iOptron HAZ31 Strain-Wave “Go-To” Mount


iOptron HAZ31 Strain-Wave “Go-To” Mount

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The HAZ31 Strain Wave go-to mount is very similar to the popular iOptron AZ-Pro mount. But by using strain-wave technology, no counterweights are required for loads up to 31 lbs.! This means even heavier binoculars, like our BT-127XL-SD, can be used on the TR3 tripod. If you need an elevator, mount it on the Manfrotto 161MK2B tripod. Strain-wave mounts have been on the market for some time now, but none are as affordable as the HAZ31. With all black-anodized aluminum construction, this mount looks great on our tripods as well! Using its built-in precision level indicator, the operator simply levels the mount and turns on the power; this capable computerized alt-azimuth mount takes it from there. Utilizing the on board 32 channel GPS receiver and built-in position and angular detection sensors, the HAZ31 calculates its global position as well as the binocular telescope orientation. Automatically the mount slews the binocular to an easily identifiable bright object in the night sky. The user need only confirm a bright object is in the center of the view, to activate tracking and GOTO functionality.
For manual operation in daylight, simply cancel the auto-setup at power-up, select a slew speed (9=MAX), then use the arrow buttons to move the binocular in any direction. Manual control is also available while in go-to mode.
Operates on 12VDC (120VAC adapter included), we recommend adding the optional lithium-ion power bank, which attaches with Velcro to the mount, thereby eliminating problems with power cable entanglement.
iOptron does not include a mounting plate, we recommend adding our Vixen-style dovetail plate that includes a safety stop. If you’re using with the TR3 tripod, you’ll need to add our Mini-Pier to prevent the binocular from crashing into the top of the tripod legs when the mount does its auto-setup routine. The Manfrotto 161MK2B has the same issue, which can be solved by adding the Mini-pier, or by simply keeping the elevator raised 3″.

  • 31 lb. payload with a mount weighing only 8 lbs.
  • Whisper quiet low-power consumption stepper motors
  • Go2Nova® 8409 hand controller featuring 212K+ object library with illuminated LCD screen
  • Zero backlash driver system
  • Built-in WIFI adapter for full ASCOM, iOptron CommanderTM and Sky Safari wireless control
  • Position memorization at power interruption
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS receiver
  • Automatic position and angular detection sensors
  • Carrying case included
  • Two year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 10 in

3 reviews for iOptron HAZ31 Strain-Wave “Go-To” Mount

  1. Paul Dringus (verified owner)

    My initial impression of the HAZ31 was bad. Lucky me I get one that is bad right out of the box. I got on the phone with Kevin and he gets a replacement out. HAZ31 #2 knocked it out of the park. Using my BT82’s and the 22mm eyepieces mounted on the HAZ31 the first go to the Moon was very close to center. The BT82’s gave complete views of the Hyades, Pleiades, Double Cluster in Perseus and very nice view of most globular clusters. I began to slew to all the targets I viewed and every time you switched between them they were perfectly centered. The most impressive performance for go to accuracy for HAZ31 was when I mounted my Questar 3.5 Field Model and a 32mm Questar Brandon eyepiece. Compared to the BT82’s fov the Questar is like looking down a straw. With the 32mm in the Questar most of the clusters viewed with the BT82’s barely fit in the fov yet go to’s were spot on. I was viewing Saturn at 186x magnification and slewed to Jupiter and it was very close to center in the eyepiece.

  2. Jeffrey Rice (verified owner)

    I’ve had this mount for a few weeks now, using it with my 82mm binoculars and 76mm refractor telescope. I’m able to mount both on the top mount position (as opposed to side mount option), which simplifies switching between the two. I held off on submitting a review until I had some experience in operating the mount. Overall I’m very pleased with the operation, and I primarily use it for astronomical viewing. I’m still learning some of the tricks for quickly selecting objects in the hand controller, but it does work well. The iOptron Commander app is also an option for controlling the mount, and connects easily through my iPhone. It’s important that you perform a multiple star alignment (3-4) before beginning your observing session, which will ensure accurate performance when you select and slew to objects. I highly recommend the lithium-ion power bank option, because it can be mounted to the mount and eliminates tangled power cord issues.

    This is my first goto mount, and I’m very pleased with how it improves my observing sessions.

  3. Rick Evans

    I’ve used the HAZ31 on the mini pier and Manfrotto 475B heavy duty tripod all summer and into the fall both with my Oberwerk BT-82 and BT-127. I bought the optional battery pack, but I have a power outlet where I set up and I’ve found it easier to just tie the power supply to the upper part of the east facing tripod leg. Doing this also prevents the power cord input to the mount getting tangled when the mount head spins during slewing.

    This mount is simple to use. I skip alignment and simply put the scope in zero position with the objectives pointing straight up at a 90 degree angle. I turn the tripod so the iOptron logo on the head faces due south. Then I turn tracking on and using the menu I pick a bright star midway between the horizon and the zenith and hit enter and the mount slews quite close to the target every time. I adjust the position with the arrow keys to put the star in the center of the FOV of my 14mm eyepieces and from the menu select Sync to target and simply hit enter. Now the mount will slew very accurately to any target you want inj the sky. Targets are almost always in the 14mm eyepiece FOV after slewing to them. I always sync on the new target once it is centered.

    This mount tracks beautifully finds and slews to targets all over the sky with minimal pointing error. The rig is light weight but it will support my BT-127 which is very heavy and bulky.

    This mount is a winner and will let you see many more targets per observing session than doing it manually with some other rig. I give it 5 stars (the best).

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