Manfrotto 475B Heavy-Duty Tripod


Manfrotto 475B Heavy-Duty Tripod

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The Manfrotto model 475B is one of Manfrotto’s most popular tripods. This tripod can handle our 28-pound 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation Binocular with ease (requires adapter). All the support and height you’ll ever need (maximum height of 74″). The primary advantage of using the Manfrotto tripod over the TR3 wooden tripod is the crank-operated elevator, which makes height adjustment fast and easy. If you’re using this with one of our XL Series binocular telescopes, you’ll need a tripod head- either the Smallrig DH10 or Manfrotto 608 Nitrotech. For easy mobility, add the Manfrotto 181B auto-dolly, which features wheels that raise and lower in unison with one touch of the foot pedal.

  • Quick-release clamps expand/collapse legs.
  • Anodized heavy-duty aluminum construction.
  • Easy-crank handle adjusts elevator height.
  • Heavy-duty 3/8″ mount threading.
  • Maximum Height: 74″ (without head).
  • Tripod Max. Load: 28 lbs.
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs.


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 9 × 9 in

4 reviews for Manfrotto 475B Heavy-Duty Tripod

  1. Dave Hoagland (verified owner)

    I purchased the Oberwerk BT-100XL-SD binocular telescope with a Manfrotto 475B tripod with a Manfrotto Nitrotech 608 video head.

    The Manfrotto components are a perfect match and an absolute must have for this model telescope, they are rock solid. The elevator on the tripod is smooth and stable even when left unlocked conveniently allowing for a lot of use between couples of different heights. The legs have a huge range of adjustment yet fold up very compact. I find that I can even rest my hands on the tripod with barely any movement discernible.

    The 608 head is super smooth and balanced making panning and scanning through the skies a friction-less and very steady experience. The elevation locking ring is large and easily acquired in the hand, quick and simple to operate. The counterbalance puts the telescope in absolute balance allowing flawless motion to the desired viewing point at any angle with no overshoot or diving.

    I originally tried a lesser set of tripod components in a misguided effort at economy. That was a mistake, the full performance of the telescope will not be realized without an adequately balanced and flawlessly smooth mount. The Manfrotto components have elevated the performance of this telescope to perfection, I couldn’t be happier with this equipment.

  2. Don Pasqualini (verified owner)

    This is a perfect tripod for my BT 100. I like the crank a bowl elevator shaft and it’s heavy duty enough to handle the weight of the binocular. Overall I think it’s a very good tripod and worth the money.

  3. Don Pasqualini (verified owner)

    I like to 5000 head, very easy to maneuver and I like the double handles. It’s fairly easy to get the binocular on and off and functions very well for my needs.

  4. Swami (verified owner)

    Excellent combination the Manfrotto 475B alongside SmallRig DH10 Head. Was a breeze to get started with the Oberwerks 25×100 deluxe. My first order was a bummer and one of the legs of the 475B wouldn’t extend no matter what. I had reached out to Oberwerks regarding the issue and how much I wanted the stand to be ready to watch the eclipse on April 8. Oberwerk’s Kevin Busarow personally reached back to me mentioning that they will take care of it. Not only did their support deal with it. They got me a replacement order in 2 days (reaching me on Mar 29) even before I had shipped the other defective piece. Talk about customer service and customer satisfaction!

    The Oberwerks Binoculars and the Manfrotto Stand both are quite good for the entry level Astronomical Binoculars I invested in, both in terms of supreme quality and in terms of extremely supportive customer service

    Now Oberwerks has a lifelong customer in me!!

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