BT-82XL-ED Binocular Telescope


BT-82XL-ED Binocular Telescope

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The BT-82XL-ED is the mid-size of the XL Series, capable of up to 64x magnification with excellent image quality, yet weighing a mere 10.5 lbs! With 82mm FK-61 ED objectives, 24mm of clear prism aperture, and a lightweight magnesium alloy body (waterproof and nitrogen-filled), this binocular telescope sets a new standard for image quality AND portability. A binocular of this quality deserves great eyepieces, so we include our finest 70° AFOV 14mm (32x) eyepieces. The ED objectives will deliver chromatic aberration-free views up to 64x magnification (7mm eyepieces). With the widest IPD range of any binocular on the market (50-80mm), even small children can view through both eyepieces.
Other features include a Picatinny rail handle (for mounting a wide variety of finders or laser pointers) and extendable glare shields. Not only are the XL Series the highest-quality binocular telescopes at anywhere near their relatively-low prices, they are also quite attractive! Available in your choice of a speckle-finish “Big Eyes” Gray or a lustrous “Luna Pearl” White, both featuring red-anodized trim. Our exclusive heavy-duty aluminum-frame case is included. Recommended mounts include the Oberwerk 5000 tripod/head, or the Oberwerk TR3 hardwood tripod with carbon-fiber elevator and Oberwerk 5000 head. Every Oberwerk binocular is tuned to perfection prior to shipping- so even at extreme magnifications, you’ll enjoy perfectly merged images.
3-year Limited Warranty.
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Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 12 in
Focal Length



2.2° (32x)

Exit Pupil

2.57mm (32x)

Eye Relief

18mm (32x)

Minimum Focus

25 meters

IPD Range


Product Weight

10.3 lbs.

4 reviews for BT-82XL-ED Binocular Telescope

  1. George S., Bay Park, USA

    I recently sold a bunch of my telescopes, binoculars, books and other equipment (continuing process BTW)- as I have been collecting too many not being used through the years-and decided that it was time to purchase one of the latest generation of Binocular Telescope from Oberwerk.
    This company has specialized in selling binocular telescopes for many years and it’s reputation is excellent. Recently they developed a competitive line of new generation “45 degree angled eyepiece” BT’s which are sized at 82mm and 100mm. They incorporate Extra Dispersion “apo grade” doublet objectives for improved viewing. I purchased the 82mm model in “Big Eyes” Gray, with metal frame case, 14mm eyepieces and a solidly built “local milled, finished and assembled” tripod system (with smooth imported mount head) which arrived on Friday.
    Waiting for a telescope-and especially a binocular- delivery is always a time of trepidation but thankfully both boxes, from Ohio, arrived in good shape at home base on Long Island, NY.
    I finally had the opportunity to try this system out yesterday (after the obligatory Jet’s loss). Installed the included 14mm Oberwerk 70-degree 1.25 inch eyepieces. Unscrewed the metal objective covers, extended the dew shields, focused the individual collars and looked at tree leaves and telephone poles (and a few birds that happened to get in the way). The view was similar to observing with my trusty Explore Sci ED80 telescope x 2. Sharp, high contrast zero color fringing with two eye viewing! Wows and amazement from my wife and a couple of friends at the house. Views are that good.
    Later that night I picked up my new “Grab and Go” observing platform and brought it out under the stars for first (star)Light. Perfect alignment and Stars pinpoint in both eyes. Total viewing satisfaction which amazed me as I owned a few big binoculars through the years and when astro observing, the out of collimation, violet and blue fringing and seagulls woes plagued many of them. This is dead-on aligned and air-spaced doublets solid. I installed my tiny red dot finder purchased from Burgess Optical many years ago….It fit perfectly on the Picatinny rail system.
    Next we checked out Saturn and Mars (over the top of my house) with a pair of higher power 82 degree ep’s and no image breakdown and sharp views. First time BT viewing for my wife – amazement looking through both ep’s was almost embarrassing to listen to. (And she is one tough critic).
    Next was the Double Cluster in Perseus. Like bright jewels on almost-black velvet. Both eyes picking up those million year old photons was an experience hard to describe. I bino view at times and enjoy it, but this seemed more natural to my brain. Next some double stars – very nice views. Then it was time to pack up as the mosquitoes were getting hungry and buzzing about.
    This Binocular Telescope passed muster with high grades and is now officially my favorite grab and go platform in my astro gear collection.
    Still have a bunch of more telescopes to sell.
    A few more eyepiece pairs are on my “Holiday time” list now.
    Gotta luv this great astro gear available today! Thank you, Kevin, for going that extra mile for developing this well built binocular telescope.

  2. wfburns_mo2 (verified owner)

    I purchased a BT-82XL-ED a couple of months ago and wanted to share my experience. I already own a pair of 20x110U binoculars along with a Series 5000 tripod and head (and some of the smaller Oberwerk binoculars) and am very pleased with them . I was looking for something I could easily travel with that would not be (airline) travel hostile. Based on my experience with Oberwerk on my other purchases, I decided to go with the BT-82XL-ED and couple it with the Series 5000.
    Let me say that in terms of being non airline travel hostile, this combo fits the bill. I found a hard travel case for the Series 5000 that is checkable baggage without being oversized. It is treated pretty much like golf clubs. The hard case that the 82XL-ED is delivered with can be used as a carry-on baggage. I haven’t had any problems with either.
    The 14mm Oberwerk eyepieces that comes with the binoculars are an asset. They sit in the sweet spot of magnification (32x) and apparent FOV (70 degrees). They are a pleasure to use. During the day, they are the eyepieces that sit in the binoculars. At night, I make use of my Televue Nagler, Panoptic, and Delite 1.25″ eyepieces. Note that for my less than perfect eyes, I need to use parfocal rings to bring them into focus. I don’t consider this to be an issue with either the binoculars or the eyepieces. For the 82XL-ED I favor the smaller, lighter eyepieces and haven’t tried any of the > 8oz eyepieces. All work fine and give sharp views from edge to edge. They also let me use my filters. One note on the Naglers. At 82 degree AFOV (in general) you need to move your head around to get the full true FOV. When you do so on the 82XL-ED, you get some blackout. If you stay centered in the exit pupil, they are excellent, but you don’t get the full 82 degrees. From what I can tell, the 82XL-ED works best with an AFOV around 70 degrees.
    In terms of performance, I’m impressed. On days when the air is stable, I can point the XL82-ED at a ridge in the mountains behind my house and focus on individual cactii, trees, or rocks 3 to 4 miles away. The detail is quite respectable. The wide angle (24mm and 18mm) views are breathtaking. The mid views (13mm) are excellent. The “higher power” views (9mm and 7mm) are nice and tight. Note that I also find the 5mm views, which are beyond the specification for the binoculars, to be useful. Of course, your mileage may vary. My only comment on focal length is that once you get to the 7mm (and 5mm) they become a little less user friendly. All this means is that you need to work a little harder to get the still excellent view.
    At night, I point the XL82-ED up at the night sky. I’ve been spending the last two months chasing the moon, planets, and brighter Messier and Caldwell objects. I haven’t had issues with any objects that were within the magnification range on the XL82-ED’s. Overall, I find that I prefer to use the XL82-ED over my excellent quality 102mm refracting telescope. I find that I get much more out of observing sessions when I am viewing with two eyes instead of one.
    As for Kevin and Oberwerk, they are first rate. Kevin’s reputation for excellent customer service, whether it is answering questions or dealing with a problem with a product, is very well earned.
    If you are looking for a high quality, portable, well built pair of binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces, the BT-82XL-ED is an wonderful choice.

    • Kevin Busarow

      Thanks for your review! I find that the Baader Morpheus line of 76-degree eyepieces are excellent in the XL Series. They’re relatively lightweight and are close to parfocal (except for the 17mm) with the supplied 14mm, they don’t have those annoying barrel undercuts, and are significantly less than Televue. Customer favorites are the 9mm and 6.5mm. The Explore Scientific 82-degree 6.7mm is also very nice, for even less cost.

  3. John Davignon

    We purchased a BT-82XL-ED with a 5000 series Tripod and could not be happier. We looked at other large binoculars and could not find the quality and clarity that the Oberwerk’s model provides. This is a truly magnificent piece of optical equipment. Although we are really novices, we always wanted a good telescope but had trouble adjusting to a single eyepiece. This binocular system gives us the best of terrestrial and astronomical viewing through two eyepieces (no need for squinting through one eye and closing the other). To date we have done more terrestrial viewing than astronomical, and it is quite amazing to see the ski slopes several miles across the valley from us and the detail of the decks surrounding the restaurant at the top. Kevin and crew were able to deliver our binocular a day early, so we could view the last big moon and it was quite spectacular through the BT-82XL-ED. We have been viewing Jupiter and 4 of its moons and Saturn with its rings, all of which are extremely clear and sharp. The 5000 series tripod is everything that we need, we love the stability and especially the ability to lower and raise it quickly so both my wife, who is short, and I can view objects. It is also very light weight for its size and easy to move it in and out of our house. This is just another reason to enjoy winter when the sky gets dark early and the planets pop out.
    From a purely business and support point of view, Kevin and the team are wonderful to work with. I definitely had a lot of questions and concerns which Kevin answered quickly and to the point. In the end I feel we got the right equipment for the right price from the right company.

  4. Howard Doll (verified owner)

    I purchased the BT 82 XL, and have been amazed ever since. Everything arrived well packaged (including the Oberwerk PM 1, and TR 3 tripod). The case is very nice and solid. Upon opening, I was impressed the binos had a nice bag to place them in. Additionally, the 14mm 70 degree had a nice space to place them in.

    I waited until our star party, so can really put them to work. The binos were easy to set up, and test focus. Once focused, the view jumped in my face. I really enjoyed the flat field (no image distortion), pinpoint stars and a velvety background. I brought other eyepieces I knew I could use. I did not touch them. I spent the entire night with these binos and the provided eyepieces. Not only are the Oberwerk eyepieces the “sweet spot”, the whole bino is as well! It was a great session.

    Very easy to set IPD and focus, one is ready for a great astro night, or day for other observing. The bino is fun to use, as well as my whole setup. Thanks to Kevin for helping me with this purchase.

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