Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder Mount


Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder Mount

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This Picatinny rail adapter clamps to the horizontal bar collar of the larger Deluxe Series binoculars, as well as the Adjustable Tripod Mount for the Oberwerk 20x80LW, to allow mounting an Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder. Black-anodized aluminum construction.  Should fit any binocular that has a 1″ diameter collar on a horizontal mount bar.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

4 reviews for Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder Mount

  1. Todd Teryek (verified owner)

    Fit is perfect on my 100 mm binoculars with the included spacer. Makes for proper, low profile mounting of my red dot finder. Great service as usual.

  2. Daniel Madsen (verified owner)

    The central rail on my binoculars is 5/8″. The mound is too large for that even with the included spacer. I needed to enhance the rail’s circumference with a piece of garden hose and plastic foam. Once it fits tightly, the mount works great.

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    Fits great on my 20×80 Deluxe lll. Very nice Quality and fast delivery.

  4. William Sladek (verified owner)

    The mount doesn’t fit my 20X65 EDs, even though it’s advertised for the Deluxe Series. Even the included spacer is too large. Why sell an accessory that doesn’t fit properly?

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