOUSE. You buy it at your own peril. Starscope’s agenda was to make millions at the poor man’s expense, and they seem to have won to a certain degree – HAPPY PHOTOGRAPHING EVERYONE

  12. CP says:

    DO NOT BUY!! My husband ordered one two weeks ago and he received it today. It is a total scam! Luckily, he only got it for half the price, $49 😅😣. It’s missing the part that attaches to the phone and even more disappointing was that he could hardly see something less than a block away from our window. No receipt or phone number included, the return address is a P.O. Box in CA. My husband didn’t ask me for advice before he ordered, I would never let him buy it without researching first.

    1. Amy Shephard says:

      At least your husband received his. I got scammed two months ago….bought two. Christmas gift for my husband and brother that have yet to arrive. Stupid me!!!

  13. John D says:

    UK Trading Standards are looking into this Company and 1000% Scam, please everybody do not buy one, it is NOT as advertised and is ONLY 10x Magnification (most binoculars are that or better). I have a FULL Transcript from a chat line from the San Diego Company which is very interesting reading. If you also bought one you then have to at your own expense send it back to the USA as you will not be happy but now it costs you even more. Total Con/Scam and false advertising/Miss led, compensation claims will be sought via the USA and The USA Government who are also looking into this Company.
    John D , MD D CEO CIC

  14. Dil S. says:

    You should not buy this, listen to all of the other people, this is a scam.

  15. Loren says:

    One of my coworkers fell for this, luckily he only bought one, took months to get and he quickly realized what a falsehood they made. He gave it to me to give it to my 7 yo grandson for his BD.

  16. James A Schoeff says:

    If you want a cheap monocular that’s exactly as good as the “Starscope” you can buy one online for $15.00. If you want a high-quality real monocular be ready to spend $300.00 to $500.00. And even at those prices, the very best monoculars can’t do what these people claim the Starscope monocular can do. Do not fall for this scam.

  17. Mark D says:

    Yes, i fell for their scam. Never received the product and cannot get my money back. Have talked to them twice and they’ve assure me the money has been returned to my card. What’s disturbing is just how nice and friendly their customer service people are. Insisting they’re a legitimate company and how terribly sorry they are for any inconvenience. They go on and on but you get no satisfaction because you never received your refund.

  18. Ed Pope says:

    When I first saw the Starscope ad I thought wow it might be fun to have one of those. I know nothing about technical devices and have only got an old pair of secondhand binoculars. Still I wasn’t inclined to go ahead and purchase. I must have skipped their ad at least thirty times over several months while watching YouTube content. They must have finally worn me down as I thought well it’s not very dear and it might be quite good. Two days after ordering it they sent me an email saying “your order is still open, finish it while stocks last”. It was only then I thought to google “starscope scam” and found this site. I did think that scams like this could only last a month or two. Now I know better. Not sure if I can be bothered to seek a refund. I know my attitude means there will always be money for scammers. Still you never know I may get it delivered one day and find it quite useful.

  19. Keith E says:

    My dad sent me a link to the StarScope as he was impressed with the ad, but since I know quite a bit about binoculars and optics I knew this was a laughable scam from the start. But not really funny, because many people will be duped by it.
    Good quality glass which means crisp, sharp, bright images means you’re going to pay for optics, and not $40-50. The claims were so outlandish by StarScope only a brief scanning of their ad raised a red flag. If you want a decent monocular or binocular, get one from a company that doesn’t blow hard with puffy claims and wild advertising. Buy from a camera or binocular site like this one and read real reviews from real people.

  20. Iain G says:

    I’ve just seen the advert on YouTube for the millionth time, but for the first time watched it all the way through. What an absolute joke! “X was tired of carrying all that expensive, bulky equipment around with him, so he had a great idea! Why not build a compact monocular that does everything all the big expensive brands do but is 10% of the size and 1% of the price?!?” Well bugger me backwards, why didn’t anyone else think of that? What about a nuclear power station that fits in your shed at a fraction of the cost of a regular power station? Genius! I’ll phone my mate Dave who happens to be a top shed designer and part time nuclear physicist…
    The fact that a law does not exist to stop Google allowing these adverts to appear multiple times over the last six months or more on YouTube is a disgrace and I don’t actually know how it’s legal. If a TV ad did the same then the company selling it and the media company hosing it, would be heavily penalised, and I fail to see how this doesn’t apply across the board. How much longer do we have to put up with this illegal crap before these tech giants are properly regulated? Without Google, FB and all the rest of them, this product would simply never have gotten off the ground. It’s illegal advertising, pure and simple, and you can bet there will be absolutely no repercussions here for any of the companies complicit in the scam. Which means of course that they are free to develop another miracle product and market it in the exact same places. What a wonderful world.

  21. Sheila Rowe says:

    The product itself is unimpressive; nothing like expected. The return structure appears to be well designed: I talked with someone in customer service this a.m.; he gave me an address for returns (415 Hamburg Turnpike, Bldg. “G”, Wayne, N.Jersey, USA 07470). He ALSO offered me a 30% discount (refund presumably) if I decided to keep the Starscope. He sent me a followup email in which I have to contact them once my return tracking number indicated “Delivered”; then I contact them to process the return. This means I have to choose a more expensive shipping option that offers tracking; regular snail mail wouldn’t do that! So between the high cost of shipping and the 30% off offer, most people would just throw up their hands, take the 30%, keep the thing or not bother with the minimal refund that would be realized if you ‘go the distance’. Well designed!

  22. Keñeth Mccormack says:

    This is a RIP off. Do not buy this crap. It’s a scam

  23. Kid says:

    It’s a con do not buy. Total scam

  24. T Boseley says:

    Bought this some time ago, it was a piece of rubbish, even the attachments did not fit. It should be taken of the advertising network.

  25. Terri Bagley says:

    I ordered…never received even though they gave me a tracking number and it SAID it was left in my mailbox. After I contacted them…they somehow managed to charge my paypal account for $169 ! For something called a fuze flashlight…what it is? Maybe a solid gold flashlight? I have put in complaint to paypal. If you bought one…be aware and check your paypal account. They call themselves Margin Holdings Limited (out of Hong Kong). I am posting my experience everywhere. Want to warn everyone to stay vigilent with their pay accounts!

  26. john simmons says:

    i bought my Starscope back in feb waited 3 months for it to arrive wot a load of rubbish the lenses are not properly lined up made in china not usa dont be like me dont wast your money on this peice rubbish.

  27. Blue Thunder says:

    As I write this I have been waiting on a line for 20 minutes on an 0330 number while they ‘processed my refund’. I dare say that I’ve lost my money. I should have been wiser on this but it is a scam. On two previous phone calls that cited a shipping irregularity and gave several more weeks for delivery – ‘short supply’, ‘high demand’.
    They’ve now said that they will refund the money but because of her accent I could hardly understand what she said. I asked her to confirm that I will get email confirmation of the refund and she asked me to ‘hang on’ again while she composed the email. If she has to do that then they can’t give many refunds. I’m still hanging on the expensive telephone number. This is a bad company, almost as bad as the product as reviewed above. As I finish this they have sent an email – now for the wait to check the statement.

  28. Philip Monger says:

    eBay is selling these scam monoculars currently. I tried to get one as I unsurprisingly fell for the advertisements. When you buy one you get an email back telling you that the product has had to be recalled, but they hang onto your money until you kick up a real song and dance which I did, and achieved a refund within a few hours of making the purchase. Just thought it would make an interesting p.s. to your feature. This occurred yesterday, August 6 2021.

  29. Dave says:

    The Chinese are conning the west, they are taking good money $ £
    Euros etc for absolute junk! Their economy is growing thanks to this deception that they will one use to fund in aggression against anyone who stands in their way.

  30. bill says:

    this Star Scope Monocular I Bought this some time ago but never received the product maybe they are an joy with my money I wish never Order at all

  31. Terence says:

    An absolute rubbish product!

  32. Anna schwarcz says:

    I feel sick to the stomach after reading comments on this website.
    I have ordered a set of three for nearly £100 . NOT ONLY DID I DO THIS ON ONE BANK A/C BUT I ACCIDENTALLY ORDER ANOTHER SET ON MY OTHER BANK. A/C.

  33. Richard D. Krayneum says:

    My name is Richard…I’m an actual living, breathing human being, who purchased one of these Star Scope monoculars for myself, for my own personal use, just under a week ago, now.
    The following bare bones, NO fluff, NO padding review that you’ll read below, was 100% written by ME, about MY personal experiences so far, in the purchase, shipment, unboxing, first impressions & the initial use, of my Star Scope. I’m NOT a paid actor, NOR am I endorsed, OR compensated in ANY way, shape or form, by the company that manufactures this monocular. This all now said, here we go:
    1.) Shipping was VERY fast. I ordered my Star Scope on 09.26.21 & received it yesterday, 10.01.22, via the United States Postal Service.
    2.) Initial unboxing: Everything was well packed into two cardboard boxes & then wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap. Box 1 contained 1 Star Scope, 1 black wrist strap, 1 lint-free yellow cleaning cloth, 1 white tripod, a warranty registration card & instructions paperwork.
    Box 2, contained 1 black cell phone mount attachment, in order to mount the Star Scope to my cell phone. Currently, I own a Samsung Galaxy S10 Android cell phone & the mount attachment works well with my cell phone.
    3. Initial impressions & observations: The Star Scope feels ‘hefty’ in your hand & is completely coated on the outside, with a rubberized coating. Protective lens caps are present on both ends of the Star Scope & fit tightly & securely. Focus knob is good sized, responsive & easy to locate with your finger, while the Star Scope is up to your eye & in use. Does it allow you to see craters in the moon up close & personal-like? Can you zone in on a gnat’s rectum from 2 miles away? No, NO way…not even close. Do I feel like the advertising department for Star Scope was given a little TOO much leeway, in describing what this scope can do? Yeah, there’s NO DOUBT about THAT, for sure…but, for what this Star Scope CAN do, it was a deal in my eyes & thus far, I’m happy with my purchase…I have NO major issues to report OR complaints to make you aware of, unlike the 41 negative reviews prior to my 1 positive review (which, quite frankly, raises a HUGE red flag in my mind & DOES make me question the validity of all these negative ones…I’m just sayin’). This all said now, enjoy your Star Scope, it’s not perfect, but it does work fairly well in my eyes, but, your mileage may vary from mine. Enjoy!

    1. Kevin Busarow says:

      Hi Richard,
      When I wrote the review, I concluded with “While the claims for the StarScope are ridiculous, it should function as well as, but no better than, other sub-$50 monoculars.” So yes- it does work the same as any other cheap monocular would. But based on the claims made in the ad, all of which are blatantly-false, not to mention the fake reviews and fake review websites- it’s still a scam.

  34. Lester William Shaw says:

    I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it advertised as the piece of equipment that’s an absolute ‘must’ for everyone. It rings alarm bells – Leica, Nikon etc. don’t advertise in that way. In addition, they try to entice you into buying one by attempting to make you believe that you are one of the lucky ones to have been selected for a special discount. Dodgy persuasive tactics that make you smell a rat. They even claim you can see objects 50 miles away. An impossibility unless you at the top of Everest, as the horizon on Earth at sea level is 30 miles. I can only conclude that it is all a scam.

  35. Patrick Henry says:

    Billy Mays is rolling in his grave!
    At least Billy hawked real items you could actually use. Oxyclean? Billy has you covered. Or had I guess RIP Master Hawk Smith!
    I really feel sorry for anyone who bought into this.
    Reminds me somewhat of Amway.
    Not in a good light either.

  36. R murphy says:

    Looking forward to receiving my starscope

  37. Christy says:

    I am lmfao Bc I went to Amazon to read the reviews Bc it has a 5 * rating. When I clicked on the stars to read them, it shows a lot of positive reviews for a baby papoose/baby cover 😂😂

  38. Steve says:

    Just received my ill advertised “Starscope Monocular”, it is not at all what it was advertised to be!!!

  39. John Okeefe says:

    Glad I read the reviews , no zoom without a camera phone . MORE CHINESE JUNK

  40. Martha B Brown says:

    Well, I have been scammed as well apparently! I also read the reviews and was excited to purchase a few of these (4) for Christmas presents. 🙁 I ordered on 11-17-21 and have not received any notification of it having shipped or any delivery info. I did find a phone number on the site. I called and got a recording saying there was a wait and encouraging using the ‘chat’. I tried that and did actually get a message back saying they were busy but would get to me soon. The number is 855-581-2950. I will contact my bank to cancel the order if I cannot get in touch with them. Does anyone know of a similar but better product that is affordable? I do like the idea. One of them was to go to my son-in-law and we will be in CO for Christmas. I thought he might enjoy this but now …. ugh!

  41. Darlene says:

    I am ashamed to say too am scammed..

  42. John says:

    Very deceptive web site too. They show a “set” of three, which I ordered. Then I got a popup advising me of a special deal. I could get one more “Set of three” for just $19.99. Buyer Beware! A so called “Set” is a single starscope, not three as shown on the website. So expecting I would get six starscopes, I instead received just two. Not sure how a “set of three” translated in to just one scope. I also ordered a single mounting kit for my cellphone, and that was not received. Then, I got another “confirmation” email from them showing they charged me an additional $19.99, but that charge already appeared on my first order confirmation. In short: I ordered six plus one mounting kit, received only two and no mounting kit, and was charged an extra $19.99. Terrible company that cannot even read and process its orders correctly.

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