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Oberwerk XL


Sport ED Series

Featuring lightweight, high-performance optics with flawless color rendition. Perfect for advanced-level bird-watching and wildlife viewing.


20×65 Deluxe

Optical perfection at a moderate price. ED objectives and an extra-long focal length eliminate chromatic aberration.


XL Series

Oberwerk XL Series Binocular Telescopes are simply the most-powerful, versatile and highest-quality binoculars on the market, bar none.

Never Heard of Us?

Then you might be surprised to know that for over two decades, Oberwerk is the world’s leading supplier of high-power binoculars (capable of 40x or higher magnification), quietly outselling all other brands—combined!

All Oberwerk binoculars, from under $100 to over $5000, are thoroughly hand-inspected and collimated before being shipped, following a strict quality assurance checklist.


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