Gift Giving Ideas

Below are some suggestions for those that are not sure which binocular to buy as a gift for another person. We’re also happy to offer suggestions based on the recipient’s interests and usage- just ask. Finally, be assured that if the recipient is less than thrilled with any of our products, we offer a full refund (excluding shipping) for returns received within 15 days after purchase.

 Oberwerk Gift Certificate

 Connect your smartphone camera to any Oberwerk binocular  Looking for a binocular for a child? With an IPD range of 51-74mm, this is the only binocular on the market that works for 3-year-olds as well as adults  Our least-expensive compact roof-prism binocular, ideal for bird-watching and sporting events  Our best bird-watching binocular  A great general-purpose binocular  Our most powerful hand-holdable astronomy binocular  The smallest and least-expensive 45° ED binocular telescope on the market  Military binoculars for the home-with-a-view?  The world’s most powerful binocular  Custom Engraving

giftcert2 Purchase an Oberwerk Gift Certificate in any amount, and we’ll mail or email the certificate, which contains a unique coupon code, to the recipient. Can be redeemed online or by phone.
Oberwerk Smartphone DigiScoping Adapter  Capture images or video using any Oberwerk binocular and any smartphone camera. $34.95
kidscat190 Oberwerk 6.5×32 LW  Our smallest, lightest, and least-expensive binocular. Yet it’s waterproof, has BAK4 prisms and is fully broadband multi-coated. Offers the widest IPD range on the market, making it the perfect children’s binocular- but adults love it too! Low 6.5x power offers very steady hand-held viewing with huge 8° FOV. An ideal choice for any outdoor activity. $99.95
Oberwerk 8x42 Sport HD II Oberwerk 8x32mm Sport HD  Looking for a compact binocular that can be used for a variety of activities? The Oberwerk 8x32mm Sport HD is our least-expensive compact roof-prism binocular. This is a high-performance phase-coated roof prism binocular that sells for a fraction of the price of competitors. It’s rugged and 100% waterproof- perfect for sporting events, hunting, and bird watching. $129.95
Oberwerk 8x42 Sport ED Oberwerk 8x42mm Sport ED  Our finest roof-prism binocular, for advanced-level bird-watching and wildlife viewing, or for any type of viewing where flawless color rendition is necessary. Very compact and lightweight, due to its magnesium alloy construction. $349.95
Oberwerk 8×42 Deluxe  Looking for a high-quality waterproof binocular for the great outdoors? The Oberwerk 8×42 Deluxe is a step up in quality over our Lightweight Series, yet is very affordable. It’s rugged and 100% waterproof- perfect for any outdoor activity. $179.95
x70topresized Oberwerk 11x70mm Lightweight Series  The highly-acclaimed Oberwerk 11x70mm is one of our best-selling binoculars for astronomy. At just 3 pounds, it’s the largest-aperture highest-magnification binocular we offer that can be used without a tripod or binocular mount. $149.95
Oberwerk BT-70XL-ED  The Oberwerk BT-70XL-ED is the smallest of the XL Series, and is also the least-expensive binocular telescope with ED objectives on the market. Perfect for serious astronomers that need easy portability, also popular with home-owners that have a great view, but have limited space.  From $1595
Oberwerk 25/40x100mm Long-Range Observation Binocular  If you have a home with a view, you can own the very same binocular we provide to the US Government and United Nations security forces. When you see first-hand the quality of both the optics and the overall construction (including the beautiful American-made hardwood tripod that comes with it), you’ll be amazed that such a high-quality instrument can be had for this price.   $2895
Oberwerk BT-100XL-ED  Our flagship BT-100XL-ED is not only the most powerful binocular on the market, it also offers the highest image quality of any binocular telescope- at any price. Perfect for serious astronomers as well as the home-with-a-view.   $2650
customtri3 Custom Tripod Engraving  Buying an Oberwerk 25/40×100 Long-Range Observation binocular or Binocular Telescope as a gift for someone? We can laser-engrave any text of your choice (up to 3 lines) on the tripod.  $25.00