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Oberwerk 20x65mm ED Deluxe


Oberwerk 20x65mm ED Deluxe

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The Oberwerk 20×65 ED Deluxe is our take on the legendary, but discontinued, Takahashi 22×60 Fluorite, but at a much more afforable price.

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The 20×65 ED Deluxe is our take on the legendary Takahashi 22×60 Fluorite, which was discontinued about 15 years ago. Back then, it sold for $1100, and today used 22×60’s sell for $2000+! It was known for excellent sharpness across almost the the entire field, with pinpoint stars and virtually no chromatic aberration. The only downside, besides the extremely high price, was a very narrow 45° AFOV (Apparent Field of View). The new Oberwerk 20×65 ED also has excellent sharpness across the field of view, with virtually no chromatic aberration. Unlike the Takahashi, the 20×65 ED has a wide 65° AFOV, and is much more affordable! Of course these are fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof, and nitrogen charged. Has precise individual focus. An adjustable-balance mount allows attachment directly to a tripod head. Includes our exclusive heavy-duty aluminum-frame case..

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 12 in


Eye Relief


Exit Pupil


IPD Range


Minimum Focus


Product Weight

6.4 lbs.

Product Dimensions

L=15, W=8.5, H=3.5 in.

1 review for Oberwerk 20x65mm ED Deluxe

  1. Jeff Stark

    This is an exceptional binocular! The image across the field of view is extremely sharp and has excellent contrast. The binocular is very well built and the semi-rigid nylon, padded case is a nice addition. I mounted the binocular on Oberwerk’s model 5000 tripod for a solid support. My first view was of the Double Cluster, NGC 869 and 884. The detail revealed by the FK-61 glass was exemplary. I was able to easily see colors across the stars within the clusters. As I said earlier, the field of view is sharp from edge-to-edge. My second observation was of M57 in Lyra. I was able to make out a small smudge very easily. From M57, I scanned across the Milky Way and thoroughly enjoyed the view. I was at an altitude around 3500 feet in western NC and the temperature was in the 20’s. Seeing conditions were perfect.

    Thanks Kevin, for your assistance and for the technical information. You’ve got a definite winner here!

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