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World’s Most Powerful Binocular

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For nearly two decades the now-discontinued 28-lb. Oberwerk BT-100-45 was considered the world’s most powerful binocular. With its 7 pounds of optical glass and 24″ long cast aluminum body, this majestic instrument could provide up to 75x magnification, with excellent clarity.

In 2018, Oberwerk announced the game-changing XL Series binocular telescopes. Three years in development, using the latest optical technology, the XL Series delivers even higher optical performance, at magnifications up to 96x, in smaller and much lighter-weight magnesium alloy bodies. The flagship BT-127XL-SD is now not only the world’s most powerful binocular, we believe it delivers the highest image quality of any binocular telescope on the market—at any price.  Despite the extra inch of objective diameter, it weighs less than the old BT-100-45!

Oberwerk BT-100-45, formerly the world's most powerful binocular
Oberwerk BT-100-45

Big Binoculars for Everyone

The BT-127XL-SD is an amazing instrument, but it may be excessive for your needs. Not everyone needs the world’s most powerful binocular! The mid-size BT-100XL-SD, capable of up to 80x, and weighing just 12.5 lbs., is the lightest-weight 100mm binocular telescope ever produced.  Even the smallest and least-expensive XL, the BT-70XL-ED, is capable of up to 56x magnification, with excellent clarity. We have some useful articles if you’re not sure what to get. And, as always, feel free to call and we’ll provide some guidance. Many customers are surprised that we don’t always recommend the most expensive binocular. Each of our products fills a particular niche and we’ll recommend whatever best suits your needs.

Comparison of the Oberwerk BT-100 to the BT-127. The BT-127XL is the world's most powerful binocular available to consumers

Considering the BT-127XL-SD?

Choose the big binocular best for you.

Comparison of the Oberwerk BT-100 to the BT-127

Can I see the rings of Saturn with a binocular?

You can! Click here to learn more.

Are zoom binoculars more powerful than binocular telescopes?

There are some “zoom” binoculars on the market that offer impossibly-high magnifications (from 60x to 180x!), typically using low-quality 70mm or 80mm objectives. This is pure marketing hype. The fact is while these plastic novelties may indeed zoom to those extreme magnifications, the poor image quality and lack of alignment between the two sides make them all but unusable except at the low end of their magnification range- where the field of view is severely restricted due to the inherent limitations of zoom eyepieces. Don’t be misled- these products are optical junk, no matter the brand or cost, and cannot be compared to a binocular telescope. Only Oberwerk makes the world’s most powerful binoculars.

Comparison of the Oberwerk BT-100 to the BT-127

Are zoom binoculars any good?

The short answer is “no.” For all the details, click here.

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