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The new Oberwerk 25x100mm Deluxe is ideal for serious binocular astronomy or long-range terrestrial viewing on a budget. Available in your choice of CF (center-focus) or IF (individual focus).  The CF model is the largest and most-powerful binocular on the market that has center-focus, which is a big advantage when viewing a moving target. New prism mounting system uses precision floating plates (as found on our Ultra Series), which do a better job of maintaining alignment than common prism-tilt systems. Features fully broadband multi-coated optics (all air-to-glass surfaces, including prisms), rubber-armored all-metal waterproof construction (nitrogen filled), braced and hinged objective tubes, and built-in mount. This binocular has a 2.4° field of view, with very good sharpness across the entire field. The CF eyepieces have twist-up eyecups, the IF has fold-down eyecups- both can be used with glasses (usable eye relief is an adequate 12mm). Includes objective covers, ocular caps, and our exclusive Heavy-Duty aluminum-frame case!

Recommended mount-
Oberwerk 5000 tripod/head

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 12 in


Eye Relief

12.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

10 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=18.5", W=10", H=4"


Center Focus, Individual Focus

25 reviews for 25×100 Deluxe

  1. Mark Bratton

    I ordered a package which included 25x100mm Oberwerk Deluxe binoculars, Universal Astronomics T-Mount and the standard (tall) wooden tripod (“cosmetic blem” model). All three boxes arrived the same day, eight days after placing the order. Everything was in excellent shape. Tripod is superb, I don’t see any “cosmetic blems”. T-Mount is light with smooth motions and there is very little vibration when moving the mount… fit and finish are excellent. The binoculars themselves are a revelation… the optics are surprisingly good, fit and finish very good, collimation was very good and even with my severe myopia I can focus the binoculars without wearing glasses and still have sharp star images. Astronomical images are great, the Double Cluster – superb, ditto the Pleiades (with nebulosity visible around Merope and the three other brightest stars). The moon was awesome… there is secondary colour as might be expected… I see bright lime green, sometimes magenta but this is only occasionally noted… at some viewing angles the secondary colour disappears completely, very impressive for non-apochromatic optics. The whole package weighs 32 pounds when set up, very light yet stable. Set up time is two minutes and you’re ready to observe. Airline travelling astronomers note: the binocs fit easily into a leather carry-on bag with plenty of room for T-shirts, underwear or socks to act as padding, the tripod and T-mount can go in a duffle bag… perfect for air travel to southern destinations. Only complaint: I inadvertently shattered the supplied 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 adapter when initially setting up the binoculars. Kevin B. responded IMMEDIATELY with replacement adapter… EXCELLENT customer service. Fantastic value for the money.

  2. Arnold Spitzer

    I own 8×30 Swarovski SLC Mark II and Fujinon 10×50 FMT-SX, a very nice Parks 8″ f/7 mirror and have owned an AP 6″ f/12 SP refractor with TV 20 mm Nagler. All are great, but the biggest surprise of all is my delight with my new 25×100 Deluxe Oberwerk big binos fitted with TV dioptrix astigmatism correctors. I have a most elegant method of mounting these to the big binos without need of machining, but the space in this review doesn’t let me include it now…
    Thank you for these big binos at such a great price!
    ps. Lube’s a bit sticky at 10 below. 😉

  3. Sue P.

    Just wanted to let you know my folks are really enjoying the binoculars we got them. They live on the north side of the big island of Hawaii and watch the whales migrate past from their bedroom.

  4. Howard Doll

    I have had these 25×100 IF, for a few months. These are great binos for the money! The FOV and the eye relief work very well for me! And the views – superb!

    I have the perfect setup for star parties (with my mount). Many of my astro imaging friends were impressed; one of them has taken more interest in binocular astronomy after looking through these 25×100’s.

    I have already recommended the Oberwerk 25×100 to a couple of people, who have considered a 25×100 giant bino. I myself would buy these binoculars again without hesitation.

    Thanks to the staff there for their wonderful customer service.

  5. Jeff Stark

    I wanted to thank you for speaking with me by phone last week and assisting me in making my decision to purchase the 25×100 IF Deluxe binocular. It arrived at the end of last week and as luck would have it, I’ve had nothing but cloudy evenings until tonight. Thirty minutes ago, the clouds cleared for 20 minutes so I mounted the binocular on my parallelogram mount and started looking. I observed Jupiter and four moons. The view was pinpoint sharp and I could make out Jupiter’s bands. Needless to say, I’m amazed at the exceptional optical quality. And, I appreciate your quality control and that you checked out the binocular with the accompanying checklist prior to shipment. Thanks again for your recommendation and the beautiful optics!

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    To the team of Oberwerk

    On March 21, 2017, I ordered luxury 25×100 IF binoculars with the Oberwerk 5000 tripod with head. Three days later my order was delivered. The quality of the product is impeccable both for the binoculars and for its extremely robust and versatile tripod.

    I would like to thank you for your excellent service and for the quality of your products.

    Christian Court

  7. Randall B.

    Just purchased the 25×100,and 5000 Tripod with upgraded head mount. Came packaged very well, no damage. The unit is very easy to set up and really nice looking. Item and components are really well built and easy to transport for various viewing areas. Binos are extremely sharp and clear and easy to adjust, I opted for the CF focusing. This is my entry in to this hobby and found Kevin and Linda with customer service more than knowledgeable and courteous in helping me with my purchasing choice. I had always wanted some Oberwerks and made a sound decision in purchasing this equipment over other brands. I felt a really great price for quality equipment and outstanding customer service. The company is terrific. Thank you all so much.

  8. nelson desrosiers (verified owner)

    Nelson D.- November 28,2017

    Just got these giant binoculars. They are really impressive. I’ve never bought a pair of binos at that price and with a quality of lenses like that before. I am an astronomy amateur. It is needless to say that the Orion nebula and all other Messier objects seen through my 25×100 IF are amazing, Takes 2 minutes to get ready for observing instead of 30 minutes with my old telescope. I would recommend them anytime. Thanks Kevin for this excellent product.

  9. John

    I’ve had this binocular for several years now. I live on the edge of mountains and love watching elk on the mountainside miles away. I am very impressed by the optical quality. I was only planning on using them for star watching as I felt the quality would not be good enough for land viewing. I actually have Swarovski 8x50B for that but boy was I wrong- these are wonderful optics.

  10. Darren Hennig (verified owner)

    I purchased the set of 25x100IFs this spring. Had I known I’d be having so much fun this year with them, I’d have gotten them a LONG time ago!

    I use the RDF on the rail, even though it is generally not needed, it is nice to have. I use Baader MSG and polarizing filters for Solar System objects and twin Orion Skyglow filters for DSO hunting on occasion, when trying to see more in nebulae. All work very well with this pair!

    I use both Oberwerk tripods (one with the parallelogram mount and one standard with CF stem. the latter I use the Technosky eLLe mount with Skystuff 1″ threaded extension for mounting.

    These balance very well, fit and finish is excellent on my pair. VERY shapr views within at least 70% of field, mine starts to soften nearer 85%+. Very confortable and easy to use in both mounting configurations.

    I also use Baader solar filters with polarizers (on EP side for the latter) and the sun looks fantastic! TONS of granulation and faculae detail along with spots, although this year has been wanting for spot details.

    The lunar views with polarizers is breath-taking! I have caught th elunar south polar mountains coming into sunrise and saw several glints and brightening events in these. NICE!

    I rate these a 5 star pair for two reasons – excellent quality construciton and general performance and of course the FUN factor! Some minor chroma is observed on the birghtest obects but it is expected in an achromatic short f-ratio optic, but well manageable. Use of Baader MSG filters or Neodymium semi-apo units help this a lot.

    Oberwerk has been a joy to deal with over the years and I can say that without hesitation, any purchases from them are virtaully guaranteed to please!

    Keep up the great work Kevin!

  11. Lane Gray (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with my purchase of the center focus 25x100s. The quality of the optics is superb, with very sharp pinpoint stars across 80% of the view. The 4mm exit pupil darkens our already dark skies even more and makes hundreds of faint clusters, galaxies, and nebulae easy to find. The big bright objects like the double cluster, M31, M7, the beehive, and many others are truly impressive in these binoculars. A few nights ago I tried the ring nebula for the first time in these binos and there it was a perfect little doughnut in space. The polar cap and dark markings on Mars were easy to see and Saturn is very sharp although I could not make out surface details. The Helix nebula looks as good as it does in the 20” and the veil nebula has never looked better. I did have do a slight collimation adjustment when I got these binos but that was pretty easy once I found the right size screwdriver. No one else seemed to have a problem with them so I guess i am just extra sensitive to optics that are slightly out of collimation. I have been using these at our star parties and every one that looks through them has been impressed. So, after about 2 months I have to say that these are the best purchase I ever made for my astronomy hobby. I am using these on a bogen 3036 tripod and a 501HDV head, which seems to be a perfect match for binoculars this size. Thanks to the folks at oberwerk for selling these at a great price.

    • Kevin Busarow (verified owner)

      Thanks Lane, happy to hear you are enjoying your Oberwerk 25×100! We ship perfectly-collimated binoculars, and despite our careful packing, occasionally things go wrong in shipping. We typically send a replacement with a prepaid return label, but glad you were able to correct this yourself- great job!

  12. Jon Closterman (verified owner)

    Quality optics. The IF makes it easy to focus each eye for the sharpest image. So far I only checked out the moon. Wow what detail ! Almost scary.

  13. Jerome Santos (verified owner)

    I purchased the 25×100 CF. These are definitely a great pair, especially for the price. Compact and light these are not, but that is nothing unexpected since it is clearly stated, shown, and seen in the specifications. The case is great (I used a few pieces of the sticky foam packaging to add between each optic), and seems fairly protective. The clarity is very very good (it could be better after being spoilt with the Sport ED series 10×42 I purchased), and in an entirely different league than the Orion/Celestrons I previously had.
    Only 4 stars because the eye pieces don’t adjust to my 59mm pupillary distance, which I don’t feel is too much to ask for since it’s not uncommon – – the marks on the adjuster indicate it adjusts to 58mm, but it doesn’t get that skinny, nor to my 59mm, so I end up seeing two images and have to stay a few mm away from the eyepiece and sway slightly between the two to be able to get both eyes in on the action. If your pupillary distance is more than ~60mm, there should be no problem.

  14. Mark Ferich

    I’ve got to get these.
    Great value for the money.
    Much better than Celestron or Orion’s 25×100’s.
    For about the same price !

  15. Alvin Bell (verified owner)

    I ordered the 25x100mm Oberwerk IF Deluxe binoculars .Shipping was quick and well packed. Also included a couple of extra gifts. Thank you Oberwerk for a quality product and outstanding service.

  16. Teo Bernardino (verified owner)

    I bought my 25×100 Deluxe IF in February, but due to the COVID lockdown I was unable to properly test them until this summer.

    The binoculars are awesome. Stars once focused are perfectly point-like and only some unavoidable cromatic aberration with very bright objects (Moon, Jupiter) is noticeable.

    The eye-relief is quite comfortable and the alignment of the optics is fantastic so observing through them is a real pleasure.

    Recently I had the opportunity to test them in one of the best skies in the word, the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory at La Palma in Spain. The result exceeded by far my expectations. Images of deep sky objects through them are bright and sharp, excellent!

    I had previously a mid-quality 20×80 binoculars and the 25×100 is a giant step ahead.

    Should I have to buy such a pair again, I would definitely repeat with Oberwerk.

    Thank you!

  17. Albert Fadool (verified owner)

    This review is for the 25×100 CF (center focus). Let me start with by reading this review it means you are here at Oberwerk website, congratulations. I am an amateur in astronomy, so I am going to give you a review based on my observations and expectations. These binoculars gather a tremendous amount of light (that is due to the 100 in the 25×100), they have a very good field of view and some to little chromatic distortion evident with bright objects. The tripod rail has a standard female threading to accept quick release plates and tripod heads. The tripod rail will tighten with little effort, however, there is slight left and right roll even when tightened the roll cannot be adjusted. The binoculars come with a hard case. The case is part aluminum outer support strips with metal corners, it has two lockable clasp latches (standard low entry suitcase locks) and a spring handle, I don’t know if I would trust the latches to Airport baggage handling. Inches of cut out foam, inside. Overall, this case will provide protection for your binoculars for years to come when you are the one transporting them. The binoculars where shipped inside the hard case, within a box that was within another box with corner protections, shipping care is excellent. The 100mm Rubberized lens covers are pliable and fit snug, there are no string or eyelets to connect them, the eyepiece does have eyelets for connections. The Binoculars come with a strap that you can connect, however, at 10lbs I just do not see you putting these around your neck or trusting a tension loop with a thin strap. No lens cleaners are included.
    I saw these 25×100 CF’s when I purchased my 8×40 Mariners here at Oberwerk (they are awesome). So I searched high and low, for other 25x100s and found these is one of the best values on the market today. Does that mean that this is a no brainer purchase? No! That depends on your expectations. I saw a review here where it is mentioned the bands of Jupiter could be seen and was sold instantly, afterall the 8x40s exceeded my expectations, however, I did not do my homework properly;
    If you are getting these for terrestrial viewing during the day, you will be very satisfied with the 25x magnification and the wide field of view along with good eye relief.
    If you are getting these for astronomy understand and set your expectations to the 25x magnification and light gathering capabilities. Viewing will change with the environment, heat, cold, and light pollution. Find out the bortle rating for the area you wish to view from. https://astrobackyard.com/the-bortle-scale/ will help you understand. My experience in late summer, a Suburban sky looking at Saturn, I see a white star with an oblong shape around it. You recognize that this is Saturn. It is very tough to see a dark space between the ring of Saturn and the planet itself, chromatic distortion is evident. I cannot see multiple rings. Viewing Jupiter, I can see a very bright planet, chromatic distortion is evident, and I do not see any bands. I can see 4 of Jupiter’s moons that look like tiny stars near the planet. If you want more detail in these types of objects you must have more magnification. Saturn and Jupiter do not fill your eyepiece and are very small. It would be nice to see a chart on expected sizes at different magnification levels. I can only find them starting at 100x.
    My personal expectations were not met as I could not see any bands of Jupiter (so much for review eh?). Perhaps if I take these binoculars to a different viewing location at a different time of year. I am not satisfied because I had the wrong expectations from these binoculars. That being said, they DO perform exactly as advertised and for the technology in them they are one of the best values on the market. I could have returned them with Oberwerk’s 14 day policy, however, it’s not Oberwerk’s fault for me not doing thorough due diligence so I do not think it proper to return them. Like a lot of people if these Binoculars are a fit for you Oberwerk would be at the top of my list.

    • Kevin Busarow (verified owner)

      For those interested in viewing planets, this article will be of interest.

  18. Andrew Corkill (verified owner)

    My wife bought these for me as a Christmas Present (in September), I told her I had to test them out now, just to make sure there are no problems with them, before she wraps them up.
    I am absolutely satisfied and utterly astounded at the crisp pin-point stars and the precision of the collimation. Oberwerk has gained a customer for life.

    I tested the 25×100’s on two double stars. Zeta Aquarius & 94 Aquarius. I also had my Explore Scientific 152ED APO at 143x to compare.

    I first located Zeta Aquarius with the 25×100’s to test and see if I could split this double (at 2.5 arc seconds). Needless to say, I could not split them at 25x. I then pointed the 152 ED APO at 143x and confirmed the double (they were just kissing in the eyepiece, two beautiful golden stars very close in magnitude) and felt very satisfied. I did not expect to split these in the 25×100’s and confirmed that I could not.

    Moving onto 94 Aquarius, I first located them in the 25×100’s and noticed immediately that I could see them split (12.6 arc seconds) even with almost two magnitudes of difference between primary and secondary; 5.3, 7.0 magnitude.

    This was surprising as I’ve been using the Oberwerk LW 20×80’s for 6 months and have some trouble with any double-star that is 12 arc seconds or less. To immediately split this double in the 25×100’s is a great joy! I am going to be using these binoculars on a regular basis and fully enjoy observing double-stars and deep sky objects.

    I couldn’t resist zipping over to M15 and seeing it “pop-out” like a swarm of fire flies floating amongst the stars. The sharpness of these optics is amazing!
    I’ve been going through the Astronomical League Double-Star Observing Lists for Binoculars with the 20×80’s, and as I am not moving to the Advanced List (with many stars less than 12 arc seconds), I’m going to be hunting them down with the 25×100’s. This is going to be a fun winter!!

    Of course the Bino’s are now back in the box, and will go under the tree until Christmas, but I am thrilled and fully satisfied with this purchase.

    BTW – I live in very light polluted skies. The faintest star I can see with the naked eye is 3rd Magnitude! I’m not even on the first notch of the Bortle scale (Maybe Bortle “11”). I’ve discovered a whole new world from my backyard with binoculars during COVID-19. I will never need a dark sky site with the multitude of objects I can observe every single night; Moon, Planets, Double-Stars, Messier Objects. Large Binoculars are a “must have” for every Amateur Astronomer.

  19. Keith Doyle (verified owner)

    I bought the 25×100 deluxe binoculars after doing a lot of research. I looked at Cloudy Nights, (a chat group for amateur astronomers )Oberwerk Binoculars had great reviews and Kevin Busarow, the Founder of Oberwerk was mentioned as standing behind his product and was well regarded. I decided to purchase from Oberwerk. When I received my binoculars I was pleased with the binoculars and the case. There was a quality checklist card that appeared to be signed by Kevin. I was really impressed. I felt like I actually had support if I needed it. I had read a lot of reviews where binoculars were out of collimation bought from other companies and they were stuck with a product. The quality check on my binoculars also showed they were collimated, which re-enforced confidence that I made the right decision buying from Oberwerk. My binoculars were also much brighter then my 20×80 binoculars purchased from a different company, I felt the quality was much better on my Oberwerk Binoculars. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  20. Jody D Armour (verified owner)

    I just received my Oberwerk 25×100 CF Deluxe Binocular and it is simply amazing. Our home has a 220 degree view that runs from LAX to the Hollywood sign and these binoculars bring out details with brilliant clarity. They are a great value. I look forward to buying more products from this company.

  21. Russ Miller (verified owner)

    The Oberwerk 25×100 is a great deal. I got the CF model, mostly for terrestrial viewing of eagles, fires, and crimes from my elevated house. Honestly, I don’t know how they sell these at a profit. The clarity is excellent and the alignment is perfect. Some notes so far:
    – They shipped quickly for a very fair shipping charge considering the size and weight.
    -They were packed more carefully for shipping than any item I’ve ever received. Some companies use whatever box is lying around that day. These came in a heavy duty case inside two boxes, with bubble wrap and foam corners. Even an airline or the postal service would be hard pressed to damage these during shipping.
    – They’re quite heavy, but very well balanced. I have what I thought was a pretty rugged Manfrotto tripod. If the (very rugged) binocular mount wasn’t centered well, my tripod couldn’t have dealt with the weight. As it is, the binoculars will jiggle slightly for a second after I move them. Therefore, do consider what tripod you’ll use.
    – I have difficulty getting my eyeballs close enough to the eyepieces, but this is mostly related to my facial structure. I’m sure they fit the 5th through 95th percentile face just fine, but if you have deep eye sockets, the width of the eyepieces can make it difficult to squeeze your nose between the lenses. Maybe I received too much Neanderthal DNA, but the lenses bump into my cheekbone and forehead before I can get my eye to the optimal position. It works out okay for me, but I would not have been able to use these binoculars with eyeglasses. Many others probably could.
    – I’ve never seen a better deal in big-but-good binoculars, but even if something else was competitive, I’d want to buy from Oberwerk. I bought a pair of 15x60s from them years ago for an unbelievably low price. They’ve done very well. I gather that with Oberwerk, the money goes to the good guys, not to five levels of useless middlemen all trying to take their cut. They have binoculars to fit most needs, particularly on the large end. Give them a try.

  22. Charles Noble (verified owner)

    These are excellent binoculars and I’ve used them for lunar, Solar (w/ filters) and planetary viewing. I was blown away by the views coming from using 8×56 binoculars. These are not ED or APO so they do show secondary color around bright objects (moon, Jupiter and Venus). These are large binoculars and require a decent mount. I have these mounted on the Farpoint UMB with the Oberwerk TR3 tripod. These 25×100 binoculars overpower this set-up due to having to max out the position of the weights which introduces a lot of vibrations. Oberwerk was quick to answer my emails and made this purchase exceptional.

  23. Vladymyr

    After much thought, I bought an Oberwerk 25×100 CF and was impressed with these binoculars. These binoculars have excellent optical quality. The resolution of the central part of the field of view is high, more than expected. The image quality across the field is very good. chromatic for this relative aperture, which gives a very transparent and sharp image. Distortion is very small. All this indicates the competent calculation of this system. The image is very bright, the colors are saturated. Sturdy construction, good finish. Highly recommend to buy!

  24. Jeff H (verified owner)

    These were my first pair of astronomy binoculars, and the first pair of binoculars above 10×50 that I’ve ever used. Needless to say I was blown away by the vast quantity of stars I could now see on any given clear night. And the clarity!! The possibilities seem endless and I’m very excited to share this new hobby with friends and family. Just last night I saw the Andromeda galaxy and the Orion nebula for the first time, which I had previously only seen in pictures. Was truly an amazing moment.

    I did my own research before buying. Google searches pushed me in the direction of binoculars available on Amazon such as the Celestron and Orion brands, which I’m sure are great, but I’m glad I stumbled upon Oberwerk through an astronomy forum. The attention to detail and quality of Oberwerk’s optics are top notch.

    For those looking for a fantastic first pair of astronomy binoculars, these are them. Now that I’ve used these several nights and am convinced stargazing will become a lifelong hobby, I’m tempted to trade in for one of the XL series binocular telescopes.

  25. James B. (verified owner)

    Amazing is the best way to put it. I have been looking for an affordable option for outreach and personal use and these are perfect for both. I purchased the 5000 tripod and head which supports the binos well and installed a bino bandit which improved things tremendously. While in bortle 3 skies I was able to make out M31 outline and a bright center, M42 was very visible and would expect better views with filters but still easily identified. Jupiter and her 4 moons was clear and crisp while Pleiades showdd some faint nebulosity. The moon had very little CA and was a sight to see. These are great binos and a newly insfalled laser will make acquisition even quicker. I would highly recommend the 5000 tripod and head with it as it was a very stable platform and was easily adjusted for different family members wanting to take a look.

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