20×65 ED Deluxe


20×65 ED Deluxe

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The 20×65 ED Deluxe is our take on the legendary Takahashi 22×60 Fluorite, which was discontinued about 15 years ago. Back then, it sold for $1100, and today used 22×60’s sell for $2000+! It was known for excellent sharpness across almost the the entire field, with pinpoint stars and virtually no chromatic aberration. The only downside, besides the extremely high price, was a very narrow 45° AFOV (Apparent Field of View). The new Oberwerk 20×65 ED also has excellent sharpness across the field of view, with virtually no chromatic aberration. Unlike the Takahashi, the 20×65 ED has a wide 65° AFOV, and is much more affordable! Of course these are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. Has precise individual focus. An adjustable-balance mount allows attachment directly to a tripod head. Includes our exclusive heavy-duty aluminum-frame case..

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 12 in


Eye Relief


Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

6.4 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=15, W=8.5, H=3.5 in.

6 reviews for 20×65 ED Deluxe

  1. Jeff Stark

    This is an exceptional binocular! The image across the field of view is extremely sharp and has excellent contrast. The binocular is very well built and the semi-rigid nylon, padded case is a nice addition. I mounted the binocular on Oberwerk’s model 5000 tripod for a solid support. My first view was of the Double Cluster, NGC 869 and 884. The detail revealed by the FK-61 glass was exemplary. I was able to easily see colors across the stars within the clusters. As I said earlier, the field of view is sharp from edge-to-edge. My second observation was of M57 in Lyra. I was able to make out a small smudge very easily. From M57, I scanned across the Milky Way and thoroughly enjoyed the view. I was at an altitude around 3500 feet in western NC and the temperature was in the 20’s. Seeing conditions were perfect.

    Thanks Kevin, for your assistance and for the technical information. You’ve got a definite winner here!

  2. Jawaid Abbasi (verified owner)

    Just a short introduction of the Oberwerk 20x65ED. I will do some comparison little bit in detail after observing the Messier objects along with APM 100 90 degree non ED and my trusty Vixen BT-81SA and will share the improvements that the instrument should have it.

    Here we go:

    I got it today and was left on my door step. Mail person never bother to ring the bell and just left it which is one thing I do not like it!

    The instrument was packed in double boxes and both boxes have cushion to secure the instrument and It gave me the confident that the instrument is safe and the collimatiom will be spot on.

    After I taken out, It really impressed me the built quality that I can say that the money spent worth well.

    The Balance system rod hold the instrument very securely and do not feel loose as others binocular center bar feel always loose.

    Front cover is ABS plastic and has spring latches to securely in and out without any trouble and I really like it!

    The focusing Mechanism nor stiff neither loose and it was just right as I wanted.

    Looking at trees and birds on electric lines far …. about a three quarter mile and I did not see no false colour at all !! even I tried hard,

    The colour fidelity was rich and seems natural and I saw stripes on birds clearly and no haze at all just like that I am standing one feet away from birds. I am not a bird watcher But the picture is so sharp and clear that really make me observing the birds on the electric line for a long time !

    Field curvature was not seen perhaps someone correct me who already owned it.

    Over all, it was impressive and without observing at night; I can say that it will perform exactly as day time that I observe and tested.

    Rain started in evening so night observing was not possible but I still look around some dim lights far far away.

    Well, that is my initial impression and I will do a comparison as I said it in my opening statement. Although, the purpose to buy is not doing Review instead, having another instrument in 50 mm to 60 mm range just because years ago; I have had a Pentex 20×60 WPII and it was quite marvelous instrument.

  3. Roy Clingan

    For over 30 years, I have looked through many binoculars, telescopes, eyepieces, and imaging equipment. I have built two observatories, discovered 60 minor planets (asteroids – MPC code 460), and turned in thousands of data observations on asteroids, comets, NEO’s, NEA’s and variable stars. I am no stranger to what the atmosphere can do to viewing.

    Half of the equation of what is seen, imaged or measured is the optics. Take the Hubble Space telescope where atmosphere is not a factor. At this point, other than tracking, optics is the limiting factor. Now, take Keck in Hawaii . It is on an island in the middle of the ocean at 13,796ft. At that height, it is above all other objects that could roil the atmosphere. The ocean minimizes scintillation and the site is known for the best seeing in the world. However, they still use laser guided adaptive optics to help further enhance seeing.

    My review. I live in Colorado at an elevation of 7200 feet on a side of a mountain. Looking south through my Oberwerk 20×65 ED, I can read a sign approx 3×4 feet at a distance of 1.6 miles –measured by Google map – on a good day (First line, “Orvis”. Second line, “Hot Springs”). On most days, it is not readable. All days, to the unaided eye, appear as clear days. Why are they different? It is due to surface radiation and particles of dust/junk in the soup. Junk in, junk out.

    I own equipment such as: Ziess binos, William Optics (TMB 110mm APO), 3.5” Questar, older version Celestron C-14, Meade LX600 14” ACF, and others. I have not talked to Oberwerk about the 30-day trial. I assume the reason they give you 30 days is so you can have time to compare good with bad days. Don’t form an opinion based on a couple days. As far as where I live, these binos have only been sky limited. They are sharp with good contrast. The CA I have seen I have attributed to eye position or caused by atmospheric refraction, not to the optics.

    The only issue I have found has been the eye relief. I do not wear glasses but find myself touching the folded down eyepieces cups with my eyebrows to get a full circular view. I am pretty critical of my equipment. I can say I have added these to my collection. To me, they are a good dollar value.

  4. Mike Marshall (verified owner)

    The Oberwerk 20×65 ED Deluxe has been outstanding for both terrestrial and night sky use. In the 2 months since purchase my wife and I have used it for eagle watching many times and the sharpness is great. At night it provides good detail of the moon and nice views of things like Hyades, Pleiades, and the Beehive Cluster. I’ve spent many mornings looking at Jupiter and it’s moons, Saturn, and Mars. At 20x you can tell that Saturn is not just round and that there are rings around it. The Oberwerk 4000 tripod is sturdy and operates smoothly. We are pleased with the binoculars and the advice that we received from Kevin. The service and shipping was prompt and we expect to do more business with Oberwerk in the future.

  5. John ossowski (verified owner)

    I believe I found the perfect pair of binoculars and I have an extensive array which I’ve collected through the years. The view through the 20×65 displays a velvetty black background. Perfect stat images and colors are noticeable too. See , I’m almost 70, my eyesight is not quite what it used to be and I live in a small city nestled in the Mohawk Valley of central NY with you guessed it a sufficient amount of sky light pollution! Tonight I scanned the summer constellations using a heavy tripod and saw my favorite object Jupiter and Saturn at 20 power were nice and clear. But woa I was impressed with the Andromeda galaxy through this beautiful set of binoculars. In summary. I’m very impressed!!!!

  6. Adien Toledo

    Tried the 20×80 delux 3’s but wasn’t completely satisfied so I purchased the 20×65, compared side by side; a tiny bit less light gathering was noticeable but the image sharpness, pinpoint stars, color correction and lighter feel make these worth getting. I’ve also used these during daytime and they work great! I also love the individual eye focusers which really lock in the focus, allowing continuous scanning of the night sky worry free from having to refocus.

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