20×80 Deluxe III


20×80 Deluxe III

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The new 20x80mm Deluxe III is our finest 80mm binocular. Giant 80mm triplet objectives have a serious amount of light grasp. The triplet objective design provides excellent performance from a compact body that’s an inch shorter than the 20×80 LW. It’s fabulous for astronomy as well as terrestrial usage, such as wildlife observation and surveillance. The 20×80 Deluxe III features waterproof construction and is nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging. New prism mounting system uses precision floating plates (as found on our Ultra Series), which do a better job of maintaining alignment than common prism-tilt systems.

Low-reflection broadband multi-coating is used on every air-to-glass surface, including prisms. Light loss due to reflection and scattering is minimized, providing the highest level of light transmission possible. Twist-up eyecups allow quick adjustment for those that are wearing glasses and those that are not, and the precise center focus control won’t drift. The built-in aluminum mount attaches directly to a tripod head or binocular astronomy mount, with 3/8-16 threading (1/4-20 adapter included).

All Oberwerk binoculars have rugged rubber-armored metal bodies, all-glass lenses, BAK4 prisms, and right ocular diopter adjustment. Our exclusive Oberwerk Heavy-Duty aluminum case is included, which provides the ultimate in protection.

Recommended mounts-
Oberwerk 4000 tripod/head
Oberwerk 5000 tripod/head

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 11 in


Eye Relief

12.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

7 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=12.5", W=9", H=4.25"

15 reviews for 20×80 Deluxe III

  1. Mike Gorecki

    First thing…Shipping was FAST. Thanks so much for getting these out so quickly. Second, packaging….it was beautifully packed and safe from any errant bump or bounce….Third, The binos are FANTASTIC. I am so glad that Kevin advised me on what to look for and the differences in build and internals. I have held Celestrons and the Oberwerks are many levels above in the matter of construction and aesthetics. As a professional photographer I know a bit about lenses and coatings, and after careful scrutiny….I saw nothing but professional care taken with both lenses and coatings. Fourth…Thanks to Lauren for keeping me updated on the transaction. Thanks again for the help and stress free enjoyable customer service.

  2. Kevin Garry

    Received my 20×80 Deluxe III this a.m. with the special 3000 tripod/5000 head you paired and wanted to let you know:

    (a) I and my spouse/partner-in-crime spent 30 minutes just admiring the heavy-duty case and the quality of both the binoculars and tripod. The opticals are objects of art … truly beautiful just to look at and hold.

    (b) Curiosity got the best of me, so before I adjusted for IPD or even focused, I sneaked a peek. Wow! These instruments are everything you said … and more.

    Thank you for your rapid responses to my pesky emails as I was trying to decide, and thank you for the quick delivery. We love them!

  3. Mike Ryan (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research on CloudyNights forum comparing binos and asking questions, and referencing the Oberwerks website . I finally settled on these 20×80 Dlx III Oberwerks. They were shipped the next day. They came double boxed in the hard case. Arrived in excellent condition. I am impressed with the carry case. Very well made. I dare any airport to damage the binos while in this case. Seeing them for the first time, you know you made a wise purchase decision. They are fabulous.

    A couple days after delivery I was finally able to attach them to my P-gram mount and try them out.
    Andromeda galaxy first. It filled the view and was bright. These Obis draw in a lot of light. The same results with the Great Nebula in Orion. It was an amazing view, as is Pleiades. Collimation is spot on. For the moon, I installed 13% moon filters right onto the eyepieces.

    These are a lifetime binocular, to be passed down from generation to generation.

  4. Steven Green (verified owner)

    After I received my 80×20 Deluxe III binoculars I couldn’t wait to try them out. Unfortunately it was clouded over for a few months on the nights I went out to look at the sky. When I finally got out on a clear night I couldn’t believe the quality of these binoculars. Stars were nice and round with no color fringing and the color of Aldebaran was breathtakingly orange. The Pleiades are strikingly bright blue.

    Jupiter and its 4 major moons are very easy to see in the field of view. I could make out 3 color bands on the planet. Saturn was small but sharp in the eyepieces and I could, with some time looking could just make out the Cassini division.

  5. Walt Krause

    The 20x80mm Deluxe III are built like a tank, excellent coatings, great contrast and color, tack sharp in the center field, and include an aluminum reinforced ‘TSA proof’ travel case. There is some CA in the outer 60% of the field, but get your focus and IPD set properly and it is manageable.

    The 20x80mm have sufficient light grasp and resolution to track Jupiter’s moons, follow the phases of Venus, split the Trapezium in Orion, see tiny M57 Ring Nebula or both components of M51. Grab a lawn chair and spend an hour scanning nebulae, globulars and star fields around Sagittarius. Of course, the Moon is 3D breathtaking.

    Overall a great value, built for a lifetime of enjoyment… plus Kevin’s amazing service!

  6. Michael Gillette (verified owner)

    I was debating between these and some other companies’ similar 20X80 binoculars and I am thrilled that I chose the Oberwerks. They came quickly in amazingly secure packaging and they worked perfectly right out of the box. They show no problems at all with collimation, and I am impressed with how much you can see through these hefty but manageable binoculars. I am also pleased with the storage case that keeps them safe when not in use. These are solidly built binoculars and on a good tripod the deep sky is your oyster! I am so energized with the ease of use and power of the 20X80s that I have decided to revisit the Messier list to try to nab them all with binoculars. It should be a challenge, but I am hopeful that the 20X80 Deluxe Oberwerks will be up to the task.

  7. Colin Howard (verified owner)

    My experience with these binoculars was quite disappointing. Unfortunately I cannot attach pictures to the review, but the pair I received had noticeable imperfections on the interior black coating of the binoculars when looking into the objective lenses. Oberwerk assured me this didn’t affect the view, but it was disappointing nonetheless for how expensive these are. Moreover, I am a glasses-wearer and was unable to comfortably observe the entire field of view even with the eye cups in their lowest position. Finally, the tripod (4000 series) arrived with one of the leg latches broken, rendering it unusable.

    I will say that Oberwerk was willing to exchange / replace both items at no cost, but after handling it I just couldn’t see the tripod holding up over time. I decided to return all items and therefore lost roughly $100 in shipping in the process.

    My advice: find an outlet near you where you can go and handle your equipment in-person before committing to a purchase.

  8. John Savidge (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the 20×80 deluxe binoculars and 3000 series tripod. They are both of a high quality and robust construction.
    The image quality is excellent.
    Quick and efficient delivery.

  9. Dante Alberto Brito Sabido (verified owner)

    I want to congratulate them. I am from Mexico and after having contact with Linda and Kevin, I did not hesitate to acquire these binoculars. The attention they gave me to inform me was splendid. The binoculars were shipped by USPS and arrived three weeks after they were shipped. The delay was due to shipping in my country. The wait was worth it. They arrived in perfect condition. The way they packed it for protection is excellent. They arrived perfectly collimated and with Kevin’s own checklist. All the materials of the binoculars are of the highest quality. The finish is beautiful. The view on the ground and in the deep sky is wonderful. The suitcase that protects them is beautiful and I loved it. I really congratulate you very much. They do an exceptional job.

  10. Steve Weaver

    I purchased a pair of Celestron Skymaster Pro 20×80’s from Adorama. They looked good out of the box but each side had significant coma (tails going different directions) and were not collimated well at all. I was very disappointed and returned them.
    I ordered another pair of the same 20×80’s from Optics Planet, A lot of the reviews on these were fairly good (except one happy customer was anxious for a moonless night, to view planets?). Nearly all included “Good…for the money” which is a bit ambiguous, not? Maybe I’d received a lemon ?
    SAME RESULTS. Not quite as bad, but NOT capable of resolving The Double Cluster, much less M3 & 5. My 25 year old 10×50 Bushnell’s did better, sharper, so that’s pretty bad for 20×80’s. I returned them too.

    Then I purchased a pair of Deluxe III 20×80’s from Kevin at Oberwerk for about $100 more (shipped).
    These were checked and collimated to perfection, documented, dated & signed by Kevin Burasow at Oberwerk the same day they were shipped. THEY PRODUCE PINPOINT IMAGES. I could not be happier. They ride on a heavy homemade parallelogram-mount, and I lay back and marvel at DSO’s & the heavens hands-free.
    To see the “good stuff” you need good optics. In my opinion Oberwerk is tops. They are a small company, deal *only in binoculars* and strive to be the BEST. He Collimates (to perfection) and confirms the optical performance of every unit prior to shipping. Their packing method is second to none (you’ll see why they maintain collimation & agree, when yours arrive). I ordered Monday and they arrived Friday. He cautioned me they were swamped, and not all orders ship so quickly.
    I am not associated with Oberwerk, but own 2 of their products.
    You can either go with a splashy-promotions-mega-volume company, or you can choose the small company whose only promotions are word-of-mouth and personal reviews like this…who do well because of their commitment to *effort-yielding-excellence* on every unit sold – including YOURS. You will SEE.
    Steve Weaver in West Texas

  11. David Carter (verified owner)

    Binoculars are fantastic. Fit and finish are perfect. No seams loose or showing wear. Lens coatings are evenly applied. Binoculars came triple packaged and very secure. These are heavy and will require a beefy tripod mount. I’m very pleased with this product over the Barska Cosmos 20×80. The Oberwerk Deluxe III 20×80 is a premium quality optical instrument. Oberwerk customer service is first rate and other owner reviews are spot on. I will purchase and recommend Oberwerk products in the future

  12. Kenneth J Hubal (verified owner)

    Simply put, these are the finest set of 80mm binoculars I’ve ever owned!! Sharp views across the entire field of view and no trace of false color!! Very well made and came with a fantastic hard sided case. Fantastic image quality and service from Oberwerk that is second to none!!

  13. Scott (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the 20×80 deluxe lll shipped double boxed well protected spot on collimation. Very good Quality actually bought these to replace a different brand 20×80 that arrived way out of collimation and would not focus. Wish I had discovered Oberwerk sooner. Overall very pleased with the product and great care the Oberwerk team exhibits for the customer looking forward for future upgrades.

  14. Josh K. (verified owner)

    Order on August 31, 2020 (#15947). Arrived out of collimation despite what the quality control checklist card says. Was usable but hard for eyes to adjust. Never got around to attempting to fix it. Used it only twice before it collected dust for 2 years. I’m finally getting rid of it. I’m taking it to a local astronomy club to see if they will fix it. It will either be donated or sold for cheap. Might have enjoyed it if it came fine.

  15. George N. (verified owner)

    Sounding a bit like a repeating record, I’ll just reiterate what others have cited: high quality, very good optics, solid construction. I particularly like that center post. I had “first light” with my 20×80’s last night. First thing I looked at was “The Coat hanger” asterism. Through my fine quality 10×50’s, this is really neat. Through the Oberwerk 20×80’s Deluxe III, it was a “wowzer.” The carrying case is really heavy duty. The collimation is spot-on. They are heavy at 7.5 lbs, but then it is what it is. I built a P-stand especially for them. I’m really looking forward to many years of use.

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