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12×50 SE

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The Oberwerk SE (Special Edition) Series are based on the discontinued SE models from a well-known Japanese brand. Our SE’s have the same ergonomic and lightweight design, but we improved the optical quality by using FK-61 ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass objectives, which eliminate chromatic aberration (false-color fringing). The 12×50’s wide 5.5° FOV (Field of View) is also wider than the discontinued 12×50 SE. The 12×50 SE is the largest of the SE family, with rugged construction and precise center focuser, which can focus as close as 20 feet away. Of course they are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. Includes a rugged padded soft case, caps, and a neck strap.

Recommended mounts-
Oberwerk 2000 Monopod
Oberwerk 3000 Tripod

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in


Eye Relief

14.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range

56mm – 76mm

Minimum Focus


Product Weight

2.25 lbs.

Product Dimensions


5 reviews for 12×50 SE

  1. John Leimgruber (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered my pair of 12×50 SE’s early from the first batch and saw first light on March 28th, 2023. Looking south off the 6th floor balcony of an apartment building in Bortle ~7 skies with an almost 40% moon still yielded enjoyable observing and some visible star clusters!

    Starting at sizzling Sirius I was impressed with coatings and saw very reasonable colors for such a bright object. With the wide ~5.5° true FoV star hopping is a joy and really gives context to object locations within constellations that I just can’t get from my 8″ f/6 dobsonian. I observed open cluster M41 and could resolve over half a dozen individual stars glimmering with more hinting while averting vision. Star cluster M47 in Puppis showed even better and contrasted nicely with a couple nearby reddish magnitude 5 stars — however I couldn’t detect fainter M46 in these conditions. Then I looked past red Tejat near Castor’s front foot and saw open cluster M35 in Gemini. A few stars resolved nicely with more glimmering on the edge of seeing with bright Mars in view and the Moon less than 10 degrees away. Finally looking below Orion’s bright belt M42 showed a faint small glowing nebulosity and after playing a minute to re-focus for my left eye then adjusting the diopter for my right eye the tiny trapezium wouldn’t quite split but definitely looked like more than a single point. It is quite a site to capture all of Orion’s sword and more from the boxy NGC1981 at the “hilt” down past the nebulae to the bright stars of the “tip” with room to spare!

    The build quality feels great and the included pouch does the trick to keep the fully detachable lens caps safe while observing. I highly recommend the heavy duty L-adapter and did all my observing using a tripod with adjustable center column and a fluid head for smooth panning. I did satisfactorily observe the moon while free-handing these binos, but its not as easy to hold steady as the smaller Oberwerk Sport ED 8×42 roof prism bino’s that I also own.

    These portable yet powerful bino’s are a great compliment to my existing gear and I’m definitely looking forward to spotting more DSOs in darker skies!

  2. Mark Yanofsky (verified owner)

    I’m sure the above review pretty much says it all about this wonderful binocular.I haven’t had the opportunity to view the night sky, due to poor weather, but during the day this instrument reveals exceptional detail and wonderful clarity.
    Exceptional colors and minute details are vividly portrayed….Just a pleasure to own this superb product.
    I am a stickler for build and fit & finish and the 12x50SE is about as finely built a product as one could ask for…..A terrific value at it’s current asking price.


  3. William Sladek

    I recently returned a Celestron 20X80 Pro because the collimation was horrible, in addition to severe CA and ghosting. Tonight looking through the Oberwerk 12X50 SE was a different matter. Stars were pinpoint diamonds. Even Sirius showed no color aberrations. M41 showed, though faintly due to Bortle 5.8 twilight. Switching to M42 showed nebulosity with the Trapezium showing some distinct character. M35 in Gemini easily resolved, as did M36/38 in Auriga. Another tough test for the optics was Venus, but again CA was absent and in its place was a lovely white yellow orb. Kudos to Kevin for placing these magnificent binos before the astronomical community. Thanks to Linda, as well, for encouraging me to go with the 12X50 SE. The ED glass is superb and on par with my TeleVue TV76 Refractor — and that’s saying a mouthful. Fit and finish is superb, as well. Running the Messier Marathon next week is going to be so fun with these wonderful binoculars. Thanks again, Oberwerk. Clear skies everyone!

  4. William Warren

    Bought these some time ago and do not like writing reviews on first impressions. Well many months later I can tell you that this product is worth every Penney! Am familiar with ED glass, had telescopes and other binoculars with ED. Looked at some blossoming bush flowers this afternoon and was impressed with the beautiful color. The Moon is very crisp with great detail. Because they are light weight, do not use them on a Tripod (Hassle). Use them for a nice scan of the Sky. Kevin and Linda are great people. HIGHLY recommend this product and this company !! Bill

  5. Scott Mellis (verified owner)

    Having been a long time user of low power binsfor birdwatching,, it was just amazing to experience these excellent 12x50s. The views are wonderful (more on that in a moment). it has also been a transformative experience to enjoy stable and effortless seeing with binoculars mounted on a parallelogram by my side. The bins float weightlessly before my eyes -zero stress. Views through are crisp and bright, with lush colors and immersive there dimensionality . It is remarkable to view the veins on foliage 50 yards away and small birds and ducks at 300 yards. Astro viewing through the window has shown pinpoint starswith lovely views of Pleiades and Orion nebula. Naturally, looking forward to the full experience outdoors under dark skies.

    I’m so appreciative of the kind and excellent guidance and service provided by Kevin and Linda. Kevin really helped me a zero in on exactly the right optics for me. Packages arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Looking forward to enjoying more wonderful products from Oberwerk!

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