Oberwerk TR3 Hardwood Tripod/Mount for the BT-120/127XL-SD


Oberwerk TR3 Hardwood Tripod/Mount for the BT-120/127XL-SD


Built to order, usually takes 2-3 days.


Oberwerk TR3 hardwood tripods are the finest, safest, and most beautiful tripods on the market. They are custom-built from solid American maple (light honey finish) or optional walnut (dark and rich). They feature Slip-Stop (U.S. Pat. No. 10,281,081) leg clamps to prevent an accidental crash from a change in humidity levels. Conventional wood tripods that are left set up are prone to leg slippage due to changes in humidity. A leg clamp that was tight can loosen when humidity levels drop, causing the wood to slightly shrink- possibly resulting in a catastrophic crash of whatever the tripod is supporting. Our Slip-Stop tripod legs incorporate a visually-imperceptible reverse taper in the center section, so if a leg clamp slips due to a drop in humidity, it will re-tighten after slipping an inch or two. Simple, but effective! The legs are laser-engraved with a length scale in 1/8″ increments, for precise height adjustments. All the non-wood components* of the tripod are aluminum (no plastic), including the adjustable spreader, with engraved leg angle markings.  All screws & bolts are stainless steel.  For use with the BT-120XL-SD or BT-127XL-SD, we configure it with your choice of the Oberwerk XL-280 Fork Mount or the Manfrotto NitroTech 612 head. Need a case? The Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case is a perfect fit.

*some parts imported

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in
Product Weight

12 lbs.

Height range (without mount)


Leg angle range

16-25 degrees

Mount Choice

Oberwerk XL-280 Fork Mount, Manfrotto 612 Nitrotech Head


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