Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case


Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case

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This heavy-duty padded case is custom-made for our TR3 hardwood tripod by Royal Case in Texas. It’s large enough to handle any configuration of the TR3, as well as the Manfrotto 161MK2B tripod. It also can be used with our PM2 parallelogram mount. Double zipper fully opens the top of the case. Dual internal hold-down straps secure the tripod in place. High-quality durable ballistic nylon exterior, with Thermofoam padding which holds the tripod in place and protects it during transport. Zippered inner pocket holds accessories (such as video head panning handles). Can be hand-carried horizontally with the side handles, or shoulder-carried using the included shoulder strap. Exterior dimensions are 47″ x 9″ x 6.5″.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in

4 reviews for Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case

  1. Darren Hennig (verified owner)

    Very well designed cases to fit the Oberwerk (and other) tripods. Straps are fully adjustable to transport the tripod and smaller head. Shoulder straps are long enough to allow over the shoulder use if required.

    I highly recommend these if you plan to or already have a TR3 Oberwerk tripod. these protect them well and permit much safer movement of these to the field.

    Recommended. I also highly recommend these as essential options for the PM1. Two of these pack the mount up beautifully, and stores well.

  2. G Smith

    Its made of sturdy. fabric and zippers. Apparently, the bag is primarily intended for the tripod. It’s borderline too short for the parallelogram mount. I removed the pan head, though I didn’t try to use the bag with the pan head on. It seems a little baggy around the middle, though that is needed on account of the pedistal. The soft design probaly takes up less space than even a close fitting hard case would, and probably more $ efficently. The mount itself is quite robust, with modestly careful handling, the soft bag will provide adequate protection from dings and gouges. I mainly wanted it for dust protection during storage anyway. There are straps to stabilize the mount inside the bag. I don’t know, the bag is going to go where the mount is, the straps aren’t going to help the bag better buffer the mount from banging into anything. I may stuff some of the baggyness with some bubble wrap, that might augment any effectiveness of the straps. There is one long zippered inside pocket. I might have wanted to use it to hold the pan head. I haven’t tried, but I doubt the pan head would fit. It would work for the long handles.
    Those are going to have to come off in order for the mount to fit in the bag and if not taken off, it seems to me they would be too susceptable to impact damage. For myself, with the pan head off, I was wishin for another zippered and padded side pocket for it. I expect I’ll find a way to transport the pan head, but independent of the bag, not a big problem. I imagine I’m overall pretty satisfied with this bag.

    • Kevin Busarow

      The PM2 does fit in the case without having to remove the head or the handles. It’s snug, but it works well- in fact we much prefer to ship the bubble-wrapped mount in the case as it adds a lot of protection during shipping, rather than replying on bubble wrap only. The handles stay attached and straddle the mount on each side. You’ll need to rotate the handles a bit so they flare out to the sides enough to clear the mount- but this is my preferred position for operation as well. -Kevin Busarow

  3. peter thurston (verified owner)

    Well made carry case , fit was perfect. Delivery was quick and efficient. Much better than carry the tripod around in the box as I’ve been doing for a few years now. Wish I’d ordered it sooner!

  4. Jeffrey Rice (verified owner)

    This case fits the Oberwerk wooden tripod with the extension platform attached. Made with good padding and durable materials, and workmanship seems quite good as well.

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