Oberwerk TR3 Hardwood Tripod


Oberwerk TR3 Hardwood Tripod

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Oberwerk TR3 hardwood tripods are the finest, safest, and most beautiful tripods on the market. They are custom-built from solid American maple (light honey finish) or optional walnut (dark and rich). They feature Slip-Stop (U.S. Pat. No. 10,281,081) leg clamps to prevent an accidental crash from a change in humidity levels. Conventional wood tripods that are left set up are prone to leg slippage due to changes in humidity. A leg clamp that was tight can loosen when humidity levels drop, causing the wood to slightly shrink- possibly resulting in a catastrophic crash of whatever the tripod is supporting. Our Slip-Stop tripod legs incorporate a visually-imperceptible reverse taper in the center section, so if a leg clamp slips due to a drop in humidity, it will re-tighten after slipping an inch or two. Simple, but effective! The legs are laser-engraved with a length scale in 1/8″ increments, for precise height adjustments. All the non-wood components* of the tripod are aluminum (no plastic), including the adjustable spreader, with engraved leg angle markings.  All screws & bolts are stainless steel.  Available in different configurations and options for use with larger binoculars, cameras, and telescopes weighing up to 40 lbs. Need a case? The Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case is a perfect fit.

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in
Product Weight

12 lbs.

Height range (without mount)


Leg angle range

16-25 degrees


Maple, Walnut

15 reviews for Oberwerk TR3 Hardwood Tripod

  1. Stuart Williams

    I bought the floor model at NEAF 17, its walnut and drop dead gorgeous. Should be something my wife will actually allow me to keep in the house. It’s furniture grade and Kevin explained the new safety taper design. I’m thrilled to be one of the first owners.

  2. Rick Luzzi

    Got the tripod on Wednesday and finally got a chance to mount my scope. Could not be more please with the tripod…DM-4 mounts perfectly and the tripod itself is a thing of beauty!

  3. Jeffrey Rice (verified owner)

    I ordered mine in maple with the eyepiece tray and rubber feet. Construction is top-notch and very attractive, and provides a very stable platform for my 5” Mak-Newt on Helix Mfg. fork mount.

  4. Arturo (verified owner)

    I have not words to describe this tripod. I’ve had several during the last twenty years, and nothing has come close to the quality, craftsmanship, feel, admiration as this tripod. I sometimes find myself in my studio staring at it, and thinking how beautiful it is!

  5. Marty Sipper (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality tripod. Obviously it crafted with pride and meticulous care. Happy with my decision. Shipping communications were excellent as well.

  6. Kenneth Florentine (verified owner)

    The TR3 tripod is a work of art. Not kidding. High quality all around. Also, their customer service is outstanding. I am glad I found your company.

  7. Bill Barlow (verified owner)

    Very well made and sturdy tripod. It dampens vibrations better than an aluminum surveyor tripod of the same size/weight I previously owned when I mount my 8″ SCT on it. The order was quickly filled and then shipped to me, excellent service.

  8. Dan Ward (verified owner)

    I am using an Oberwerk TR3 tripod for an iOptron AZ Pro Mount carrying a TeleVue 85 for visual on one side and a Takahashi 60 & guide scope combo on the other side for imaging. The walnut TR3 provides a solid, stable. and beautiful platform.

  9. Michael Clive (verified owner)

    This thing is a work of art. I love it. It is furniture quality. Rock solid

  10. Charles Noble (verified owner)

    I received the walnut tripod for mounting the UBM. This is a nice looking mount. This is a nice step up from my William Optics wooden tripod I was using. The leg adjustment markings make this very easy to adjust the level of each leg. The spreader adjustment markings make it easy to adjust the spread of the tripod. This is a much sturdier mount than my W.O. mount. I am totally satisfied with my purchase from Oberwerk. Oberwerk is an excellent company to deal with.

  11. Don Pasqualini (verified owner)

    I love this tripod, it is as functional as well as beautiful. I opted for the walnut version and glad I did, it looks great with my Astro-Tech 102ED mounted on it. I had one in the past and regretted letting it go and was happy to find a reason to but another one.

  12. Christine Zacharer

    Lovely mount and rock solid base!

    ….I purchased my TR3 with the carbon riser in walnut. I have had it now for a couple of years and it has seen duty multiple times a week use since then. It supports a Manfrotto fluid head and Oberwerk’s very own and excellent BT-100XL SD binocular telescope.

    My walnut TR3 lives in my car and pretty much goes everywhere I do. It has suffered the beating sun of summer, the constant dew of night, the frigid cold of winter and the indignity of countless star parties.

    It’s still beautiful and always gets a comment or compliment, even from experienced astronomers, due to the walnut contrasted with the aluminum hardware fittings.

    The trammels are dirty, but in great shape despite being pushed into countless lawns, hardpack and concrete pads; the leather strap and buckle look as good as the day it arrived. Although somewhere along the way one of the leg adjustment knobs was bent, all three function just fine without issue.

    I hope this review answers some questions about durability or longevity that some may have.

  13. Danny Ritter

    The TR3 is a great platform! Solid and easy to adjust.

  14. Jose Berganzo

    I just received this tripod with the optional Manfrotto 608 head. I’m using it with a BT-82 and I have to say that this exceeded all my expectations. An amazing, fine, elegant but robust combo. I couldn’t being more happy with it. The whole purchasing experience was just perfect. Packaging came just on time and in perfect condition. Tripod came already assembled with the head and ready to go. Take my advice, if you’re looking to buy any similar product sold here somewhere else just because you can afford it right away…. WAIT until you have the money and get it here. Honestly, you cannot go wrong!

  15. Darren

    I have now four of these – two older Ash ones when Obererk made their greenish-grey ash models, a Maple one, and a Walnut one with my Parallelogram mount. I love these – absolutely top notch build quality and work very well. The anti-slip is a huge boon for those using quality optics on the tripod. No risk of toppling over!

    An excellent choice for many IMO. Well done Kevin ! A superb product!

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