Farpoint UBM (Universal Binocular Mount)


Farpoint UBM (Universal Binocular Mount)

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Besides making night sky observation much more comfortable, a parallelogram mount gives a big range of eyepiece height without adjusting the tripod- and without loss of target (ideal for sharing the view with kids). For almost 20 years, the Universal Astronomics Unimount was the finest aluminum parallelogram-type mount on the market, and we sold a ton of them!  Unfortunately UA is no longer in business, so we offer the next-best thing- a Farpoint copy of the Unimount called the UBM (Universal Binocular Mount).  Like the Unimount, they are 100% made in the USA. These UBM’s also come with the normally-optional swing-hinge, at the head- at a price still well below the basic Unimount. Note that while the Farpoint UBM is sold by several other dealers, only Oberwerk includes the $55 swing hinge– which is what gives the mount 5 degrees of motion. Keep this in mind when comparing prices. Even with all those pivot points, there is virtually zero slop or backlash. While observing the night sky, you’ll feel like the mount is not even there. Because all axis’ are in perfect balance, the binocular simply “floats”, while you effortlessly point it in any direction. For the ultimate in comfort, try it with a reclining lawn chair.  Comes with two 5 lb. counterweights, and will easily handle binoculars as large as the Oberwerk 25×100 Deluxe. Bottom-mount binoculars attach directly to the included dovetail base. For binoculars that have a tripod adapter socket on the front of the body, order the Oberwerk Heavy-Duty L Adapter.  The UBM does not include a tripod. For binoculars less than 10 lbs. we recommend the Oberwerk 5000 tripod, available without the 5000 head for just $189.95.  For 10 lb. binoculars, the Oberwerk TR3 maple tripod is recommended.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 5 in

9 reviews for Farpoint UBM (Universal Binocular Mount)

  1. Brad Lorenze (verified owner)

    This is great product. Was easy to assemble. have the oberwerk 15×70 binoculars and this works very good with them. Holds the binoculars steady and holds them right where I put them.It is very steady mount.The swing hinge works good and gives plenty of movement. Use this in a gravity chair and have no issues ihis setup. It makes using binoculars a pleasure to use.

  2. Debra

    I have only been able to use the mount a few times, too many cloudy nights. However, I love it. It was easy to set up, and the freedom of movement and being able to scan the night sky is awesome.

  3. Ray Bureau (verified owner)

    Exceeded all expectations. Well made in every respect. Very robust materials and smooth operation.

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    This mount arrived very quickly and was packaged extremely well. I’ve had several opportunities to use this mount coupled with the Oberwerk 5000 tripod for my 25×100 astronomical binoculars. It is very steady, it moves freely and with minimal effort to scan the night sky in all directions. I am also able to fit both the mount and the tripod in the heavy duty carrying case that came with the Oberwerk 5000 tripod. I couldn’t be more pleased with these products and this company! Keep up the good work!

  5. Andrew Corkill (verified owner)

    This mount is essential to easily view astronomical objects in all directions (including directly overhead!)
    I’ve used the Farpoint UBM for a few months now and have already viewed more than half of all the objects in the Binocular Observing Programs from the Astronomical League! DoubleStars, Planets, Star Clusters, Messier Objects, The Moon, and much more are STEADY and without vibration using this mount. I’m using the mount with my Oberwerk 20×80’s and will soon purchase the 25×100’s.

  6. John (verified owner)

    I bought this mount to use with my Swarovski BTX spotting scope for star gazing and am very pleased with it. I was previously just using a regular camera mount and could not look straight up as there was not enough elevation travel on that mount. After buying this one I can now look any where in the sky I want to. Easy to set up and well made.

  7. Joseph Rothchild (verified owner)

    I have had 14×70 binoculars for over 30 years. I have enjoyed them handheld, but never found a satisfactory mounting. I recently purchased new 16×70 binoculars and decided to try this Farpoint UBM parallelogram mount. It was shipped quickly and arrived well packed and in good shape. Assembly was straightforward. The mount was solid and seemed well built.

    I have finally had a chance to use them under dark skies with a Manfrotto 475 tripod. The set-up is somewhat heavy and awkward to move, but worth the effort. I did have to work on the balance a bit with the L bracket, but eventually figured out the the COG was below the binoculars.

    The hinge was was critical to comfortable viewing and I’m glad this mount had one. My first object was M13 which was directly overhead and viewed comfortably on a sling chair. I found that with the mount I enjoyed looking at objects for a longer period of time. I especially enjoyed panning the Milky Way in Sagittarius. I was also able to see Barnard’s “E” for the first time because I was able to study the area longer in comfort. Overall, this mount has opened up a new type of observing for me.

  8. David A Pansini (verified owner)

    So far this summer, it’s been cloudy, rainy, foggy or hazy. In addition, my neighbors, have their backyard lights on almost all night enjoying the summer. So, I haven’t had much time to use the UBM. What little time I did get to use it was impressive. In addition to the UBM, I purchased a clamp with a Goose neck to attach my iPhone to my Gravity chair. Now I can have my star maps available next to my binocular. I don’t need to use my hands for anything, other than to hold my beverage of choice. I can sit comfortably, look at the star map, then into my binoculars. Prior to this set up, I had to do this standing up. And you all know how uncomfortable that can be. Lots of neck pain. And now that I’m older with arthritis, having the UBM (and iPhone Clamp) is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Pain free, comfortable viewing.

    The UBM takes about ten minutes to set up. Which is about 8 minutes longer than using a tripod, and 20 minutes less then setting up my Telescope. I was lucky because the UBM fits perfectly on my Telescope Tripod. I keep the Tripod and UBM in a heavy duty 63 key keyboard case (I’m a musician so I have lots of instruments and cases). The whole thing weighs 30-35 pounds and is very easy to carry.

    I’m looking forward to the cooler weather so my neighbors can leave their lights off. And because it will be getting darker earlier, I can start viewing earlier.

    I’ve been looking at Parallelogram mounts for decades. Wish I bought this a long time ago. Don’t wait until you’re old with arthritis, get one now.

  9. Charles Noble (verified owner)

    I’ve used the Farpoint UBM with my Fujinon 7×50, 16×70 and the Oberwerk 20×100 binoculars. My mount head with L bracket tilts downward, not sure if this is a defect, but it doesn’t affect the action of the mount. I’ve tried to tighten up the mounts screws without affecting the movement but the head with L bracket still tilts downward. I would say the 20×100 binoculars overpowers this mount and creates a lot of vibrations due to the max adjustment for the weights. It works nicely with both the 7×50 and 16×70 binoculars. I have the UBM mounted on the Oberwerk TR3 tripod.
    It has been a pleasure doing business with Oberwerk.

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