70° Binocular Telescope Eyepieces for the XL Series


70° Binocular Telescope Eyepieces for the XL Series

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These premium-quality 8-element eyepieces offer alternative magnifications for the Oberwerk XL Series binocular telescopes. They have the same wide 70° AFOV of the 14mm pair that is supplied with the XL models, with excellent sharpness to the edge of the field.
While they match the style and feel of the stock 14mm eyepieces, they have a larger diameter- therefore they have conical tops with neoprene fold-down eyecups so they don’t crowd your nose. The 22mm eyepieces take the XL down its lowest magnification, and the 7mm eyepieces take it to its maximum recommended magnification. The 22mm eyepiece has 14mm of usable eye relief, the 7mm has a 12mm (both can be used by those that wear glasses). The barrels are threaded to accept 1.25″ filters. Click here to read more detail about the XL eyepieces. Sold in pairs.

 Focal length  22mm  14mm  7mm
BT-70XL 18x 28x 56x
BT-82XL 20x 32x 64x
BT-100XL 25x 40x 80x
BT-120XL 30x 48x 96x
BT-127XL 30x 46x 93x

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in

12 reviews for 70° Binocular Telescope Eyepieces for the XL Series

  1. peter leduc (verified owner)

    Everything I have bought from is company is as described.
    very fast shipping and good packaging. would not hesitate to buy again.

  2. peter leduc (verified owner)

    Everything I have bought from is company is as described.
    very fast shipping and good packaging. would not hesitate to buy again.

  3. Ahmad

    This company is very accommodating and provide very high quality products. I am very impressed with my purchases and recommend Oberwerk.

  4. Joseph Atkins

    I own a lot of eyepieces, some TeleVue. Normall, my 12.5mm Teleview is my goto eyepiece for viewing and shooting photos of the moon. No longer. Now, my 7mm Oberwerk XL flat field is my goto eyepiece. I use it in my Oberwerk bino telescopes, as well as my 11inch Celestron SC for viewing the moon and it’s just incredible. When it says “flat field” it’s not kidding. Perfectly crisp clear viewing from the center to the edge. It’s a remarkable eyepiece for a remarkable price. When using the bino viewer on my Celestron, I did have to add more counter weights, because these eyepieces are not light. Beautiful precision made glass. I like them so much, I’m buying all the varying sizes available from Oberwerk.

  5. Dennis Hohman (verified owner)

    The 22mm eyepieces really bring the expansive view feeling when used with my Oberwerk 82ED XL binocular scope. Large clusters like the Pleiades are perfectly framed with great contrast and sharp out to about 90% of the view. Together with the original 14mm eyepieces and the 7mm you enjoy the biggest clusters, comets and even see Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s gas clouds. What a great observing package that is well-collimated even at high power. They are a huge public night draw!

  6. Howard Doll

    This review is in regards to the 14mm provided with my BT82XL binos. I mentioned in my bino review that the 82’s are a “sweet spot” bino. These eyepieces are the most effective combination I had ever used. I have used a couple other eyepieces in the bino; I would go back to the 14mm and stick with them for the rest of the session. The views are so beautiful in clarity and no distortion of any kind. Again, these are the sweetest eyepiece for the 82’s.

  7. Howard Doll (verified owner)

    Once again why I shop here. Orders are shipped fast, and come well packaged (for those delivery guys that like to do “layup shots” over the fence). My 7mm eyepieces arrived with no damage at all. These have wonderful eye relief, and no distortion. I love the pinpoints stars and wide backgrounds. They are proven planet killers, and star splitters (and everything in between). So far, I have the 7 and 14mm – the 22mm are next on the list. Thank you Kevin for all you do. Great eyepieces!

  8. Charlie Levasseur

    I purchased the BT 100 ED from Oberwerks.
    I was amazed at the quality and finish. Being from Canada we finally got some warmer weather last week.
    I took them out to my friends place. He has been an avid astronomer for decades. He was soooo impressed with my new BT 100! We looked at various nebulae. The orion nebula is an amazing sight to see with these Binos. The pleides are like sparkling jewels in the sky!
    It is quite an experience. I can’t wait for summer to explore our night skies in Manitoba. Kevin and Linda are so kind and professional to deal with. I am a super satisfied customer.

  9. Mike C. (verified owner)

    The 7mm are sharp and great for high power views. They have done double duty in my dob for one eye viewing. Be advised that although the eye relief is stated as 18mm I think it’s less than the 22mm (16mm). Using both sets I think the relief specs are reversed. Still, a keeper pair!

  10. Tom Bennett (verified owner)

    The non-Oberwerk BT-100 ED binoculars I have included 18mm eyepieces that weren’t completely satisfying since their advertised 65-degree apparent field-of-view (AFOV) appeared to be exaggerated and I wanted a move expansive AFOV. Testing several somewhat pricey 76-degree AFOV Morpheus eyepieces, I discovered they were either very tight-fitting or didn’t fit at all in the bino eyepiece holders. This led me to searching Oberwerk’s website and ordering their 7mm and 22mm XL eyepiece pairs that were reasonably priced, especially with a discount for purchasing both pairs at once. These appear to have accurately advertised AFOV of 70-degrees and easily fit my bino eyepiece holders. They have comfortable eye-relief, nice contrast and sharpness, and are well-matched for this class of binos. The 22mm pair is used about 70% of the time for wide-field scanning while the 7mm pair is used about 10% of the time for lunar and planet viewing. With the money saved on the Oberwerk XLs, I was able to buy a used pair of 84-degree AFOV APM 12.5mm Flat-Wide eyepieces that are used about 20% of the time. This has been an ideal combination of eyepieces and I see no reason to upgrade further. Excellent value with the XL’s!

  11. Richard Kunz

    These eyepieces are a great supplement to those supplied with the BT100LX SD binoculars. They are high quality, and the optical performance is first rate. I strongly recommend them.

  12. peter thurston (verified owner)

    Very glad I ordered these eyepieces. Jupiter is now a sizeable orb with some apparent coloring, and the moons appear to be more 3 dimensional in position.
    The detail of our moon is much improved from the already good performance of the 14mm eyepieces. Crater depths, shading and terrain are clear to see. Performance really much better than anticipated.

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