8×32, 10×32 Sport HD II Monocular


8×32, 10×32 Sport HD II Monocular

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A Monocular with Oberwerk Quality

These 8×32 and 10×32 monoculars are the latest addition to the Oberwerk Sport HD II (High Definition) Series, which feature ED objectives that almost completely eliminate chromatic aberration. They’re basically one half of a Sport HD II binocular, but they fit in the palm of your hand. They’re lighter and easier to carry, and usage is less conspicuous than a binocular. Perfect for bird-watching, hunting, nautical usage, as well as indoor/outdoor concerts and sporting events. Don’t worry about getting it wet—it’s completely waterproof. The light-touch internal focuser allows easy focusing from beyond infinity down to 4 ft. away!

Oberwerk’s signature broadband multi-coatings are found on every air-to-glass surface (fully multi-coated), the prism is dielectric coated and phase-coated for highest-possible image quality. The eyecup is continuously adjustable—simply twist to move in or out.

Rubber-armored body, with 1/4-20 tripod threading on bottom. Also includes soft rubber ocular cover, captive soft rubber objective cover, rugged nylon case, and a wrist strap.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

8x- 7.5°, 10x- 6.0°

Eye Relief

8x- 15.3mm, 10x- 12.3mm

Exit Pupil


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

10 oz.

Product Dimensions

L=5.5", W=1.75", H=2.75"


8×32, 10×32

7 reviews for 8×32, 10×32 Sport HD II Monocular

  1. Shane McKelvey (verified owner)

    Ordered one of these at the last minute for my wife to take on a family reunion cruise from Seattle to Anchorage. Shipped promptly and received on time, no fuss. Before she left I only had one session to check basic function. Was delighted with how little chromatic aberration there was looking at sharp verticals (tree trunks, chimneys) with sun behind them. Better than my Steiner 7×50 military/marine binocs. If you can scrape together an extra $30 for the ED objectives vs. the standard glass version I think it’s well worth it. On the trip my wife kept the monocular around her neck at all times and used them very frequently, looking at other ships, glaciers and scenery ashore, whales, birds, sea otters… She said it was no problem to carry – very light, small, easy to forget it was there. More important, it’s SO simple to use and share with others in a group. You hand it to the next person and when they hand it back the only adjustment that may be needed is a slight focus tweak. (Focus is smooth, takes one finger) Hand off binoculars and you end up resetting the interpupilary distance, diopter adjustment, focus… Also love the fact that there’s a 1/4-20 mount built-in. No binocular tripod adapter to fiddle with. It’s easy to use the monocular with a table-top camera tripod or pocket clamp. I think one of these monoculars would work well as a spotter on a large scope (it’s very bright) and it would be ideal to use with a digiscope adapter and mobile phone. Small, light, simple, versatile, waterproof, excellent optical quality, no collimation worries, inexpensive. Just a great, practical piece of gear.

  2. Richard Casper (verified owner)

    I ordered this one a few weeks ago, it’s everything they say. I like the size- when I go hiking or mountain biking, I take it with me. It’s well-made, sharp from center-to-edge. Very happy with it.

  3. Frank Wolf (verified owner)

    Excellent optics and very reasonable price! Convenient, easy to carry and use. Excellent buy!

  4. George Risch (verified owner)

    Excellent sharpness. Easy to use. Perfect for birding. Will go to Oberwerk for all our optics needs. Thanks

  5. David Esrati

    I have a pair of the Oberwerk 8×42 Sport ED that I love. However, I find myself taking the 8×32 monocular out with me more often. At basketball games- I can discreetly (compared to using binoculars) watch the coach diagramming the plays, see who’s at the game, or see who’s sporting which shoes.
    Concerts – gets me closer to the stage, same with the theater.
    For the price- this is amazing- and so easy to carry around.
    The build quality is solid, the caps well thought out- so easy to focus quickly- using one hand.

  6. Tom brennan

    Took these to Lake Superior shore almost to Canada.
    These are just great !!! Optics around your neck are so much better than perfect
    Optics left at home !!! Lens covers are included and threading for tripod is brass not plastic.
    Let me remind you oberwerk actually inspects what they ship.
    Perfectly deserving of 5 stars. Ps, are these poro prism or roof prism ????

    • Kevin Busarow

      It’s essentially one half of the 8×32 Sport HD II binocular– so roof prism to answer your question.

  7. Dave Arbon (verified owner)

    5 stars , can be used with one hand and outperform a more expensive 8×30 ED monocular I own, for less money. Excellent service from Oberwerk as always.

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