Oberwerk Eyepiece / Beverage Tray


Oberwerk Eyepiece / Beverage Tray

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For Oberwerk Wood Tripods

A most-useful accessory for anyone using the Oberwerk wood tripod with a binocular telescope. No more stuffing your extra eyepieces into your pockets- this new tray holds up to 4 pairs of 1.25″ eyepieces. Have you ever tried setting a glass of cabernet sauvignon on the lawn while you’re looking at Saturn? Well this tray also features two rubber-lined glass holders for your favorite beverages, so even if you don’t need to store eyepieces, this could be very handy! Any glass wider than 2.75″ can be used. Glass holders also have a cut-out to allow a wine stem to pass through.

Made in the USA. Constructed of 1/8″ thick aluminum, with holes cut by precision laser (all edges very smooth), then powder-coated in black to perfectly-match the tripod. It secures to the tripod’s mid-level spreader with a single large thumbscrew, making it very easy to attach/remove.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 4 in

5 reviews for Oberwerk Eyepiece / Beverage Tray

  1. Mike Garrett

    Just received the eyepiece/beverage tray for the Oberwerk tripod I purchased a couple months ago. just wanted to let you know that my wife loves it! it’s her favorite accessory now. we often drink wine while observing on my deck in the evenings and this accessory is perfectly designed for that activity! I also like that it has enough holes to hold 4 pairs of EP’s for my new 100mm binoscope.
    Thanks again for great service and great products!

  2. Howard Doll

    This eyepiece tray is an ESSENTIAL to my observing. It is nice to have my eyepieces, and a cup of coffee within reach on a long observing night. Since I pick the eyepieces I am going to use on a session, I now have them all in place and within access. This tray is top notch, and a convenience for the star gazer.

  3. Matthew

    Perhaps Oberwerk’s best creation. Not sure what gets more use the eyepiece holders or wine glass holders! TIP: if you fasten the tray from underneath the TR3 stabilizers you can retract tripod legs enough to transport without removing the tray

  4. Don Pasqualini (verified owner)

    If you by the tripod, you need this. It is worth every penny for the sake of convenience. It matches and adds to the beauty of the tripod, especially the walnut version.

  5. Glenn P Basore (verified owner)

    I really like the tray for my tripod, a good place to have your eye pieces ready to use when you want them.

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