10×50 Deluxe


10×50 Deluxe

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Oberwerk 10×50 Deluxe Series models are close to the Ultra Series in optical performance and construction quality, but are substantially-lower priced.  The fully broadband multi-coated optics provide excellent sharpness across almost the entire field of view. It has precise center-focus and is waterproof and nitrogen charged. Includes a rugged soft case (same case as the 10×50 Ultra), caps, and a neck strap.

Recommended mounts-
Oberwerk 2000 Monopod
Oberwerk 3000 Tripod

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in


Eye Relief

13.0mm (usable)

Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

2.5 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=7, W=7.5, H=2.5 in.

17 reviews for 10×50 Deluxe

  1. Norman Sullivan

    Yesterday I received my new Oberwerk 10 X 50 Deluxe. We were blessed with a mostly clear night, so I gave them a quick shakedown.
    In a word – great! Images were crisp and sharp, and above all, bright. I quickly found the 3 major clusters in Auriga, and then explored the gems of Gemini. Even at a low altitude, the Orion nebula was stunning.
    I have been a binocular observer for about 10 years, and have several to choose from, but I do believe this new 10 X 50 will be my ‘go to” pair. I can see most of what my 15 X 70 shows me, but without the bother of the tripod mount.
    I believe you have a winner here, especially at this price point. Good going! And especially, thanks for your check out before shipment. I wish all manufacturers would do the same.

  2. Richard McMahon

    I had been shopping for a replacement for my old 10×50 binoculars. I checked out the 10×50 Deluxe and gave Oberwerk a call and talked to Kevin. He is very knowledgeable about the 10x50s and upon the information I received from him I placed an order. Shipping was quick and packing was very good. I took the binoculars out of the box and noticed the nice green anti-reflective coating on both the objective and eyepieces. Included was a soft carrying case, thick neck strap, test chart on the binos and a 2 year warranty. The binos have a very good feel and they feel solid but not overly heavy. I’d recommend these to anyone wanting to do birdwatching, astronomy hiking or boating. The 10×50 deluxe are waterproof and nitrogen filled.
    I took these out during the day and found that clarity, resolution and light transmission are excellent and collimation is spot on. Later I tried these with astronomy. The three belt stars and the Orion nebula were all showcased in the field of view and the 6.3 degree field of view is very nice. The sky is nice and black and the stars are pin point to 80-90 percent of the field of view and then they soften a little. For the price paid I am very pleased with the binocular construction and their optics. I would repeat my purchase with what I know now. The folks at Oberwerk, Kevin and Linda are great to work with and you get good customer service and value for your money.

  3. John Eaccarino (verified owner)

    The Oberwerk 10×50 Deluxe as the previous reviewers mentioned, these are very nice binoculars, both optically and mechanically. Last night, I had an opportunity to view Jupiter, the Moon, etc. The objects were sharp and I didn’t notice false color. But what impressed me the most was Kevin Busarow’s customer care. He was quick to respond to my email questions and, when I received the first pair and found that I had difficulty getting sharp focus due to my near-sightedness without my glasses (which is my preferred method of viewing), I contacted Kevin and emailed him my eye prescription. He sent me a replacement pair that was inline with my needs. This is truly outstanding service.

  4. Allan Byrne (verified owner)

    I was looking for a pair of “I got home late, but the stars are great, and I got to have a quick look” pair of binoculars. I also wanted something that was very travel friendly. I own two good small scopes with some good eye pieces, so I’m a little spoiled. I went with the 10×50 Deluxe model. They arrived very well packed. They have a very nice case with an inside pocket for small accessories. The website photo does not do them full justice. They have a very sleek and pleasing appearance – good art design. They have a very nice solid feel in your hands. The first week I had them, we had a full moon and a lot of Summer haze reflecting light pollution, so deep sky was out. So what did I see? Even under those conditions the views were really great! Stars were points just about to the edge. In fact with such a wide field, edge distortion was not an issue. Images were very bright, and the brighter stars had a nice background of varying degrees of “softer” stars. But what I found amazing was the color contrast with double stars – beautiful clear color and brightness distinctions. It was like having two small refractors. Two hours of observing, often looking straight up and the focus stayed absolutely true. There was nothing up like the Pleiades to give a 3-D wow effect, but the next night Saturn was next to the full moon, and they were both framed by moon lit clouds – Wow 3-D!
    I can’t wait for a dark clear night, but right now, these binocs are wonderful for relaxed sweeping of double stars and asterisms. I saw a lot.
    Kevin was great. He answered multiple questions over several emails.

  5. Dave Arbon (verified owner)

    Arrived in Canada quickly, a bit more expensive due to the Canadian dollar and tax man, still worth it, rugged, fairly heavy, eye cup height is critical as theirs a hard inner cup so the outer soft one needs to be proud if you observe with your glasses on. Focuser wheel was a bit stiff but loosened up with use, I guess thats the O rings used to make it fog and water proof. The view is very nice and the instrument seems to be well engineered., a good basic case and neck strap make up the package. You could do worse if in the market for a good basic 10×50 binocular, Kevin was good to deal with also.

  6. Ryan Hunt (verified owner)

    I received my 10×50 Deluxe a few weeks ago along with the 3000 Series Tripod and head. From the moment I opened the box I knew I had made the right choice. These binoculars are a top notch product. The views through them are crystal clear. I exchanged several emails with Kevin prior to making my selection and he was responsive and offered sound advice as I considered what I wanted to get.
    A few nights ago I had the binoculars and tripod out for an observing session. My daughter joined me and we spent about an hour scanning the skies looking at a few objects she had never seen before.

    I would highly recommend these binoculars to anyone looking for a well built piece of equipment with from a company that obviously cares a great deal about the impression they leave with their customers.

  7. Girish Kumthekar

    Great piece — Always helps to Read the fine manual —
    Eyepiece Cover
    You’ll notice that the eyepiece cover has a loop on each side. No, the left side loop is not broken- it’s intentionally molded with a split. The purpose of the loops is so a neck-strap can be threaded through the right side, and simply hooked on the left side. When you raise the binocular to view, unhook the left side and allow the cover to drop away to the right side.

  8. Adam Nowak

    So far, so good. I received these binoculars as a birthday gift. The view of the moon is spectacular. Moreover, the power of these binoculars was enough to get a good view despite ambient light pollution in my neighborhood – I was in my backyard – and minimal cloud cover – clouds were wispy. I am extremely impressed.

    The binoculars are hefty, but the weight is not obnoxious. I was able to comfortably view a full moon for an hour with minimal fatigue.

    Also, the crew at Oberwerk was extremely helpful in answering my questions. This is a top-notch company.

  9. Andrew Corkill (verified owner)

    I just received the 10×50 Deluxe Binoculars and upon first impression they are fantastic!

    I ordered on Monday and received them on Friday (from Ohio to California by ground). Quick same-day shipping from the team at Oberwerk – Good Job!

    I’m participating in the Astronomical League’s Binocular Variable Star Program and I needed a very good pair of center focus binoculars for estimating the visual magnitude of variable stars. I already own the Oberwerk 20×80 LW and the 25×100 Giant binoculars, so I know the quality of Oberwerk is great. I just needed a good handheld pair with a wide field of view. The 10×50’s have a FOV of 6.5 degrees which is about what you need to be able to see a sufficient amount of comparison stars in the same field of view. This is important because you can use the “defocus” method of comparing stars to estimate their magnitude. You find the variable star and a comparison star and put them in the field of view, then slowly defocus the stars to see which completely disappears first. As you defocus it become obvious which one is brighter, and you can continue to compare. This is important for the beginner as a direct comparison can be very challenging until you get enough experience.

    Pinpoint stars are a criteria for me and that is what these 10×50’s give you. The stars are “crisp” and you see the effect that they “snap” into sharp focus. This is a great pleasure after having used lower cost binoculars that never quite give you perfectly round stars or have other optical issues. There is a slight amount of color at the fringe of the stars showing a little chromatic aberration, but it is not enough to distract from the image of the stars.

    First night out I observed 5 variable stars and visually measured their magnitude with the binoculars. These binoculars were an incredible improvement over my attempts with other brands and styles of binoculars. It is interesting that depending on what type of observations you are making, it will require a different binocular. The Oberwerk 20×80’s will work for variable star observations, but field of view is around 3 degrees, and you’ll miss out on some comparison stars. Even with the 6.5 degree field of view on the 10×50’s, I still have to put some comparison stars on the edge of the field with the variable on the opposite edge to compare. Of course, edge to edge sharpness is critical here, and the Oberwerk 10×50’s perform flawlessly for me.

    I also own the Oberwerk 10×50 “Ultra” Binoculars which are my favorite hand-held pair of binoculars. I use them all the time to locate double stars and deep sky objects, but they don’t have center focus, so they are not the best for me to do variable star magnitude measurements. The Oberwerk 10×50 “Deluxe” binoculars satisfy that requirement and the optics are almost as good as the “Ultra” (but the Ultra are still slightly better).
    After using Oberwerk binoculars now for one year (the first year of COVID) I am a huge fan of their optical quality and their prices are great too. I will most likely end up owning almost every pair of Oberwerk that fits my observations as they are the best I have found for Astronomy.

  10. Steve Thompson (verified owner)

    I own a variety of cheap, pocket-sized binoculars and an 8″ dobsonian telescope, but this pair of binoculars, mounted on the 3000 tripod, is now my first choice for star gazing. The optics are fantastic and the ease of use is outstanding. My first night out in the mountains of Colorado included sightings of the Andromeda galaxy and the moons of Jupiter. I’ve even observed satellites through the large field of vision. I also use it for wildlife/bird watching. I am so pleased, I am thinking about a second pair. Thank you Oberwerk.

  11. cbjedp

    Recently purchased a 15x70Deluxe which prompted me to review the 10x50D that I have had for 4 years. Really enjoy using these with the Oberwerk monopod in a less than ideal viewing urban environment. What a difference between these and any other name brand binocular I have used. Not a problem hand holding but I use the monopod regularly which is a high quality piece of equipment itself.. Optics are fantastic,comfortable to hold,rugged construction-can’t imagine I would be happier with anything else remotely close in price.
    Order handling and customer service can’t be beat-emails returned promptly and the one time I called the office Kevin took the call.

  12. Logan W. (verified owner)

    I bought the 20×80 LWs and the 3000 Tripod in January and February, respectively. Both are good products, however I wanted something more handheld. After a lot of research, I decided on these. I ordered them and they arrived quickly. There was a slight issue with the eyecup but Kevin was quick to respond with how to fix it. After that, I did a few tests during the day. There was barely any chromatic aberration and distortion. Once the weather cleared, I tested them on the sky. Very crisp and sharp optics, with stars resolved down to little points of light. The only problem I noticed was that these are quite heavy, so for optimal stargazing you would need a tripod. Despite this, they are very high quality binoculars and have excellent value. A very good buy for an all-purpose binocular.

  13. Mark Yanofsky

    I have to reiterate the positive reviews of the other owners,who have commented here……I just received my 10x50Deluxe binoculars and had a super clear night,this evening.
    I was dead tired having babysat my adorable 5 year old grand daughter,while she ran me around all day…but….I could not resist such a clear night sky!
    These binoculars gave me everything I could possibly want.Aside from superior build quality and perfect adjustability,the optical performance was breath taking……I mean “really” good!

    Nice wide field of view and stars came thru with distinctive colors……From reds to whites.You get it all.

    Simply a fabulous binocular!

  14. Greg (verified owner)

    Really good binoculars under 200 bucks. I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp the moon looked considering the fact that this only uses crown and flint glass! No CA on the moon. Day time use sees a small amount of wavy haze on mountains if you look in the distance but they’re very very sharp. The Pleiades was framed nicely as well as the double cluster. The field stops are a bit soft though and the edge of field has some brightening but it’s sharp across the field! For the money, these are top quality binoculars!

    Cons: The focusing knob is built well but it’s way too stiff. I’m not sure if it loosens up overtime but it’s pretty stiff. Although this is not that much of an issue when viewing the night skies.

    Overall I’m very pleased with Oberwerk. They check everything that leaves the factory and make sure your binoculars are collimated. You have a customer for life here!

  15. William Smith (verified owner)

    Oberwerk 10×50 Deluxe binoculars review

    4-star overall

    These are a very fine bino for astro use using the middle half of the view. Stars are pinpoint here then aberrations come in and increase quite a bit at the outer edge. For my style of viewing this is not an issue as I don’t concentrate on the outer third of the view as I would move to center the binos there. The 64-degree apparent FOV is nice & wide and the outer, soft edge lends a lot to the pleasing view and avoiding a tunnel-vision look. This issue is not really noticeable that much in terrestrial viewing; stars are a tough subject. Contrast in these binos is really good.

    5-star on-axis viewing.

    I use a modified, for better balance, Orion Paragon Plus parallelogram mount for it with a bino bandit type eyepieces shield.

    On-axis resolution is superb! Splitting double stars such as Struve 747 in Orion (36″), Albiero (34″) & 61 Cygnus (32″) are easy, 83 Leo (29″), Struve 1694 (22″) in Camelopardalis near Polaris and 41 Draco (19″) are clearly seen with black sky between them and even 100 Hercules (14.4″) shows as an out of round ‘star’ all the time and can be split maybe 5% of the time. I do prefer easier doubles and usually stick to >25″, especially if there is much brightness difference in the stars.

    Lunar craters down to 35 miles diameter can be readily seen with some details coming through. Smaller ones such as Thales (22 miles) are tough and require good conditions. Larger craters shine with teasing details (such as 70 mile diameter Gassendi’s central mountain) and lunar mountain ranges, especially the Apennine & Caucasus, make you want to keep tweaking the focus to gain a bit more! On a full moon, Tycho’s ray system is superb with great contrast and craters on the full outer perimeter show, with scrutiny, as tantalizing ‘roughness’. Yes there is some – but not objectionable to me – color to the lunar edge.

    The 10x power is really helpful on the Moon & watching Jupiter’s 4 Galilean moons shuttle night-to-night. It may be ‘only 3x’ more than 7x binos but that is 10/7 = 1.43 or 43% larger images. This extra mag is also very helpful with the Messier objects and brighter/larger NGCs.

    Over time, I’ve seen all the Messiers in my Bortle 4.5 skies except the hardest 20-odd, such as Ms 59, 74, 76, 89 & 91, which required trips to darker skies. Yes, I’m writing this review after owning the binos for just over a year.

    Other plusses for these binos include a very solid focusing bridge (no rocking of the eyepieces); very nice eye relief so I can use my glasses & see the entire field; good rifling inside to keep reflections down; the twist-up eyecups are very good when viewing without glasses (or use all the way in with glasses); and standard 1.25″ filters can be screwed in the eyepieces and don’t interfere with the twist-up eyecups (yea!).
    Kevin is great to deal with & has the answers to your questions.

    The lower 4-star overall grade comes from the drop in star quality toward the edge being more abrupt and bit more severe than I’d like; shorter range of diopter adjustment; stiffer focus knob although for astronomy one pretty much adjusts it once; this is a big & 2.6lb heavy bino and works best with a tripod or parallelogram mount support.

    All-in-all a very nice bino for a reasonable price! Get one & have fun.

  16. Billy stone (verified owner)

    Ive had these over a year, and they’re very nice binoculars. When I first got them I was mounting them on the 5000 tripod. They accidentally fell off onto the concrete floor from a height of 5 feet. It was totally my fault and had nothing to do with the tripod. Anyway, I just knew they were destroyed. Would you believe it didn’t hurt them? Didn’t even knock them out of alignment. If that isn’t testimony to a quality made product I don’t know what is.

  17. Carl

    I order the 1050 Deluxe. Very well made. This is the third pair of binoculars. I have bought from oberwerk. High quality good purchase. I’m sending them to my son in Trinidad to be his first pair. Thanks to oberwerk and the High quality staff.

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