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Any binocular over 12x that is used for astronomy must be mounted in order to obtain a steady view. With a proper mount, there is no limit to magnification, objective size, and binocular weight. The key phrase is “proper mount”. Be aware that some of these binoculars will require a mount that costs as much or more than the binocular. The XL Series binocular telescopes, with their comfortable 45° viewing and inter-changeable eyepieces, are capable of very high magnification (up to 80x), and are a viable alternative to a single-eyepiece telescope.

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    11×70, 15×70 LW Binoculars

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    20×80 LW Binocular

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    15×70 Deluxe

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    20×80 Deluxe III

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    15×70 Ultra

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    25×100 Deluxe

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    20×65 ED Deluxe

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    20×70 ED Ultra

  • Oberwerk 25x100 ED Ultra rear view
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    25×100 ED Ultra

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    BT-70XL-ED Binocular Telescope

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    BT-82XL-ED Binocular Telescope

  • Oberwerk BT-82XL-SD top view
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    BT-82XL-SD Binocular Telescope

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    BT-100XL-ED Binocular Telescope

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    BT-100XL-SD Binocular Telescope

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    BT-127XL-SD Binocular Telescope