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Oberwerk 5000 Tall Tripod/Head

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The Oberwerk 5000 Tall Tripod and Head is the best value on the market for a heavy-duty tripod for binocular astronomy. Comparable to the much more expensive Manfrotto 475B tripod and MVH502AH head, it has a high load capacity (up to 14 lbs.) and well over 7 feet of maximum height (89″)!- plenty of height to allow standing underneath a binocular when it is pointed up at the night sky. Tripod construction is black-anodized aluminum, the fluid head is cast aluminum, with a total weight of 13 lbs. The fluid head includes dual panning handles and one quick-release plate. Also included is a padded carrying case.

This tripod/head combo is ideal for all Oberwerk binoculars up to the BT-100XL-ED, or any other binocular up to 14 lbs.

5000 Tall Tripod

  • Sturdy 3-section tubular aluminum legs with quick-flip locks
  • Crank-up elevator column for easy height adjustments
  • Maximum height: 89″
  • Collapsed length: 36″
  • Max. weight capacity: 24 lbs.
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

5000 Head

  • All-aluminum fluid head provides smooth azimuth and altitude motion
  • Internal counter-spring helps to balance load as it tilts from horizon to zenith
  • One 3/8-16, 1/4-20 quick-release plate
  • Dual panning handles
  • Max. weight capacity: 14 lbs.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 9 × 9 in
Product Weight

13 lbs.

Product Dimensions

Length- Min. 36", Max. 84"

18 reviews for Oberwerk 5000 Tall Tripod/Head

  1. David Keller

    I bought only the 5000 Series head to use with a Televue 80mm OTA on my photo tripod. The 5000 head is without a doubt the best in its class. It is light weight yet handles my 8.5 lb .loaded OTA with little or no vibration. What I like the best is that it will slew the scope in both alt and az very smoothly without losing position when I lock the knobs. Also, once I set the tension for alt and az with the scope balanced and the heaviest EP I will use for the night I do not have to change the settings. The long dual handles make movement smooth and easy. I have used a variety of al/az mount/heads over the years and this is the best I have found. Construction quality is impressive. Another plus with this head is that it is located over the center of my tripod rather than off to the side. This adds to stability and less EP motion. A great head!!

  2. George Heidke

    I’ve had one for years, purchased from Garrett Optical along with their 16 lb. Bino Telescope. I doubt you could find a more fluid, stable combo for an alt-az setup in this price range. I also own a high-rated Bogen head & the 5000 is way more smooth. You would not be disappointed in this combo.

  3. Dwight (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my Oberwerk BT-70-45 binocular. It works well for that purpose. It’s way better than the Magnus video tripods that some people press into use with their binoculars.

    The tripod and head are stable enough to hold my 5-inch Newtonian telescope when used with a GSO dovetail mount I got from Agena Astro.

    The tripod is a bit of an overkill when used with bird watching scopes. But, the stability could be useful if you bird next to your car. Sometimes, I aim my scope at distant islands to see nesting sea birds. A solid tripod will be useful for high magnification on windy days. That’s exactly what I will be doing next spring!

  4. Bill B

    I purchased an Oberwerk Series 5000 Tripod and Head when I purchased my monsterous 16lb 20x110U binoculars. At the time, I immediately noticed the significant difference in price between the comparable specs of the 5000 and the Manfrotto 475B tripod with a MVH502AH head. I figured that I’d take a chance with the lower priced product. Boy am I glad that I did. The 5000 handles the 20×110 as well as a tripod with video head can be expected to. I don’t notice excessive settling times and I can get to pretty much all targets that I desire without stressing out my body too much. The cranked elevator does an excellent job of placing the eyepiece of the binoculars at my eye level whether the binoculars are horizontal or vertical. The tension adjustments for altitude are easy to use and work just fine with the heavy binoculars. The tripod height is easily changed. Overall, I have no complaints about the quality of either the tripod or the head.

    I liked the 5000 so much that I ordered a second 5000 tripod and head when I purchased my BT-82XL-ED. The tripod setup works extremely well with the 45 degree BT eyepiece configuration. I still use the elevator with the ergonomically superior 82XL to place the eyepieces at my eye level. The things that the 5000 does well for the 20x110U it does at least as well with the 82XL.

    On a typical night, I’ll set up one tripod with the 82XL and the second with either the 20x110U directly mounted to the quick disconnect or with my10x50U or 15x70U mounted to a Farpoint Farsight with a multi-reticle finder. I use whichever setup I feel is better for a given observation. Both setups are very quick to set up and break down. It only take 5 minutes per tripod to setup. The hard part is lugging around the 20x110U, if I’m using it.

    I also found a wheeled hard case that is not oversized for air travel that fits the 5000 setup. I am pleased that I can take my 82XL (as a carry on) and the tripod (as checked baggage) when I travel.

    I did have a minor problem with one of the tripods, but Kevin was excellent about making everything better. His excellent customer service reputation is well deserved.

    Overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive, feature rich, high quality tripod and head for your 3 to 16 pound binoculars and binocular telescopes, I highly recommend the Oberwerk Series 5000 tripod and head. In general, I have quite a few of the Oberwerk products, and I am very pleased with them. My overall experience with Kevin and Oberwerk has been very positive.

  5. Andy

    I originally bought the 4000 tripod but had an issue with one of the legs so I sent it back and bought the 5000 instead. Kevin was super great to work with and would recommend Oberwerk to friends looking for binocular equipment. The tripod is solid and a bit larger then I expected. The 5000 head handles my 20×80 Celestron binoculars with no resistance at all. I wish I would have bought this tripod/head years ago.

  6. Jim H (verified owner)

    I bought this tripod in November 2019 with the 5000 head. I currently use it for a parallelogram and 5.5 pound binoculars, and its extremely stable for my setup. A great product at a great price. One feature that doesn’t get mentioned is that two of the legs have foam padding at the top that make for good grips on cold nights.

    What I would really like to call out is the fantastic customer service. My 5000 head had a minor issue. I called, explained the issue and sent an email with a photo. A couple days later a new 5000 head showed up at my house with a prepaid shipping label to return the old one. Fantastic service – just the way every company should treat their customers, and a true difference maker.

  7. Pete Minneci (verified owner)

    I haven’t had the 5000 Series tripod and head out in the field yet,
    but I have set it up with my 10×42, 15×70 binoculars, and my
    80mm f/6 achromat.
    Easy to set up and easy to use with a variety of instruments makes it an ideal grab and go outfit that can take more weight.
    What I like the most about the head is the ability to just swing it around, point it, and it will stay where I put it .
    I can’t wait to get it under the stars.
    Thanks Oberwerks!

  8. Albert Fadool

    This review is for the 5000 series tripod and head.
    I purchased this tripod to replace a budget tripod I purchased from that online behemoth the one I returned was “rated” for 35lbs… I own the Oberwerk 25×100 CF binoculars, at 10 lbs this tripod handles them with ease.
    The tripod came packaged very well and a nice padded soft case with shoulder strap is included. Inside the padded case is another zippered pouch for the guide arms that you may want to attach.
    Like other portable tripods it has 3 collapsible legs with 3 sections, and quick release levers. On mine I have a couple of stiff legs do not just fallout when released I just have to give them a little tug. This tripod is capable of being a giant tripod fully extended. At 6’2” I am standing erect and looking up into the binocular no hunching and there is about another foot or more of extension left.
    There is a bubble level on the tripod near where the head is attached, you will not see it when the legs are fully extended unless you play center for the Detroit Pistons. A turn handle allows for easy elevation, a knob turned gently holds the height no need to over tighten, this is true for all the knobs on this tripod, do not overtighten, just no need for it. Each leg has a tension adjustment, the standard hook for added weight stability is there if you need it. I usually get a constant breeze off the lake and the wind did not move this beast with the 10lbs binocs attached at about 6 ½ feet.
    The 5000 head has a quick release plate with two thread sizes. Get an extra release plate if you have more than 1 item you want to attach. If you are doing astronomy these things are black and if you drop one good luck finding it the dark. When adjusting your aim, the guide arms attached to the head get in the way of the tension regulator knobs which make it a bit cumbersome to adjust. You can adjust the tension in advance so when making minor adjustments to your aim you should not have to loosen or tighten a knob.
    Do not waste your time or money on budget tripods, nothing is more frustrating than wrestling with your tripod, especially for astronomers. I am incredibly happy with this tripod. A great value.

  9. Chris

    I finally found a tripod that can handle my 25×100 Celestron SkyMaster binoculars. It’s built for this type of application. Set up and ready to go outside at the drop of a dime. Smooth movements with no sloppy play. I was able to see Andromeda galaxy in a suburban neighborhood with plenty of light pollution because of the sturdy tension adjustments that allow for more fun than frustration when moving around looking for faint objects in the night sky. The two handles that are adjustable and angled away from your two eye views are another feature that adds to this tripods design. The tripod I had prior to this one was from B&H. Nothing bad to say about that Company. But the high end Tripod that I purchased was originally for video production and even though it handled the weight of my binoculars it did not work for me because of the design of the handle. It was right in my face most of the time when looking from 10 o’clock high to 12 o’clock high. I hope this review helps someone towards the purchase of this product.

  10. Ali T (verified owner)

    I purchased this tripod for binocular astronomy, but I have also used it recently for about 8 hours of sports video recording requiring constant panning. There wasn’t much of a user manual to speak of, but if you are mildly mechanically inclined, and given the company’s fast email response, it wasn’t an issue.

    Overall quality is very good, features are excellent, and Oberwerk’s responsiveness both pre-sale and after-sale is fast and personal in a way that just isn’t available from any other fairly established brand that I can think of.

    I don’t think the quality is exactly on par with top-of-the-line Japanese or German brands. But I have owned a lot of top-of-the-line German and Japanese optics for decades, and I can tell you that most if not all my future purchases will be from Oberwerk.

  11. Ali T (verified owner)

    I purchased this tripod for binocular astronomy, but I have also used it recently for about 8 hours of sports video recording requiring constant panning.

    Overall quality is very good, features are excellent, and Oberwerk’s responsiveness both pre-sale and after-sale is fast and personal in a way that just isn’t available from any other fairly established brand that I can think of. There wasn’t much of a user manual to speak of, but if you are mildly mechanically inclined, and given the company’s fast email response, it wasn’t an issue.

    I don’t think the quality is exactly on par with top-of-the-line Japanese or German brands. But I have owned a lot of top-of-the-line German and Japanese optics for decades, and I can tell you that most if not all my future purchases will be from Oberwerk.

  12. Norman Jean Boisclair

    …… I have just now received today my beautiful model Oberwerk 5000 Series Tripod/Head. … It is grand to know that in this mass production day and age there are still some pieces of amateur Astronomy equipment that are built to exacting specifications and will give pure pleasure and be a complete joy to use. … What a truly finely manufactured piece of equipment this Tripod/Head is!

    …… I also now may wish to add here that, even a total mechanical idiot such as myself was able to put the entire package together and was observing with it in my wife’s small side garden 15-20 minutes later with 8.5x Papilio binoculars.

    Thank You,

    Norman Jean Boisclair
    South Glens Falls, NY
    Vietnam War Veteran

  13. Norman Jean Boisclair

    to now add further to my post of June 30, 2021

    ………… Being now old, ill and retired I find time to only occasionally steal an hour here and there to observe the Celestial wonders of the night sky.
    … Setting up a telescope that may take 10-15 minutes time then, with a cool down period of an hour or more is not often doable to me any longer.
    … What I have found is that binocular Astronomy now fits the bill as far as fulfilling my observational requirements and desires perfectly.
    … I currently possess Two (2) fine pair of binoculars. … One, the smaller or lesser size being an 8.5X21 mm. … The other a moderate size pair being 12X56mm this, with a 5-5- degree field.

    ………… This past Saturday evening I spent a most enjoyable hour in my small back yard observing the moons of Jupiter, the Plieades, the Double Star Cluster in Perseus and Beta Lyrae.
    … This done of course with my 12X56mm binoculars.
    … The total setup time for this observational session being all of some 30-seconds. … The takedown or dismantling time, the same 30-seconds.

    ………… I just wish to now add here that the Oberwerk 5000 Series Tripod/Head guided me flawlessly through every observed star field. … There was absolutely no backlash or hesitation in the movement. … Minor corrections to the binocular star fields were made delicately and most precisely.
    … As I said previous in my former post of June 30, 2021, this is a very finely manufactured piece of observational equipment made available to any interested serious Amateur Astronomer.
    … As an Amateur Astronomer now of over 70 years I can very highly recommend it!

    With Kindest Regards,

    Norman Jean Boisclair
    South Glens Falls, N.Y.
    Vietnam War Veteran

  14. Mark Yanofsky (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb tripod. Exceptionally well made and very easy to handle and use. I also own the Series 4000 tripod and think that one is in the same class,except for the load carrying capacity and crank feature,which puts the Series 5000 at the top tier….Oberwerk is a first class company.

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    I purchased this tripod to use for astronomy with my 25×100 binoculars. Tripod arrived thoughtfully packaged just a few days after ordering it. The tripod works wonderfully with my large binoculars, which weigh just over 10lbs. It’s sturdy, easy to maneuver, and makes scanning the sky a breeze. If you have big binoculars, I highly recommend this tripod.

  16. VAL (verified owner)

    Very nice equipment and good service to boot. Well worth the money. Very well packaged and quick delivery. Function, exceptional!!! Nobody gets a review much less a 5 star review but these guys earned it on the tripod. You will not go wrong buying a tripod from here, guaranteed.

  17. Shawn McManigell

    Outstanding customer support! I purchased a binocular (25×100 Deluxe IF) and the 5000 series tripod/head late last year, and for the most part was quite pleased, although the tripod seemed a bit “persnickety” to keep the binoc aim point. Then I happened across a video on YouTube of Mr. Busarow operating a 5000 head unit and I realized that the drag adjusting knob on mine wasn’t operating correctly. I then called Oberwerk to see if mine could be repaired, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that a completely new unit would be sent my way. I received the new 5000 Head on the third day after the phone call, fantastic service to include verbal instructions on the phone on how to switch out the Head units. Superb and many thanks!

  18. Christian (verified owner)

    Great tripod, sturdy high quality, great for my Celestron sky master 25×100 binoculars. I had bought some cheap thing off Amazon and it wasn’t cutting it. I recommend this tripod. I’m glad I came across a suggestion on an online forum for this tripod to pair with my binoculars. It has the heavy duty screw connection.

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