8×42 Deluxe


8×42 Deluxe

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Oberwerk Deluxe Series are close to The Ultra Series in optical performance and construction quality, but at a substantially-lower price.  The 8×42 Deluxe is the smallest and lightest-weight of the Deluxe family, with rugged construction and precise center focuser. Of course they are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. Includes a rugged soft case, caps, and a neck strap.

Recommended mounts-
Oberwerk 2000 Monopod
Oberwerk 3000 Tripod

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in


Eye Relief

13.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

2.3 lbs.

Product Dimensions


4 reviews for 8×42 Deluxe

  1. Timothy West (verified owner)

    Crisp, clear views, especially at night. I have the 8/40 mariner, and while great for daytime, the 8/42 deluxe is much better for astronomy. Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin and I also love the tethered objective covers.

  2. David Jacobson (verified owner)

    I’ve got the 8/42 deluxe. The optics are spectacular! They are much sharper and higher contrast than a pair of Nikon 10/25 binoculars I have that are in the same price range. The field of view is amazingly large.

    There are, however, several slight problems.

    1. The eyepieces have an outer diameter much larger than the glass of the real element. My inter-pupil distance is about 62 mm, and the rear cushions (for lack of a better word) hit my nose instead of resting on the bones above my eye. The eye relief is naively large, but even without glasses I can barely get my eyes close enough to get the full field of view.

    2. The focusing barrel is very hard to turn, It almost takes using the middle fingers of both hands to turn it. Of course, if you are using these for astronomy rather than birding, you will only need to adjust this once. So it won’t matter.

    3. There are tethered objective covers. But it is difficult to get them to go into the outer tube.

    4. There are coupled eyepiece covers, but they are very difficult to put on.

    If your eyes are wide or your nose is small and you use these for astronomy, I recommend these without reservation. If you are like me, it barely works right. But still, I think they are great.

  3. Ed L. (verified owner)

    First impression upon removing the 8×42 from the case – these are “serious” bino’s!

    The tethered objective covers and eyepiece covers are not going to fall off like many others do. While they don’t “pop” off and on I only remove and replace them once per day, so I’m pleased that they stay put. The adjustable eyecups are a welcome improvement compared to the “up or down” removable ones that eventually crack and/or tear.

    Focusing and IP adjustment are stiff, but they’re brand new. Much preferred to floppy/sloppy and I’m sure they will “dial in” with use.

    Daytime viewing is a treat! Haven’t been able, due to prevailing weather in the Northeast, to give them a good astro workout. I expect I’ll be more than pleased when I do.

    As usual, packaging was excellent and shipping was quick.
    Thank you Oberwerk for another great product and customer experience!

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    A nice and hefty pair of binoculars, they are solidly built yet easy to handle. I catch myself grabbing them frequently when I head outside for a quick backyard observation session and don’t feel like setting up my telescope or the 25×100 binoculars. They perform flawlessly, optics are clear and crisp that perform well for astronomy as well as daylight/terrestrial observations.

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