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Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder

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The Oberwerk MRF (Multi-Reticle Finder) projects an easy-to-see reticle, focused at infinity, that is selectable between 4 patterns (shown below), in 2 colors (red and green), mrfpattwith continuously-variable brightness using a large easy-to-operate dial.  The reticle can be seen from as close as a couple inches to more than a foot from behind.  Steer the binocular so the reticle pattern is on your target, then when you look through the binocular eyepieces, your target will be in the middle of the field of view. The MRF mounts directly to the XL Series Picatinny rail handle.  Optional machined-aluminum dovetail adapters are available for use with the Oberwerk 20×80 Deluxe III and 25x100Deluxe.  CR2032 lithium battery included.

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Weight 1 lbs
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L=3", W=1.25", H=2"

9 reviews for Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder

  1. Dave Howard (verified owner)

    This finder is actually a gun sight, which explains the hood, silvered glass (like sunglasses), and daytime usability. As an amateur astronomer, I have a couple of these zero-power, “red dot” finders for nighttime use, but they’re un-hooded and un-silvered, and are totally ineffective in daylight. This finder’s silvered glass dims the scene sufficiently for the red/green dots to show up, which is what I bought it for, but it dims too much for astronomical use. The unit looks nice, is well-made, and fits Oberwerk’s adapter (for my 20x80mm Deluxe III binoculars). Note that head positioning is important, as there’s no rear component to “auto-align” your eye, but you soon get the hang of it. The binoculars won’t fit in the supplied hard case with the sight installed, so it’s either get a taller case, or fiddle with the sight’s two little Allen set screws every time you attach or detach it. Also, the finder only slides on to the adapter from the front toward the eyepieces, which entails sliding the binocs to and fro on their tripod post rail to clear the big clamping knob. My biggest objection was having to constantly dork with the set screws, so I came up with a better solution. I replaced the set screws with thumb screws instead. The ones I used are actually called “clamping knobs,” and they feature nice, big, thick, 16mm diameter plastic knobs that are very easy to grip, even with gloves on. The stock front and rear screws are different lengths, 30mm and 10mm, respectively. I bought M4-35mm screws from Amazon and cut them to length, saving having to order two sizes. Now it’s no trouble at all to attach/detach the finder, and the knobs even improve the overall appearance, balancing the big lamp brightness/color knob on the right side. My only wish now is for a companion astronomical version of this finder.

    • Kevin Busarow

      The Oberwerk MRF is based on a gun sight, however it is different in two ways- the glass is non-tinted (most gun sights have a colored tint) and the brightness range is greater, allowing it to go dimmer than typical gun sights.

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    Great red or green sight. The choices of different shapes is very helpful depending on your target, and they are variable in intensity.
    My only issue is that the sight is not easily removable from the mount like you find on a telescope. This makes the binoculars difficult to store in their case.

  3. Joe

    This works very well for me for both astronomical and daytime use. I do live in an official dark sky community, but it seems like the intensity control settings would work well in light polluted skys as well. It is a bit on the heavy side compared to others I’ve used but is well made. I too wish that I didn’t need an Allen wrench each time I mounted it, and may change out the mounting screws as was mentioned my another reviewer.

  4. M.Griffin (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder mounted it on the Far Sight binocular mount fits great very pleased works well as advertised . I use it with my 20×80 Obie Light Weight binoculars.Great service from Oberwerk as usual .

  5. Keith Doyle (verified owner)

    I purchased the 25×100 Oberwerk Deluxe Binoculars and also purchased the Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder. It’s great for getting my binoculars on target without having to hunt for my target. Much easier to get your binoculars on target with the finder. The mount for the finder is extremely solid. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  6. Warren (verified owner)

    Solid, well built unit with a low, sleek profile that is intuitive to use. I’ve tried other finders on my binocular telescopes but keep coming back to Oberwerk multi-reticle finder.

  7. Terri (verified owner)

    There is no doubt the finder is well made, and nice to have the various types or targets but I’ll likely only use one, the smallest dot. The reason I’m knocking it down 2 stars is because it is very dim for astromonical use. While the finder may not have a tinted window, the silvering significantly dims the finder at night. So it’ll work for really bright stars only. For $70 total, which is expensive for most small unity finders plus mount, this should really be better. And I agree with others that say it should have a way to quickly disconnect without tools.. For daytime use It’s probably much better. For nighttime use I’d look elsewhere.

  8. Scott

    Nice addition to my 20×80 deluxe lll. Well built of quality material shipping was fast works great finding planets and celestial objects. One thing of note the bino hard case will not shut with scope on so I modified a square hole right where it touches the padding on the lid now it closes with it attached so no more removing and placing it back on. All in all very pleased with it.

  9. Pam Kloepfer (verified owner)

    I ordered this finder to pair with my FAR-Sight binocular mount. It fits perfectly. A small hex wrench is included to attach it to the mount and to adjust the reticle; it does both well. It is low-profile, appears to be made of metal, and has a bit of heft to it but being small, it is not as heavy as something larger. It has four different reticle patterns in both red and green, giving you a choice of eight settings. I feel the dimmest setting could be a little dimmer, and I would have liked the size of the reticle itself to be larger; it is quite small. It is definitely usable, but it is smaller than other finder scope reticles I have used. That being said, it was very easy to adjust and my targets have been spot-on. It has been a good addition to my binocular and tripod set up.

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