Manfrotto 181B Auto-Dolly


Manfrotto 181B Auto-Dolly


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Add easy mobility to your binocular with the Manfrotto 181B Auto-Dolly. It is called an “auto” dolly because a foot pedal raises and lowers the wheels in unison. A light push on the foot pedal lowers the wheels and lifts the tripod, allowing it easily roll across most surfaces. Flick the foot pedal back up and the wheels raise up, lowering the tripod on to three rubber feet, locking it in position. While not inexpensive, this is high-quality Italian engineering and construction, built completely of aluminum (no plastic anywhere). Compatible with the Manfrotto 475B and 161MK2B tripods. Also compatible with the Oberwerk wood tripod for the 25/40×100 and BT-100-45 binoculars with additional hardware. Besides adding mobility to your Oberwerk binocular, the Manfrotto Auto-Dolly adds 4 inches of additional height. This additional height is due to the height of the dolly, as well as reduced leg angle, making the tripod legs more vertical- therefore taller. Stability is maintained because the non-marking ball-bearing wheels are outboard of the tripod feet, which maintains the same wide stance as a tripod off the dolly.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 14 in


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