15×70 Deluxe


15×70 Deluxe

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Oberwerk Deluxe Series are close to The Ultra Series in optical performance and construction quality, but at a substantially-lower price.  The 15×70 Deluxe has excellent sharpness across almost the the entire field, with rugged construction and precise center focuser. Of course these are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. The eyepieces are threaded to accept 1.25″ filters. Includes our exclusive Heavy-Duty aluminum-frame case. Also includes the Oberwerk Heavy-Duty L Adapter, caps, and neck strap.

Add a tripod (or monopod) and the tripod ships for free (Continental USA only).

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in


Eye Relief


Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

4.3 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=10.5, W=8.5, H=3.5 in.

13 reviews for 15×70 Deluxe

  1. Wolfgang Scholz

    I’m glad that I found these binoculars, being spoiled by a pair of Steiner’s which I bought 34 years ago in Germany and traveled all over the world with me, they look used now but the optics are still like brand new. The 15×70 Oberwerk binoculars are at least as good as the 7×50 Steiner’s if not better. I got into astronomy and needed something with a wide FOV. These are perfect! The view is fantastic, easy to focus and very, very good craftsmanship. On top of a very good product Oberwerk provides outstanding service. I’m sure that I won’t have to look for another pair of binoculars in my life. If you want to do something good for your eyes and enjoy watching the stars or wildlife or whatever you like to observe, you came to the right place.

  2. Ben Hail

    These are exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been observing for a couple years, but I haven’t had any equipment of my own. I’ve been using my friend’s telescope, and he has some pretty decent eyepieces ($200+), so I was getting used to those types of views. I purchased the 15×70 LW’s mostly because they were lightweight, and I thought they’d be better for handholding. The views weren’t as sharp as what I was looking for, and they fogged up under some very humid conditions, so I asked if I could exchange them for the 15×70 Deluxe set. They obliged, and I’m now the happy owner of these babies!

    I will say right off the bat that handholding these is a breeze and actually a little easier for me with the added weight (they don’t move around as much with little movements). The clarity, light transmission, color transmission, and sharpness are all out-of-this-world. Now I have binoculars that compete with my friend’s eyepieces! I like the way these feel in my hands, and they feel much more rugged than the 15×70 LW’s. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t need to be under dark skies with near-transparency to get good views. These pick up way more light and color from stars than the 15×70 LW’s. I am honestly amazed at the difference. I can’t even imagine what the Ultra’s look like, but I can’t imagine the views getting much better than this. Right now these give me the views I’ve been craving, and I can see being happy with these for a long time to come.

  3. Robert V Hollenbeck

    I ordered the 15 by 70 last week and they came well packed and therefore the initial alignment was spot on! The CA is very minimal even on the brightest stars and not noticeable on the fainter stars. The moon was stunning and sharp all around the edge. Kevin and Linda were very patient with me and answered all my questions. These binoculars are definite keepers. Great optics and build for the price point!

  4. Matthew Andrew (verified owner)

    I have been using the new 15×70 deluxe binoculars for a week now. these are the most outstanding value that I have found in binoculars. stars are crisp and pinpoint, star color is very evident, and the lens caps are far better than the usual things that fall off. Incredibly well made, just a joy to hold and work with. Customer service is second to none!

  5. Ray Bureau (verified owner)

    Unbelievable resolution. The extended eye relief makes them a joy to use with a parallelogram. Just let them float in front of your eyes and it is like looking through a window into space. Best lunar view that I have ever experienced and I have many high quality telescopes.
    Not APO of course but what little chromatic aberration there is can be controlled by slightly averted vision. The moon seems to be just floating is space with every detail visible.
    Thanks for a great product at a fair price

  6. Mark (verified owner)

    Hello folks, I’d like to mention that I ordered a pair of these deluxe binoculars while they were out of stock and I had to wait about 3 weeks to receive them, I’m in Southern California so that may have been a factor. Well now let me mention that the wait was well worth it, these deluxe model 15×70’s came very well packaged so the collimation was as true as if left the Oberwerk shop, the clarity and brightness offer up incredible detail while terrestrial viewing , and at night while viewing the stars , I see so much more than my old Barska Binos, at first my wife didn’t seem interested in checking out the stars, now she’s asking me when I’m going outside to look around so she can share the view ha,….I used to work for a military optics manufacturer when I was young , and we had an affiliation with Bushnell , so I’ve owned a couple of their binoculars and a spotting scope from them, but I can say without a doubt , these deluxes are far superior, worth the wait and looking forward to ordering and smaller pair for the wife . Thanks Kevin and especially Linda who answered all my questions and inquiries.

  7. Brian Threlkeld (verified owner)

    Amazing service and product, great complement to my 12in DOB and opens a whole new avenue of astronomy enjoyment and exploration. The 15×70’s were a little larger than I had envisioned and Im sure glad I also purchased the equally awesome Farpoint UBM. These binoculars coupled with the UBM and a zero gravity chair make wide filed viewing of the night sky a enjoyable time that I look forward to when clear skies present themselves.

  8. Bob Popovich (verified owner)

    The 15×70 DeLuxe focuses smoothly and sharply and maintains the focus once set. Observing through urban light pollution, it has the power to pull in faint fuzzies and split close doubles. Color rendition is very good and the FOV [both apparent & actual] are excellent.
    For longer viewing sessions the solid build calls for some type of support. Oberwerk’s monopod works great for me.
    It’s also wonderful to work with a company that not only sells binoculars but also understands them!
    Highly recommended!

  9. Bob Santillana (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying my Deluxe 15 x 70’s for the past couple of weeks and must say I am totally impressed by their performance. I’ve had the opportunity to use them in some darker skies and some that were well light polluted. The view has been excellent in either situation. These binoculars were ready to go from moment they arrived. They were very well packaged and the heavy duty carring case is an excellent value added reason to purchase from Oberwerk. The view is clear and focusing is easy. I bought these for my wife and I to use in tandum with our telescope. I paired them with an older, sturdy video tripod for her and found the combination of tripod and binoculars makes viewing the stars and planets very pleasurable. As an added benefit, it will make it easier for the grandkids to view the skies instead of using the telescope. I highly recommend them.

  10. Richard Dupuy (verified owner)

    Great value! Plenty for the money. The build quality is second to none. I have no doubt these will be here long after me! Daytime views are crisp and bright. I purchased primarily to fill a size gap for stargazing. The 4 stars are because if 2 issues I have. I expected the views to be slightly brighter while stargazing and this comparison is made with the 4 other sized binos I own. Image is crisp to about 85% of field of view then softens which is excellent in this price range. The other issue, I have, is the thickness of the eye cups are not comfortable against my neanderthal forehead. This is just relevant to my use. I think they are excellent binos that provide plenty for what you pay. And in all fairness 3 of the other 4 binos I compared these to have ed glass. You cant go wrong with these binos and all my interactions with Kevin and his staff have been extremely rewarding!

  11. Kevin Kelley (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with these binoculars. These are the third pair of Oberwerk binoculars for me, I have the 8×40 Mariner and the 11×56 LW that have served me well and wanted to upgrade to a larger and more powerful binocular. I was lucky to have five extremely clear days with no moon to try out these 15×70 Deluxe binoculars. Orion’s nebulae was clear and crisp as were several other Messier objects. Mars and Pleiades were visible in the same FOV and the color was true and clear. I highly recommend using these binoculars to enjoy the night’s sky. I am older and find it difficult to lift and manipulate my larger telescopes so I sold them and transitioned to the Farpoint Universal Binocular Mount with great satisfaction. I now relax in my semi-reclined camp chair and easily and comfortable enjoy the nights sky through my 15×70 Oberwerk binoculars hands free! I was so impressed that I recently purchased the 20×80 Deluxe model. Will review these later.
    My advise is that if you are thinking about buying a pair of binoculars I recommend that you contact Kevin or Linda at Oberwerk, the only place that I know of that provides honest, informative and consistent customer support.

  12. Kenneth

    I ordered my 15X70 Deluxe binocular on Saturday, my order was processed on Sunday, shipped out Monday and I received it a few days later. What incredible customer service. The binocular is fantastic with crisp stars to the edge and no chromatic aberration that I can see. Oberwerk staff and products are just out of this world!

  13. Mark Yanofsky (verified owner)

    When these binoculars are described as Deluxe…Well,that is a perfect description of these gems…Deluxe on every level,imo.

    Beautifully built and stunning optics….Considering the overall price and what one gets( an L bracket and a vault like metal case included,not to mention carefully collimated by the supplier) it’s an amazing deal!
    This is my third Oberwerk binocular and all have been superb.
    There’s not much more I can add that hasn’t been stated by other happy owners…All accurate.

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