Custom-Built Wood Tripods from Oberwerk-USA


Let Oberwerk-USA custom-build your next tripod from your choice of American hardwoods. Our tripods feature “Slip-Stop” (U.S. Pat. No. 10,281,081) leg clamps to prevent an accidental crash from a change in humidity levels. Conventional wood tripods that are left set up are prone to leg slippage due to changes in humidity. A leg clamp that was tight can loosen when humidity levels drop, causing the wood to slightly shrink- possibly resulting in a catastrophic crash of whatever the tripod is supporting. Our Slip-Stop tripods legs incorporate a visually-imperceptible reverse taper in the center section, so if a leg clamp slips due to a drop in humidity, it will re-tighten after slipping around 2 inches. Simple, but effective! Not only are these tripods safer than other wood tripods, they are beautiful! Available in your choice of poplar (medium stain), maple (light honey stain), or walnut (dark and rich stain). The legs are laser-engraved with a length scale in 1/8″ increments, for precise height adjustments. All the non-wood components of the tripod are aluminum (no plastic), including the adjustable spreader, which determines the leg angle. Available in different configurations and options for use with all larger binoculars, telescopes, and large-format cameras (up to 40 lbs.). Click here to build your tripod.