Oberwerk PM2 Parallelogram Mount


Oberwerk PM2 Parallelogram Mount

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Our new PM2 parallelogram mount, made from maple, stainless steel, and aluminum, is unlike anything else on the market. The quality, smooth motion, and great looks are unmatched by any other parallelogram mount. It’s designed to complement our TR3 maple tripod, and is built using a number of the tripod’s components. Look closely and you’ll see that the double parallelogram and extendable counterweights are essentially two TR3 legs. Like the TR3, the PM2 is made right here in Dayton, OH. Besides making night sky observation much more comfortable, our parallelogram mount gives a 28″ range of eyepiece height without adjusting the tripod- and without loss of target (ideal for sharing the view with kids). Utilizing our highly-regarded Oberwerk 5000 head, with dual panning handles, it’s flat-out the smoothest and easiest to control mount on the market. When used with the Oberwerk TR3 maple tripod, the combined height range allows viewing to zenith while standing, or while laying back in a reclining lawn chair.  It’s also ideal for viewing from a wheelchair. The dual extendable counterweights have laser-engraved weight scales, and handle a payload up to 12 lbs., so works well with any larger binocular up to the BT-82XL-ED binocular telescope. Optional stainless-steel counter-weight caps add an additional 2 lbs. of capacity, so the BT-100XL-ED can be mounted. One of the count-weights is removeable, so smaller binoculars (minimum weight 2 lbs.) can also be used. A lanyard-attached stainless-steel pin locks the mount in a horizontal position, to facilitate attaching/removing the binocular. Note that the TR3 can also be used without the PM2 simply by removing the 5000 head and attaching directly to the TR3. The fully-assembled PM2 fits the Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case nicely. You’ll want two- one for the mount and one for the tripod.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 8 in
Mount weight

20 lbs.

8 reviews for Oberwerk PM2 Parallelogram Mount

  1. Robert Dymkowski (verified owner)

    First communication/support with Oberwerk has been awesome.

    In the summer I was in the market for a good tripod to hold my 20×70 Echelons, which I use with my astronomy equipment. The biggest pain was panning or making movements across the sky, along with the lack of ability to adjust the height for my friends and keep a target. I had seen a few parallelograms on the market – but they looked like drafting lights.

    Once I saw the Oberwerk PM1 I knew I had to have it.

    1. It is beautiful – matches perfectly with the TR3 Maple Tripod
    2. Engineered perfectly – the mount goes into the tripod like butter.
    3. The unique slider weight design allows for spot on balance and never a need to have separate weights
    4. Fits perfectly into the two travel cases – which means I can take it everywhere!

    Bottom line, I glass more than I ever have – complete pleasure with the PM1 – I am very spoiled – I don’t want to ever hold a pair of “binos” by hand again.

  2. Howard Doll (verified owner)

    This mount system has to be the greatest I have ever purchased. Very simple (and not time consuming) to set up; ready for viewing enjoyment. Ergonomically friendly, one can use it standing up, sitting down or reclined. Also convenient for children by adjusting the tripod height. The PM1 is attached to the TR3 tripod (which I have always wanted one), and two great carrying bags complete the ensemble. This system is the most fun I have ever used. Kudos to Kevin for helping me with my PM1/TR3 system. Simply the greatest!

  3. Darren Hennig (verified owner)

    I got this in mid-February of this year, to make sure I got one before Kevin goes to NEAF this year. These are in a word… AMAZING binocular mounts! Smooth as silk, very easy to balance, they have a huge range of height to accommodate virtually ANY user.

    Given the highly variable weather this late winter here in central Canada, I have not yet had a chance to really put the unit through its full capabilities yet. I hope to do so very soon, once our skies and decent temperatures return to normal around mid-March.

    For those considering this mount: I have both this now and the Farpoint UBM unit, both purchased form Oberwerk. (the UBM I have had for almost 2 years). While it is a very nice mount, the PM1 is in a true class by itself!

    The two parts fit perfectly for transport with the 2 optionally offered cases (worth the extra $$ IMO) and for those with medium to large size binoculars who want the very best experience with their instrument, this is the way to go!

    I’ll post a follow up after spring galaxy hopping in Virgo and Messier Marathoning with my pairs. Stay tuned!

  4. Darren Hennig (verified owner)

    Follow up:

    I had these out for the first true test this past Thursday evening (March 4). Temperatures here in Winnipeg Canada were around -5C to -9C. Calm, clear.

    I put my 16x70APM binoculars on the mount and balancing and setup with this unit is superb. VERY easy, and safe. The dovetail on the 5000 series head has a safety catch to avoid mishaps, BTW.

    Observed for nearly 2h throughout the SW skies, and despite the moonglow, a very enjoyable evening!

    The PM1 was absolutely smooth as silk and aiming and using this mount has added a new dimension to my binocular observing. I have many larger binoculars and I have used them up to now mainly on the Far Point mount I got from Kevin a few years back.

    This PM1 is going to be SO MUCH FUN to use this year. IMO, it is THE finest mount available today for larger binoculars in the 4-11lb. range. Solid construction, and packs into the two optional cases very easily. A joy to transport and use.

    Highly recommended and well worth the $$ for those wanting a superb and very stable mounting platform!

  5. John Kew (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful mount. I needed something so we could easily switch between kids and adults for a set of 22x100mm binoculars. The wood is beautiful and the movement is smooth. The mount is quite heavy, but the legs appear to sit well on wood floors or decks without scratching. Very safe and I feel comfortable with the mount/binoculars around my young kids.

    I did not buy the carrying case as the mount would be more or less stationary and you do have to be careful with transport once it is out of the box.

    The team at oberwerk was great to work with. They answered a few questions I had about the setup and even swapped out some items for my particular needs.

  6. Lloyd Watkins (verified owner)

    Very good product, however I had to unscrew and take a weight off to balance my binoculars. For ease of use the balance system should be redesigned to use a clip on system. I would still buy this product again because of how well it works in outreach programs with both children and adults.

  7. John Molt (verified owner)

    I purchased the PM2 Mount and TR3 Tripod for my 25×100’s – really makes using big binoculars effortless. Easy to setup and easy for others to use as well.

  8. Paul J. Hoehner (verified owner)

    First of all, this is an exceptional binocular mount, both mechanically and aesthetically. It is a work of art and when not using it to observe it’s a centerpiece in my family room. Second, the support from Kevin Busarow and Linda Weiss is second to none. I have purchased several binoculars from Oberwerk. Kevin is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about binoculars and will personally help you get what you need. When I needed a replacement part for my PM2 Mount (a stripped tightener), not only did Linda answer my email immediately, but had a replacement part sent out (no charge) with complete instructions on how to replace it (easy) within an hour. I have never experienced this kind of support and service anywhere. This is a wonderful outfit and you can’t go wrong ordering from them.

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