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Oberwerk PM1 Parallelogram Mount


Oberwerk PM1 Parallelogram Mount



Our new PM1 parallelogram mount, made from maple, stainless steel, and aluminum, is unlike anything else on the market. The quality, smooth motion, and great looks are unmatched by any other parallelogram mount. It’s designed to complement our TR3 maple tripod, and is built using a number of the tripod’s components. Look closely and you’ll see that the double parallelogram and extendable counterweights are essentially two TR3 legs. Like the TR3, the PM1 is made right here in Dayton, OH. Besides making night sky observation much more comfortable, our parallelogram mount gives a 30″ range of eyepiece height without adjusting the tripod- and without loss of target (ideal for sharing the view with kids). While observing the night sky, you’ll feel like the mount is not even there. The binocular simply “floats”, while you effortlessly point it in any direction using the included Oberwerk 5000 head, with dual panning handles. When used with the Oberwerk TR3 tripod (discounted when ordered together), the combined height range allows viewing to zenith while standing, or while laying back in a reclining lawn chair.  It’s also ideal for viewing from a wheelchair. The dual extendable counterweights have laser-engraved weight scales, and handle a payload range of 4 lbs. to 11.5 lbs., so works well with our 25×100 Deluxe and even the BT-82XL-ED binocular telescope. A lanyard-attached stainless-steel pin locks the mount in a horizontal position, to facilitate attaching/removing the binocular. Note that the TR3 can also be used without the PM1 simply by removing the 5000 head and attaching directly to the TR3. The fully-assembled PM1 fits the Oberwerk Padded Tripod Case nicely. You’ll want two- one for the mount and one for the tripod.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in


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